4 Pokemon Trading Cards & 1 Card Case, Frame or Sticker for $2 or Free with Happy Meal for $4.95 @ McDonald's


These are the normal price at $2 or free with the Happy Meal but hear me out. From the last deal in the US unopened toy sets are worth for $10USD, Opened Foils for $4-50USD and Non Foils $1USD. I'm not advocating for people to scalp these, I'm using the resale value to demonstrate this is a bargain.

A bit more info in this article here:
Limit of 2 toys like in the US and UK!

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    There is a limit of 2 per person. Leaked Macca's staff poster

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      Yep I didn't understand what HM toys meant, thought HM was Hidden Machine like in Pokemon

      • Also unlike the US, we aren't getting the yellow Pikachu Pokemon Happy Meal box in Australia. Going by that staff poster they are using the generic standard Happy Meal box.

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          If you look at the top of the poster you can see a Blue Pokemon Box with 24 starters on it

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            @Levity: No that's just a picture over the top of the McDonalds logo. It's also curved and has Pokemon coming out of the border.
            It says lower in the image that the "generic happy meal box" will be used.

        • Shame, I wanted the Pikachu box. Good, because I really need to stop bringing junk home.

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      Woo! espionage!

      25 years already!

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    Not sure this is actually a deal? Should we post all happy meal toys?

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      Yes please

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      Yes when they can be eaten and toy and box sold immediately on Ebay for $20AUD feel free to do so.

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        I appreciate the hustle but OzBargain is not OzResell.

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          It's ozBroden

        • I think there is a group of users here buy things at a bargain and resell. The purpose of the website has changed overtime. It started as a communication tool for users to post bargain deal. It has grown significantly, not sure if this is the place that gave birth to cashback sites like cashrewards and shopback.

          • @htc: You are going to get all types of people but you should not worry about what other people are doing as that leads to insanity. Just take a note of it and move on.

            • @luckydan: That is exactly what I am trying to say, people spend extra time to complain on a popular post debating whether it is a deal or not, if it is useful, even an idea that make people life better, it is worth posting.

        • May be the posting rule of ozbargain should be changed soon, it has happened quite a few times recently, some very popular post does not fit the technical definition of a deal initially legislated on ozbargain, like this one, a small group of people complained.

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        if everyone did that - not just ozbargainers - you definitely wouldn't be able to command $20 for it any more.

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          Yes most kids will open it with grubby chicken nugget hands and sauce and crumple the cards straightway. Increasing the value of ones in circulation that are sleeved upon opening.

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            @Levity: lol if you think this promotion will go to the majority of kids. There’s groups of people organised to nab these anyway they can already. Sure, they’ll sell for more than their $2 price tag but they won’t be anywhere near the $20 they commanded for a long, long time.

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        The value will crash when entire boxes end up getting taken and sold on the internet by employees and franchise owners. It's always been that way with these type of promotions.

      • Not if everyone on Ozbargain is selling it mate

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      Op has explained why they think its a deal.

      If you disagree with them explain why?

    • https://www.973fm.com.au/lifestyle/food-wine/maccas-happy-me...

      Currently 14 limited edition space jam toys. Looks better quality than cards. I'll let you post since its your idea.

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    Gonna buy one of these for the anniversary in a couple weeks, the investment is a metaphor for our relationship. Or I'm a cheap prick.

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      Is she cheap and saucy?

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        Judging by that neg I’d say she’s salty

    • Pikachu!

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    Normal price and speculating on possible resale value is also not a deal.
    Downvote without prejudice. Clearly not a deal based on guidelines.

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      These are the same cards and Pikachu box that were released in the US and UK so the resale value is not speculation it is fact. This is why there is a limit of 2 per customer on Ebay US$9.49 for unopened pack: https://www.ebay.com/itm/384098325617?hash=item596e0b5471:g:...

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        People selling the us ones on Facebook Pokémon groups for $5. So not $10

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          The $10 includes shipping, you can probably ship for $1.10 in an envelope.

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      Should be in the forums

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    I dunno - looking at ebay (US) completed auctions there are way too many '0 bids' completed auctions < $1.

    I wouldn't bet on this being worth the outlay, but will cheer you on in the comments if you can turn a profit.

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    Waiting for people to get mad. Owait… they beat me.

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    These sound an awful lot like projected Little Shop and Ooshie resell values.. which largely were overhyped

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      Reminds me of a Balding Ash Ketchum. No wonder he always wears a hat!

    • Dude definitely put 100% onto the performance.

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    Hard to imagine it's worth bothering. Feel like it should have been limited to those using the app to order or some sort of online redemption to control the stock, to at least try keep it a little fair, but here we are i guess. Already seen someone with a bag of 30/40 which just ruins it for others.

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      If you have Uber Pass for free delivery, you could probably order an unlimited amount of these for a bit more Uber markup. I don't see them actively not selling you more than 2 though, maybe only if you went back 5 times.

