Stirling Smart Thermo Cooker 1500 Watt $499 @ ALDI Special Buys


Thermomix on a budget.

• 1500W
• Large 3L stainless steel bowl
• Large 7" touchscreen control panel to adjust settings for speed and temperature
• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with app function
• Adjustable temperature: 30°C-120°C
• Built-in timer and scale
• Full glossary of preloaded recipes
• Manual cooking also available
• Accessories include steaming attachment, measuring cup, simmering basket with lid, butterfly whisk and spatula
• Heating power: 220-240V 1000W
• Motor power: 220-240V 800W
• Rotate speed: 1-10 speeds (50-4500rpm)
• Adjustable temperature from 30°C-120°C
• 4 stainless steel cutting blades with reverse function
• Cooking functions: high temperature for browning, slow cook, steam, blend, weigh, stir, grind, whisk, sous vide, emulsify, simmer, knead, cooking and chopping

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    Is this any good and what do people use it for?

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    I can't comment on this deal specifically but I just wanted to ask - I already have an Instant Pot, an air fryer, an oven and a microwave. How useful are these thermo cookers? Like whats the one big thing that they have that other appliances do not? The bowls look so small on them I wonder if they're meant for say a family of 4?

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      It's a blender with a heating element. I would say it's actually not particularly useful if you already have all of those appliances.

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      Have a Thermomix - Great for chopping stuff up, blending etc. good for pasta sauces, chilli mix for mexican food, curries and those sorts of meals. (there is a huge amount of recipes made for Thermomix.

      We used it a heap in making baby puree.

      Use it for bread dough, pizza dough, pancake mixes.

      Our current most-used appliances. Thermomix, Fast Slow Cooker and Rice Cooker.

      • Please elaborate on what a Fast slow cooker is.

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        lol. i use a $90 Jouyong Soy Bean maker to make baby puree haha. Works a treat, and that's what most Chinese does in china anyways.
        Good for making baby porridge etc.

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      It's clearly a new model JV, I really wish you would just commenting for the sake of commenting.

      • -10

        It's clearly a new model JV

        It's double the price.

        Why is it a bargain ?

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          Double the price would be $598? Seriously another useless JV insight

          Yes you've linked clearance, no I don't care because how many peeps got the clearance price.

          • -1

            @slimdealin: It was selling for $149 in the link I posted…

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              @jv: its the older version without touchscreen and wifi connectivity

              • -5


                its the older version

                That doesn't make this a bargain…

              • -4

                @jamba: If you don't want to compare it to the previous model, and only want to compare it to the current model, then what is the saving ?

          • -2


            I don't care because how many peeps got the clearance price.

            It is still $200 more than the previous full price…

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              @jv: No JV, it is not $200 more - it's exactly the same price as when it sold under ambiano.


              Even comes with more recipes this time around

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                it's exactly the same price

                If it is the same price, how is it a bargain ?. This isn't OzAdvertisment

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                  @jv: The irony of you trying to verbally enforce deal posting guidelines while you constantly break commenting guidelines with your inane BS is quite delicious.

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                    constantly break commenting guidelines

                    If you believe they do, then report them as I just reported yours for being off topic

                    The irony


        • Old one didn't have wifi, new one does.

          Compare the old one to the Thermomix TM5 (without cookey or recipe chips) and the new one to the Thermomix TM6.

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            @Belistic: It's not a Thermomix, it is an Aldi branded one… Big difference in quality.

        • +5

          Classic JV Troll

          Wasn't this $299 back in March ?

          Gets the answer that its a new model and then continues to troll about it being double the price.

          That doesn't make this a bargain…

          All Aldi special buys are like this. You've posted them too so stop being a hypocrite

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      and now $200 more…

      Does that make it a bargain…

      • Isnt it the same price it was selling for in Sept last year (appears to be the same model)

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          Might explain why only 0.3% of people reading this post consider upvoting it as a bargain, and 99.7% don't vote this as a bargain…

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            99.7% don't vote this as a bargain…

            Too busy downvoting your comments no doubt…

            • @smartazz104: But more importantly, do not consider this a bargain…

              • -1

                @jv: people aint falling for your troll traps JV!

    • Some pretty funny reviews there….one person doesnt like it due to the bowl being too big for her dishwasher, and she is too short to use it..? Another person found it shorted out her house (Aldi tested and couldnt find a fault).

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    I just returned this a few days ago as the blind was broken when working. Bought it 8 months ago, maybe buy it again.

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    I got the previous version of this for a really good price as it was leftover stock, but I found it absolutely mental that you CAN'T turn off the blender feature. So there I was trying to steam rice with this consistent whirring of the blade going, and whenever a few grains fell down they got completely minced up.

    Why would they sell something that has a marketed feature of steaming that requires the blades to spin?!

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    we have the thermoMix which I believe it's the "inspiration" for this thermo cooker. we are using it every day but only just its basic functions.
    As most of the reviews say, this type of thermo cooker machine is very helpful for families with kids where cooking properly is a luxury
    But if I can choose again, I will go for this aldi cooker and save $1500 on functions I rarely use

    • what model of thermomix do you own?
      Seem like these models are more better with the internet connectivity and full color screen.

      what functions the thermomix has that this aldi one doesn't?

      what do you mainly cook and can cook with these thermo blender devices?

      seems expensive for just a blender and with heating element in one.