4 Pokemon Trading Cards & 1 Card Case, Frame or Sticker for $2 or Free with Happy Meal for $4.95 @ McDonald's


These are the normal price at $2 or free with the Happy Meal but hear me out. From the last deal in the US unopened toy sets are worth for $10USD, Opened Foils for $4-50USD and Non Foils $1USD. I'm not advocating for people to scalp these, I'm using the resale value to demonstrate this is a bargain.

A bit more info in this article here:
Limit of 2 toys like in the US and UK!

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    • They come as blind bags
      Cant see whats in there before hand
      So either buy on ebay the opened ones, purchase them$2 per bag or per set
      Purchase a happy meal to get one each time

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    Of course it a deal. Even if they don’t sell for that much on eBay

  • I would like to think Aussies aren’t going to go wasting their money on eBay for this gear like the Americans. But good luck if you give it a crack. The worst part is having to eat the food. If you’re in Brisbane try OldSkool BBQ instead 😍

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    Resale speculation on a promotional giveaway that’s available in more than 970 places nationwide… I’ve seen it all. This is not a deal.

  • wow people are already selling the game cases on ebay,

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    What has ozbargain become…?

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    so many people are going to buy just to resell now. thanks op.
    useless post

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      That's pretty much most deals anyway. Like all those countless eBay flash sales. Gotta resell the 99c Sodastream and $99 airpods!

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        no they are deals, discounts.

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          Irrelevant. People are scalping off heaps of OzBargain posts these days regardless if you consider them a deal or not.

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            @Clear: so will you post a ps5 and say hurry buy 200 to scalp them now! make up to 600+ !!?

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              @Halvar: No why would I? I don't like scalping. I'm just stating a fact that scalping is rampant amongst the community here.

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                @Clear: if you dont like scalping why are you supporting this OP which is doing the same thing here?

                • @Halvar: I voted the deal before reading the description because I was happy to be made aware of the Pokemon cards I would not have known about. HOWEVER the encouragement of scalping is bad, so I've revoked my positive vote.

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                    @Clear: Alright, seems many neg voters agree, i think scalping posts should not be allowed here well not posts like this that support it

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                    @Clear: I'm not advocating for people to scalp these, I'm using the resale value to demonstrate this is a bargain. Otherwise this would be downvoted as OZRRP.

                    • @Levity: Ah yes I see. You raise a very valid point there. I think the side effect is people will scalp, but that happens in so many posts anyway.

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      I'm in . Tks guys .
      Is there some dough to make ?

    • ScalpBargain.

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    what is this post

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    ok - next, free sugar with every coffee at your local cafe is a deal amirite ?

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      if you resell the sugar

    • Don't forget use your 20% off to buy 100 of them .

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    why dont we list every happy meal toy for now on when one comes out?
    we can resell the toy! WOW a DEAL

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      Need some themed Lego in a meal I reckon to maximize profits .

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    Good luck to all of you who buy these cards and take them away from kids who want to actually play with them for a chance at a rare card.

    Sure, on eBay Australia some prices are high… Because we haven't had regular stock yet. Once more are released via McDonald's, value will go down as more enter the market. Look at sold listings on eBay USA, not Australia. I won't argue that you have a chance to land a rare card that leads to profit, but most of the time you'll make back maybe… $1 after fees if going through eBay if we start emulating USA prices.

    So even based on speculation, if we compare to USA where stock is plentiful rather than Australia where stock is very rare, this is not a good offering. Well, just as good as buying an actual Pokemon booster pack and hoping to get a rare card anyway.

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      The thing I dislike is manager's and staff doing inside trade . The stock never hits the public . Like that pop only available through there drive thru was mission impossible to score .
      Sealed cases about to hit Ebay only have this source .

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        I've always wondered about this inside trading. For example, does anyone remember the minions toys? I wondered, being that the plastic bag that the toy's are wrapped in are completely see through, what's stopping workers from just grabbing them for themselves the second that they noticed a gold figurine?

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          It happens all the time everywhere with everything. One example is when I used to work retail and we'd always get the Hotwheels collectors coming in before deliveries slipping cash to managers so they could go through the boxes first.

          If there's something of value to be had, unless there's no way to determine what it is first (opaque pacakging), it rarely reaches the general public.

      • What “pop” was it?

        • I think it was the Ronald McDonald one

    • The funko pop made sense as it was only sold in Australia. These cards just keep increasing in supply.

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    This is no different to scalping, and scalpers can f#$% off.

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    If you are buying these just to scalp them, f*** you

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    Mctrash, bugger off

  • Does anyone know if we get the bonus of the monopoly peels in this meal ?

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      no you dont. its a small meal. you need large or med

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    They're for children ffs, nothing worse than adults competing with children for toys

  • Does anyone know the average online resell value of these cards?

    JUST JOKING! But seriously, I really wonder if it's worth the effort..

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      Well one thing for sure is the prices listed on eBay is the stuff that’s too high to sell right now. And it’s probably a few bucks less than listed for a quick sale.

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      If for one second you think the Government want what is actually best for you, you've gotta be kidding yourself!

      • I agree. Yet we follow blindly.

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    where in Sydney are you OP… so i know i can avoid the disappointment of you scalping my kids happy meal toy.

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    More drama in this thread than a cage eggs deal!

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    excuse my ignorance, why is this a bargain selling at full price? where is the great deal on this?

