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Afterpay Pulse Rewards: Collect 100 Pts & Redeem for Discounts on eBay, Rebel, adidas, JB Hi-Fi, David Jones, TGG & more


Just noticed new pulse rewards on Afterpay once you collect 100 points:

  1. eBay - spend $100 and get $15 off
  2. JB Hifi - spend $200 and get $25 off
  3. Rebel - Spend $150 and get $20 off
  4. Adidas - Spend $150 and get $20 off
  5. DJ - Spend $150 and get $20 off

*Mine says expires in 12 days and not sure whether you can use the offer to buy gift cards.

Edit: discussion below - can’t buy gift cards with Afterpay.

Edit: discussion below - sometimes the reward disappears even though it says you have 12 days so take the offer if you decide you are going to use it. My JB offer disappeared so I guess the 12 days means if I save it I have 12 days to use it.

Referral Links

Referral: random (1205)

Referrer and Referee receives $30 off next eligible Afterpay purchase of $50 or more. Maximum of 5 referrals per customer. The promotion is redeemable until 31/12/2021.

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      Why don't you let us know a year ago ?

      • Because this dude is not a team player though he likes to boast.

      • call this kind of ppl SELFISH

  • +1

    Ahhhh. Mine shows The Good Guy, not JBHifi. Unlucky

    • I had Good Guys as well and these just popped up for me. Maybe you’ll unlock them when you get you next lot of 100 points.

      • +1

        Yeah, they pop up at different tiers and different points. I had the ebay $15 off $100 spend briefly, but it disappeared before I could use it when pulse reward points updated and my latest points came in.

        Now I got several other rewards (but can choose 2).

        • +1

          Yep, they only give you like 12 days.

          I’ll probably see if I can buy gifts card cos got nothing to buy at the moment. I’ll update the deal if buying the gift card works. 👍

        • I saw the eBay offer in my AfterPay app very briefly but disappeared when I went back in on the same day.
          Nothing else that says 12 day expiry has ever disappeared.

          Only reasonable thought process is that I paid off so many orders that I jumped more than one tier and the eBay offer got bumped out by others I won't use. 😕

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    I got some different reward offers:

    1. Spend $75 get $15 off @ JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Rebel, Cotton-On, Target, City Beach, David Jones, JD
    2. Spend $100 get $15 off @ Catch
    3. Spend $100 get $10 off @ Myer

    Shame, I just made a purchase at JB an hour ago and didn't spot these sigh

    • +1

      That is life…You win some and you lose some. 😆

    • Cancel order and redo?

    • i got $15 off $75 spend for adidas, culture kings and best & less.

  • +1

    if someone tried buying a gift card and it worked please report back here?

    • Don't think you can. Generally, BNPL is not a payment option at check out when purchasing gift cards

  • +2

    Just note guys, you can’t use Afterpay to purchase JB Hifi gift cards:


    • Thanks. Was too lazy to read the T&Cs 😆

      Anyone know about Rebel sport or DJ gift cards?

      • +2

        Try Dr. Google 🙂

        • Too lazy to do that as well…work during the week and brain is dead on the weekend. 😆

          Looks like Rebel sport doesn’t do Afterpay gift cards as well. Probably cos Afterpay sell their own gift cards.

          • @ne-us: Ok.

            Quick question: If there was a monetary incentive for you to post these deets, would you do it even when you’re brain dead over the weekend?

            • +2

              @ilovefullprice: I’m just posting it to help people out…I don’t want to read pages and pages of T&Cs. 😩

              • +1

                @ne-us: Yeah most of us here are doing it to help others, ie. a sense of community.

                If there is just that extra bit of monetary incentive, would it motivate you more?

                • +1

                  @ilovefullprice: Nah, my weekday job pays more than enough to look for part time work on the weekends. 🤑

                  • @ne-us: Ok thanks.

                    • @ilovefullprice: You actually can, but using Apple Pay via safari. I did and the offer disappeared but I can’t find the points? Very annoying this pulse rewards

                      • @fozzie: I did try Apple Pay via Safari but it keeps declining saying I need to activate my AfterPay card, even tho I have already activated my card.

                      • @fozzie: Just checking, so you managed to do it and Afterpay only charged you $60 (ie. the amount after the Afterpay bonus)?

                        • +1

                          @ilovefullprice: Nope, I thought I’d get as a credit but paid $75 and no credit. Unless I am missing something. I’ll try to contact them and let you know what they say

    • You can. Checkout via apple pay and in apple pay choose the afterpay card.

      • Just checking, so you managed to do it and Afterpay only charged you $60 (ie. the amount after the Afterpay bonus)?

        Cause someone said it didn’t work for them (but this could be due to another reason where the offer disappeared from their app):

        • I don't have the offer on my pulse rewards but the last time when afterpay had a promo going on with jb I was able to buy the gift cards using Apple Pay method.
          To check if it works, when you proceed to pay in your afterpay app, it's gonna show you the discount before final payment conformation. In thIs case would be $60 yes. If not then bad luck.

          • @GoodGuy: When I have JB gift cards in the shopping cart, then in the payments page I don’t have the Afterpay option to pay. The only option available that I can pay with Afterpay is the Apple Pay option. When I click on Apple Pay, I don’t see any discount before final payment confirmation (see screenshot below), instead I get an error message saying payment has failed and that I need to activate my Afterpay card first (even tho I have already activated my Afterpay card, but haven’t used it in-store or online before).


            • +1

              @ilovefullprice: yes you need to activate your after pay card first from the app. Then follow the steps as you said. This step of activating the after pay card is essential. I learnt this from someone in Jb-hi when I was getting my gift card in person that you need to activate it before using at jb. After that you'll be able to use the card.

