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15,000 Bonus FlyBuys Points When you Take up New Coles Car Insurance Policy (FlyBuys App Required)


Just checked around for a car insurance, and see this offer

not only it offers me the best price , plus the points, which is even better.

Coles Insurance Flybuys 15,000 Bonus Points ($75) Offer

only available inside your flybuy app

The Reward will be allocated into the member’s Flybuys account up to 45 days after the
start date of the new Coles Insurance Policy specified in the communication.

You can STILL WIN a 2021 Toyota RAV4ᗮ

So go on. Take out a new Coles Comprehensive Car Insurance policy by 4 October 2021 for your chance to win a brand new Toyota RAV4 GX 2WD Hybrid, plus a $1,000 Coles Gift Card.

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  • I guess it is for new customer. I am an existing one and within a week renewal is due, but no love in the app. Must be targeted ?

    • In the same boat. Renewal is due in 2wks.
      Can't see anything in the app. Must be targeted.

  • Yes, I am new customer to Coles insurance , must be targeted .

    • I don't have coles car insurance. I don't see this offer in the flybuys app

  • Nothing on my end.

    Also,how come car insurance is suddenly so expensive in NSW? I have never made a claim.

    • Coz they need to give bonus to their fat bosses

  • Anyone have good experiences with claims? Few years ago heard they were pretty average

    • +2

      Didn't have an issue with mine.

    • +1

      The repairer has to reuse parts that are not broken rather than buy a new one. So if you need to replace a door, they will have to reuse the seals though you will get a new door. In the past they will buy new seals too.

      • Ah interesting to know!

        • Trying to picture a frogduck, but really struggling 😅

          • @dealmaker: The way I see it is a frog head and a duck body, feathers all over, not slimy. I'm sure my description cleared up any confusion!

  • Way too expensive for me. An extra $300 annually over Woolies insurance who had already hiked up my price after renewal.