    • I know it hard to comprehend for some people . Buy a happy meal $6 for cards worth $10 ( if worth that hehe ) is a bargain that unfortunately some people need to go to Kindergarten to see the light .

  • does anyone now how often a new set comes up or is it random when purchasing?

  • To all these people complaining. Look at the following "deal":

    As long as that is still not taken down by mods, your complaints here is small fry. Over 100 negs and still no one gives a damn.

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    Simply disgusting that McDonalds are allowing separate sale of these toys. Scalpers were already going to be ruining this for the kids and genuine collectors as it was, they shouldn't be make it any easier for them to do so.

    As it is, I've already seen reports of people literally buying the toys by the bag full, even when the official release isn't until Thursday. Maccas needs to put the foot down on the franchises here, or else there's going to be a lot of disappointed kids. For that matter, fair enough to let people know it's coming up, but OzBargain really should moderate any encouragement of scalpers associated with deals like this. Profiteering is rather the opposite of helping everyone to take advantage of bargains, isn't it?

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      Too late ( that is why I can say it hehe ) for the big play of being a Melb Memeber to get GF tickets in Perth . Over 3K + joined Melb from WA including all my contacts . One more win and we are home .

    • Why shouldn't I be able to get the toy without eating crap?

    • Where are you seeing reports of people buying them by the bag full?

      • There are no reports, he made it up. They aren't officially on sale yet and there is a limit of 2 per customer.

  • It will be sold out on Thursday (the weeks stock). The promotion will have to be ended early due to lack of stock.

    • What time can you get them ?

      • some store got it already, i find a store they stock tomorrow morning

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    almost as good as adding extra pickles…

  • Thanks for posting! I'm a mudkip fan so this is genuinely hype :D

    • I Herd U Liek Mudkips.

      • Bro, why u do this?

  • It's already available. I got two packs from my Ubereats order yesterday.

    • Which store was that for you?

    • Maybe run out of old toys, where did you get it from?

      • Possibly. It's in SA.

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          Too far for me but lucky you! Great idea for an unboxing video as you have them early will get thousands of views!

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    I'm seeing complete sets and individual packs for sale on eBay and Facebook Marketplace already. There's a few sellers that appear to have box loads of the smaller packs. Unbelievable

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      Did I say staff insiders somewhere in the thread . Believe me some take the jolly lot .
      Most of the neg guys think customers are taking the baby's dummy away .

    • Yeah, some might be Mcdonalds Manager's selling boxes. Some appear to be old US or UK stock
      I found some guy selling on Facebook
      "6 x unopened packs ($20 each)
      1 x set of non holo promo cards ($80)"

      Meanwhile a manager is selling
      "Pokemon 25th Anniversary Mcdonalds Sealed case (150 packs).
      Full case $800
      Single packs $8
      Feel free to message me for any questions can negotiate if bought in bulk :)"

    • Im in a discord where the staff from maccas do take boxes from when managers allow. Some managers are in their early 20s so they probably dgaf.

  • Merged from Is Your McDonald's Selling Pokemon Toys early?

    After my deal was posted someone in SA said they got 2 Pokemon card toys in Uber Eats Delivery so it looks like stores who ran out of toys are giving them out early before 9/9/2021. Great idea for an unboxing video will get thousands of views! I have talked to a dodgy guy on Facebook selling cartons of 150 for $800 and he claims they are the same as US and UK cards.
    Wondering if anybody else bought some?

    • Drove past McDonald’s today.. wish I went in to check

      • I've been calling in but only Brookvale picked up. They said they have too many Space Jam toys but will be changing over after Thursday. If you want Pokemon toys on Thursday you need to request them.

        • Haven’t had a happy meal for over 20 years lol space jam.. but show me the holo’s!!

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      Would be cool if they were actual toys instead of cards though.

      • Would have been cooler if it was both!

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          In my arcade room I have a claw machine. More figures the better! For now some card packets will do

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            I have a claw machine

            Interesting.. please elaborate ;) Custom built?

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              @rompastompa: Nah picked one up in an auction of a place closing down. It's a much smaller one so it'll only pick up small figures or plushies. The plan is to get one that'll pickup the bigger plushies you find in malls run by Coin Op.

              I have a few of the older classic pinball machines too.

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        I'd rather they spent the money of flavour and making the burgers 1980s size than a toy

    • I know one of my local McDonalds has received stock, but isn't opening the box until they flush old the old Happy Meal Toys.

    • Dude had no idea what I was talking about when I asked today.
      I would like to catch 'em all, but I'm not keen on scalpers or going to maccas a heap.

    • If you guys need some sleeves for the pokemon cards these are 50% off: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650052

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    Everyone arguing about whether this is a deal or not, and I'm just reading this at 1:42am dreaming about Maccas tomorrow morning for breakfast. LOL

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    Some stores are definitely selling early. Found one in Brisbane.

    • Name it m8 ?

    • How can I send my minions there if I don't know lol ?

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    Anyone elses card packs very compressed? It's as if mine were at the bottom of a pallet with a lot of weight on-top of them. Even some of the paint peeled off the top and bottom card and stuck to the wrapper.

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    Offical maccas site still has space jam toys, so not yet official?

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      Unavailable at the Maccas in Kew, they haven't got them in yet.

    • It’s updated now

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    They have them at Cannon Hill in QLD.

  • Can we request an extra toy in the app or do we have to do it over the counter?

    • In person

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        They did not allow to buy toys only. Also with any purchase.