              • @GoodGuy: Thanks, I am pretty sure I have activated my card.

                When you say you can see the discount before final payment confirmation, did you mean you can see it at the bottom of this screenshot?:


  • How do you collect points?

    So once you reach 100 points and redeem a deal you start from 0 points again?

    • +1

      10 points per payment by making your payments on time on orders >= $40 in a 6 month period.

  • I don't get this pulse thing from afterpay.
    i did notice it a few weeks back but some of the offers where of no interest to me.
    I looked on there the other day im sure i had ebay and i definitely had jb hifi and they had 12 days left.
    So why today i dont see them when there was 12 days left.
    Ebay and jb would have been two i would use for sure as i had upto 12 days to use obviously im in no rush but gone already lol.

  • I had a CW one that was gone.

    • Yep, my JB disappeared now even though it said I still had 12 days…probably need to save the offer just incase next time.

      The 12 days probably just means I have 12 days to use it once I take the offer?

      • +1

        I have just noticed my CW has come back this afternoon. It seems like the offers rotate every day if you don't save it.

        • Thanks, hopefully it comes back tomorrow.

  • I abandoned Afterpay since they frauded me on referrals, never honored it. Since then never used them, after asked them to delete account

  • +1

    I got one that has get $10 back from your first Afterpay in-store purchase of $50 or more. That's not bad!

  • +1

    Good 1 OP I didn't even know I had this option .

  • +1

    no ebay for me which I mostly want

  • +2

    its annoying that you need to use the mobile app to see the rewards.

  • +1

    These seem to change every day or 2. Some that I have got:
    Spend $75 get $15 off @ JB Hi-Fi, boohoo, Target, Universal Store, David Jones, Chemist Warehouse
    Spend $100 get $20 off @ Kmart, Sheridan Outlet
    Spend $50 instore get $10

    • Yeh, I found the same…just log in everyday to see what comes up.

      It’s just annoying when there’s a Myer/DJ sale and the offer disappears and you have to wait for it to reappear. 😃

  • Does this stack with the $30 referral bonus?

    • Unsure, as I can’t remember if the referral bonus is only eligible for your first order, but you need to have paid off at least 3 >$40 afterpay orders to be eligible for these deals.

      • Was talking about the bonus for referring someone. I got a $30 credit for referring.

  • A couple more in case anyone is wondering if a certain brand may be part of it:

    Spend $75 get $15 off @ Ticketek, Sephora, JD Sport
    Spend $100 get $20 off @ Mimco

  • With the $10 / $50 spend instore offer can I go to Woolies and use the afterpay card?

    • does Woolies support AfterPay payment?

      • I'm assuming they support the afterpay credit card via Google pay. I could be wrong.

        • +1

          afterpay doesnt work like zippay.

          • @PissLUR: Ahh gotcha. The offer has disappeared anyway, I'm sure it said I have 3 days yesterday.

      • No

  • +1

    Haha… I just used the eBay this deal, combined with the 22% off eBay voucher, bought a Global bread knife for $99 and literally got a free set of steak knives ($31).

    ~$87 all up.

  • Does anyone know if I make early payment in afterpay for purchases over $40, am I still eligible to get 10 points?

    • Yes you are

      • I'm assuming the optimal play if I had 10 items of $40 is to do each one at a time vs 1 X $400 purchase .
        End result 10 X more points .

        • Yeh, I was thinking if I buy $400 of gift cards and then pay it all off in one go then I will get another 100 points….It would roughly work out at 2.5% saving for a $10 off/ or $20 off would be 5% saving of $400 spend that I just spent. 🤓

  • I got a bunch of other rewards but some don't seem to be able to be redeemed:
    Spend $25 get $10 off @ Big W (but the minimum spend for afterpay is $50), Petbarn, ASOS, SHEIN, Mimco
    Spend $100 get $15 off @ Samsung

    • You don't have enough points, probably?

  • +1

    All my offers that can be claimed say "online". Has anyone tried to use the offers in-store and succeeded?

    • No, haven’t tried in store…I usually just buy online and click & collect.

  • +1

    My rewards change daily. Yesterday there was MYER today it’s others. Bugger today I wanted to buy with Myer. Hopefully it comes back tomorrow…

    • +1

      Yeh, I find it updates midnight or midday every day…I used all the offers for JB, GG, Target, Adidas and they just give me crap stores now. 😩

      • +1

        It’s also strange saying you receive 10$ off AfterPay for 25$ spend on Myer but Myer doesn’t accept AfterPay under 100$ anyway…

        • +1

          Yeh, the $20 off Adidas didn’t show up when I checked out with Afterpay so I just lodged a request on their website and they gave me a $20 promotional offer option for my next purchase.

        • Yes this happened to me, you need to check the minimum spend at every store

  • +1

    Anyone know if these stack? I somehow have 2 offers for Myer.

    • Don’t think so. From memory, if you checkout you have an option of clicking the discount to be applied…so it will be one or the other?

      You could give it a go and let us know. 😃

  • +1

    All my offers can now only be redeemed online, which I think is new. You need to click on each to see if they are redeemable online or in store

  • +1

    A few more:
    Spend $100 get $10 off at Freedom Furniture, Sheridan Outlet
    Spend $50 get $10 off at Peter Alexander, Mimco, City Beach

    • Yep, I’ve used all the JB, GG, Rebel, Catch, eBay, Kmart and only get these ones left now…Hopefully they will refresh them 👍

  • +1

    Thanks, mine seems to be showing several brands, including JB.

    • +1

      Not showing David Jones offers? 😆

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