This was posted 3 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$15 off (Min $15 Spend) in-Store @ Spotlight (VIP Members)


Copied from Facebook Post.

$15 off minimum Spend $15 In store only. Require free VIP membership. Valid until 11/09/2021

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Spotlight Australia

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    Disappointing for VIC and NSW.

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      Is their HQ in Melbourne, but marketing team in Brisbane? lol

    • Except for regional NSW, as long as it isn't extended again (past 10 September).

    • Pretty much. I have $10 credit and actually have stuff to buy but their Click & Collect is $30 minimum and what I want isn't $30.

      • Never tried it anywhere, but could you buy $30 worth of stuff then return the stuff you didnt want?

        • Depends on how well their systems link up sales in the database. Often, you’ll find that a retailer may return the product but insist you make up the shortfall the discount provided in the first place (because you didn’t really ‘spend’ that $15 after all). Ergo, if the item you’re returning is less than $30 it’s probably not worth trying.

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    Thanks for nothing spotlight…

  • I wouldn't call it single use if you can use that voucher multiple times

    • Just like my single use mask. Reuse, recycle :)

    • Doesnt it link to the VIP acc to say you cant use it more than once? Or are you just suggesting to use another VIP acc?

      Not that it matters because lockdown…

      • Pretty sure it is just once per account

  • Shame, I needed stuff from spotlight too. Oh well

  • How to redeem please as I am unable to find it in the fscebook ?

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      You don’t need fscebook. They can scan barcodes from phone.

      • Can you please list the terms as sometimes the store will ask for the email and would like to see the t&c is the code doesn't work ? Thanks

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          I saw the post on Facebook. No terms were mentioned in the post. I think this include sale item as well.

  • Thanks will try it this week

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    Spotlight are consistent at least with their review system for products. All reviewed badly haha

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      I wish I could review their review system. You can only see what people have given it in terms of stars, but no comments. What’s the point of not using actual comments?

      • Yeah have always thought comments would have been useful!

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    no VIC disappointing

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    Really wish the voucher could be used online. I want something from my local and for once, it's in stock, yet I can't use the voucher due to NSW restrictions.


  • Thanks OP! We definitely have a few spotlight things to stock up on - hopeful that it works.

  • Warning last time I tried one of these I was asked for the email as evidence

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      Have never been asked for the email..yet. But would be nice if we could get hold of it :)

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      Send it to yourself in reply to a spotlight email.
      I do that for Ikea.

      • Excuse me for being dumb, but could you please explain exactly what you mean….I'm just thinking if you reply to a spotlight e-mail, it goes back to them (Spotlight)?

    • I've been asked as well.

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    Its single use only I think. I tried use second time and the staff told me its been used on this account.

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      this has happened to me in the past. I now have 3 VIP memberships.

  • Does this include party or balloons?

  • These usually sent to email, did anyone actually receive this offer?

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    Does anyone have the Facebook link to this?

    I can't see it on their Facebook page.

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      I'd like this too please.

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      They may have seen it posted by a friend or something on a private FB page. I'm not sure they meant this was posted officially by the Spotlight account

  • Any suggestions what to buy that is around $15 practical with no regrets?

    • Paints? I need some party favours so will try those (can get them cheaper elsewhere, but hey if I can get $15 off it'll be cheaper there!)

      • Leaning towards something reusable

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      bath towel, hand towel, kitchen towel, cleaning sponges, Knife, scissors,

    • There's lots of $2 kitchen stuff there, like knives, peelers and spatulas and things like that, half price towels. Everything on full price is ridiculously overpriced, how do you think they afford these giveaways

    • You have to pay at least $1 for warranty and returns.

      • 😆understandably, why would you return something you got for free?

    • Food storage (decor etc), pens/markers, face masks, glue, command strips, wrapping paper.

      If you have kids there’s heaps - I’m looking at costumes (for the inevitable book week/Halloween etc) there’s some for $16, paint, crayons, markers, scissors, drawing pad etc.

  • These are targeted coupons, sent to personal email accounts, not supposed to be shared on Facebook. But thank you OP for trying to help us all.

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      Still works

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      I didn't choose the ozbargain life, it chose me

  • It worked for me in North Lakes, QLD. Thanks OP!

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    Thanks so much. I went to spotlight today scared Barcode and worked perfectly. Thanks again.

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      scared Barcode and worked perfectly.

      I don't believe threats are necessary.

  • Doesn’t work for me in SA.

  • Party's over. They had a meeting and ask for the email now.

    • "They had a meeting"
      Turn of phrase or they literally told you there were new instructions for the staff?

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        Twice confirmed

        1. I tried and failed as they asked for email
        2. Friend works at another Spotlight staff and were advised to check email

        I mean I'm sure it'll still work for workers who don't care

    • Expires on Saturday either way. You can just photoshop it onto an old voucher email and show it in your browser. Their not going to touch your phone.

      • Hahaha yeh like everyone has Photoshop skills and would put in the effort to do that to get $15 that they shouldn't be getting in the first place

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    Some staff check everything including the name of the email and matches it with your card. It looks like as if the voucher comes out of their pay!

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    Absolutely appalled by the cashier's behaviour at Spotlight Carindale QLD today. I asked her to scan the barcode, but she refused to scan it. I asked her to just try scanning it 3 more times and she refused me every time???!!!
    My 2 children who were present at the time has to witness such disgusting customer service that they didn't even mind when I left without purchasing any of the items they wanted.

    • Wait, she just refused to scan it? Seems bizarre.

      • She just flat out wouldn't do it. I would have spent a lot more ontop of the voucher. Their loss. I took my kids elsewhere to buy their Halloween costumes and accessories.

        • Vouchers are a normal part of every day for them. Did she offer any kind of reason?

          • @King Tightarse: She looked at the barcode on my phone, but she wouldn't scan it. I guess it's up to the individual cashier and this one must get some perverse pleasure from playing 'god' in her tiny mind.

  • Just went to Spotlight and used the voucher.
    No worries at all.

  • My wife and me both got $15 back. Thanks OP!

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