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[PC] Free - Far Cry 3 | Trials Fusion (via Japan) @ Ubisoft


Edit - deal is not expired. Website is currently under maintenance.

This website is under maintenance / Please try again later.

Nice little freebie from Ubisoft. Who doesn't like free stuff?

You can claim your free game on Ubisoft Connect PC from September 7th at 11:00 pm to September 11th at 04:30 pm (your local time) and you will be able to play it at any time!

Looks like the Japanese are getting Trials Fusion for free. Stay logged in the Aussie store and then click through to the Japanese store to claim.

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  • +13

    Literally replayed this again last week. Still a good game.

    • +35

      did i ever tell you the definition of insanity?

      • +11

        Not sure who negged you for that comment. Probably Jason Brody…

      • +3

        Oh the irony that that is exactly what farcry games became.

    • +2

      Oh man, I played it at launch on the 360, played it via back comp on One and then got the Classic Edition with Far Cry 5 and played it again :D Already have it on PC and was just thinking of playing it again. JASON!

      • +1

        I remember as young teenager the mission where you burn the weed field being so controversial.

        • Oh yeah the game has some pretty crazy moments, stuff you didn't see coming. Definitely worth a revisit no matter how many times you've played it 😁

  • +6

    Still traumatised by the tigers killing me - played this on the hardest level

  • +7

    The best FC

  • +4

    Love the Far Cry franchise, and Vaas is the best Far Cry villain (and Michael Mando is excellent in Better Call Saul too)!

  • +3

    Says CDKEY or Activation Code not valid =/.

    • +2

      yeah same issue :( not sure how to fix

      • +2

        I just login to Ubisoft from web and add to cart and no key at all.

      • +7

        mate, use the link on a mobile browser. make sure its not desktop browser version, etc, log in as usual, no need incognito, and once you get the ALL GOOD msg, just open ubisoft launcher to verify its there and voila.

        • +2

          Weird hack but it works. Why make it so troublesome?

        • +1

          use the link on a mobile browser

          I used PC browser no problem here.

        • +1

          Thank you. This worked PERFECTLY!

        • +1

          Thanks! Worked for me after the lappy was having none of it.

  • +1

    I am getting "An error occurred while trying to send your request. Please try again later." error. any fix ?

    edit: got it by clicking the banner in the PC client itself, 10 GB downloading now

  • +1

    I got this a while back and just recently finished it. I know it gets a lot of love, but I guess I'm an outlier. I've only ever played 3 and 5 to completion and I think I enjoyed 5 a bit more.

    • does this support ray tracing now ?

      • +1

        neither FC 3 nor 5 have ray tracing, upcoming FC 6 yes.

  • +29

    If it only gave you the demo for Trials Fusion (as it did for me), others are reporting that switching you browser to mobile mode (Chrome: Ctrl-Shift-I, then Ctrl-Shift-M) will allow you to claim it. Alternatively, use a Japanese VPN and go through the UPlay application, which is what I did.

    • +1

      Thanks! Didn't show up in my library until I did the chrome mobile mode!

    • +1

      Chrome mobile works well!

      • -2

        Google Chrome is a botnet

    • I opened the link in Microsoft's Edge browser. Same key combos as Chrome. Works a treat. :)

    • cheers mate

    • Thanks, key combo same for Waterfox(Firefox) and now shows in my library.

  • +1

    Brilliant giveaway, thanks Dealbot.

  • Still waiting for the Far Cry 6 that was promised with the AMD CPU’s bought last year…

    • Farcry 6 hasn't launch yet.

      • +2

        Doesn't mean I'm not waiting.

        • lol I totally forgot about this, thanks for bringing this up.

  • +19

    Thanks. Grabbed Trials Fusion via mobile phone.

    1. Open UBI store Trials Fusion Japan page in web browser
    2. Claim game
    3. Login
    4. Claim game
    5. ALL GOOD. Your game is activated on your Ubisoft Connect for PC Library
    6. In Ubisoft Connect game library. Trials Fusion: Full Game
    • +3

      Legend, worked perfectly, thank you! Doesn't work from a pc but works via mobile.

  • +6

    It's been a while. Possibly the last good Far Cry game. It might be a better experience on PC years later.

    • far cry primal was good, so was blood dragon

      • Blood Dragon is amazing.

  • Thank you! Had FC3 but got Trials on PC now :D

  • It shows up on my Ubisoft Connect AU account…

  • Probably my favourite game of the series, followed by Far Cry 2; I didn't enjoy the later games as much as the older ones. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Doesnt need the Japan region anymore…

    • This deal is about Trials Fusion needs Japan store not FC.

  • +1

    This is extra hard if you've enabled MFA on your Ubisoft account. Extra extra hard when you've forgotten you had enabled MFA because all the prompts are in Japanese.

    • Open UBI store Trials Fusion Japan page in web browser
    • Claim game
    • Login
    • On the page that won't translate but appears to have a field with a 'lock' icon on it, paste in your MFA code
    • Claim game
      *NO GOOD. Your game is activated on your Ubisoft Connect for PC Library
      In Ubisoft Connect game library. Trials Fusion: Demo
    • +1

      i got same issue, tried it on my mobile phone browser and it worked!

    • +1

      Same. Claimed free game, said All good. Doesn't show in my library, clicking launch Uplay from the All good window just prompts to add Trials Fusion: Demo.

      Oh well, that's enough time spent trying to claim a game I'll probably never play anyway.

      (EDIT: Just tried this and now shows in my library.

      • Thanks, worked eventually on mobile. Probably spent more time acquiring than I ever will playing

        • Learning the CTRL-I CTRL-M trick was probably the real win for me :D

  • Definitely feel like this game is underrated. Probably one of my favourite games I've ever played, but I always forget about it. Finding it and replaying it is always such a joy.


    You cannot claim this via PC. You'll need to click the link via MOBILE (Google Chrome is fine) and then purchase the game using the web browser. It'll ask you to sign in, when you do so you'll have to click the purchase button a second time, it'll then be available to play.

    • You can do it on PC. You just need to make your browser window smaller. Then it switches to the mobile version of the site.

  • -1

    Warning: Excessive animal cruelty

  • is it 60fps locked for DX11 ?

    • +1

      No but it has lots of issues with framerates. Google 4 core fixes and the GamerProfile.xml fix. I'm getting like 70fps on Ultra 1440p on a 5900x/3080Ti/32GB/Installed on SSD system. Once I limited the exe to 4 cores it went up to 115 but still only using about 60% GPU, 25% CPU.

      • thanks mate, I was getting around 120 with DX9 but not with DX11, gonna try it.

  • I remember getting this game for $5 from EB a few years ago, never finished the game as I always got motion sickness, but was fun to play while I could.

  • Legend - thanks muchly for the tip on Trials Fusion.

  • +2

    Ddin't need to go via Japan. It was available to claim under the Discover tab in Australia region.

  • Website is back online. Just claimed my copy.

  • Is this fully 2-player coop with 2 PCs? As in, play most of the game 2-player like Dying Light and Dead Island?

  • Cheers!

  • Can't claim game 2 hours left, the page goes to an error

    Only way is to use mobile browser