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SCA Emergency Tool Kit $49 (Was $99) in-Store & C&C Only @ Supercheap Auto


This emergency tool kit was part of their March 'Super Buys' sale priced at $99, then reduced to $79 in this recent deal and now $49. Available In Store or via Click & Collect.

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    Fuses 50
    Cable Ties 30

    That's 80 out of the 136 tools included…

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      It's not advertised as 136 tools kit

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      49 left after you just blew one.

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      137 tools if that includes you

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    None of those tools are particularly great in an emergency. Most of these tools are in every toolbox.

    • So assuming that I needed a basic toolbox to start with, do you have a recommendation - emergency or otherwise - similar or better value than this?

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        Absolutely. In both value, and quality.


        If you add a hammer, and a hacksaw, you literally have every tool, in good quality, that any average DIY'er will need.

        This deals tool-bag is actually more specifically for a car boot; since a soft bag wont "smash around" back there. Its also designed to get you out of a jam; if you're looking for tools you'll need to buy once, and keep for 20+ years; this 'bag' aint it. i built a similar bag using the $5 bin at a local repco for the boot. Already saved me once when a wastegate hose split on me.

        • also always remember to carry spare fuses in a range of types. Also having a decent jack in your boot is a time and back saver.

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        Not a single product comes to mind but you should have

        • jumper cables or a jumper battery charger
        • flashlight
        • first aid kit
        • tire repair kit (in case your spare is also flat)
        • duct tape
        • rope
        • toilet paper

        When you're on the road and have a breakdown, you're not probably going to make permanent repairs. You just want to be able to get to a safe place as soon as possible.

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          If no emergency, at least you have everything needed for a good night.

        • And a fire extinguisher. In my 20 years of driving, I’ve encountered 2 fires that I’ve been able to take out.

  • $29 by Christmas?

  • OOS in most stores