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        It ain’t free. You still need to pay the service fee

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    Planning on buying plenty of happy meals for these. If you get the cheeseburger happy meal with fries and a thickshake it's actually not bad value anyway for the meal itself ($4.95 for ~3400 kJ).

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      2 of those is not a bad meal for most people. A small drink and chips is exactly half of a large.

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      How do you get them to keep the price at $4.95? Whenever I change the drink to a thickshake it adds like $2 or more…

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        Whenever I change the drink to a thickshake it adds like $2 or more

        On the app? When I change it on the app it stays at $4.95.

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          Might be a regional difference. In NSW where I tested with a small shake the price stays the same too.

          • @Levity: Can confirm this works in QLD also, the free upgrade to a shake seems to only be for Happy Meals though.

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        The only meal you can change to a thickshake without paying extra is the Happy Meal. At least in VIC this works.

      • Thickshake isn't even an option to change to for me on happy meals, it is there on other meals :/

        • There’s a dropdown with ‘other drinks’.

          • @ATangk: Yeah, it's not in there like it is with other meals

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              @sss333: I tested it working on iOS in NSW, perhaps its different for different states/platform?

              • @ATangk: Checked a store in Sydney and they had it, guess must be a location thing.

                Edit: Seems other stores here list but not my closet for some reason (not that I really like Macca's shakes anyway lol)

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      OzBargain needs to start having its own scale for measuring value: $/kj energy

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    Buch of adults will start buying happy meal thanks to ozbargain

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      Kids don't appreciate them as much as we do :P

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      I already do, they're a bargain

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    The prices are definitely speculatory. I will probably get a few myself, but I wouldn't purchase this for anything other than a personal collection. Even if it does turn out to have resell value greater than the cost of the pack/happy meal itself, the amount of packs necessary and effort to make anything substantial off these is negligible.

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    Appreciate the heads up and I will get one or two for novelty's sake, but this type of post comes off as a bit of a "pump and dump" kinda thing. No disrespect to OP.

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    They're actually way cheaper on ebay already. Those numbers are not right.

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    Let's hope the scalpers don't go crazy buying these and actually leave some for the kids and genuine Pokemon card collectors.

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      leave some for the kids and genuine Pokemon card collectors.

      scalpers don't care.

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    I would like a couple (the limit per person) but I absolutely detest scalpers and have to downvote any posts that suggests or entertains the notion of reselling

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      As a father of a kid who is starting to develop a love of Pokémon I really hope people don’t buy this to scalp, so I agree with PKJ.

      Please leave these to the kids, they will have ear to ear smiles for months and develop social skills in swapping and sharing if we adults don’t try to literally try to make a few bucks.

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        Yeah that ain't happening. Scalpers and resellers truly are the dregs of society and couldn't give two shits about the kids.

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      Commenting so I can downvote the post, for the same reasons as you.
      Also, not a bargain.

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        Commenting for the same reason.

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      How do you think the economy works?

      • @Levi we obviously don't have an unregulated market which is why the ACCC exists. If you're suggesting "the black hand of the market" economics, the laissez-faire approach is not suitable for a fair environment.

        Scalpers are exploitative. You'd probably line up to buy sneakers you never wear, or a PS5 you'll never use for the purposes of reselling (i.e. 'a quick buck').

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    does it come with monopoly stickers?

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      Yes but only if you upgrade the Drink and Chips

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        how much is it to upgrade? Won't let me on the maccas app

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          Around $2 for the drink probably around the same for chips

          Better off buying other stuff to farm Monopoly stickers

          • @Levity: Large coke upgrade is only $0.95 where I am, making that very valuable if trying to stack with the rewards.

        • You can’t upgrade chips, OP is speculating

  • Happy meal toys having more limits on purchasing than GPUs in 2020 smh

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    On a side note, does anyone know how to order Mac value box on the app?

    Any family share box cant be seen on my app

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      That is intended, can't see it under Family and Sharing for past year. I usually just transfer the 20% off promo code from the app to the kiosk.

      • Can you transfer the 20% off in app payment discount to the kiosk?

        • No, since it's specifically an in app payment deal.

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    The future is gonna be some weird mix of back to the future 2 and idiocracy, with mega corps blending all kinds of markets into one big dog pile of mish mashed advertisements.

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      The future is now old man

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    Not a deal, its the standard price for a happy meal. Also I don't support posts that promote scalping, especially of kids toys.

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      It’s not scalping when the products have a huge supply lol

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        That doesn't fully encompass scalping though.

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        And the products have no intrinsic value if there is a huge supply lol

    • The OP actually says they don't support scalping. The Ebay price is just used as the measure of value. There's plenty of 'standard price' goods that then become a bargain when a good value bonus item is offered. Happens all the time.

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    I think this might be a stupid question but do the packs come with random cards (I assume so)? Or could you just buy them one by one to form a full set?