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[PS5, Pre Order] Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy $74.90 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks to be the cheapest pre-order price. Even beating Harvey Norman, Big W etc but not sure if they're price matching someone else.

26 October 2021 release.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Is this good?

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      Comes out October 26th so no-one really knows until then.

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      looks like its going to be another square enix avengers type deal.
      avoid till sale

      • to be fair it's just a pure single player game so there is none of the avengers baggage,

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    I feel sorry for people who bought Digital/Disk less PS5 unit.

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      To be fair, they have themselves to blame unless it was gifted.

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      Well at least they got it for cheaper and a year earlier than everyone else

      • A year earlier?

    • If game sharing is still a thing on PS5 then they might only be paying 50 for it soooo they win!

    • Depends, I picked up my Ps5 (no disc) on launch date along with Valhalla.
      I was playing it that night.
      I made the mistake of buying disk less but given I play 1-3 games a year, it's ok.
      Plus the plus free ones.

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    Also Far cry 6 is $72.90. Comes out on 7 October. ๐Ÿ‘

  • finger gun lol

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    As long as you don't mind Amazon delivering it a week late

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    I didn't know this was coming - and looks like it will be on Xbox also for those wondering.

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  • Price matching mighty ape/gorrila gaming for all preorders. They have just added the postage price of 4.95 to the 69 at mighty ape. If you have the time just price match at jb for 69 which is what I did

    • Does JB lock in the price on a receipt etc or how does that work normally? Phone/online or in store? I haven't price matched at JB for a pre-order before but I have a gift card so it would be handy.

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        You have to do it via phone and it needs to be the jb online team. You pay upfront if the price changes on release they refund

        • ๐Ÿ‘

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    Just be warned, a lot of people don't get their pre-ordered games from Amazon until the following week.

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      Maybe non-prime members? I have always gotten mine on launch day but I have Prime. If true thatโ€™s shitty of Amazon.

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        I've never got one on release day as a Prime Member, but I am in Perth so that could explain things. Cheekily enough every time it happens a quick live chat to ask why and I roll out with a $10 credit almost every time

      • I have Prime, and am in Melbourne, and have received every game preorder (maybe 8 or so) on launch day.

      • Depends on your location I think. I'm in Hobart and my games typically arrive 3 business days late.

    • Also be aware that most people do get theirs on release day, it's just that those who don't are obviously more vocal about it.

    • Are you regional? I've gotten 4/5 preorders over the past 1.5 years on or before release day.

      • Nope, a major city. I've only once had a pre-order arrive on release day.

        Do you live in the same state as their main warehouse (I think currently Vic?).

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      How so? It's a single player game, no multiplayer, no microtransactions, story driven game with choices, one playable character etc.

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    Hate Marvel. Cant believe SE took the Eidos team off Deus Ex to complete this thing…

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      No point wasting resources on dead IP's.

    • I really hope they bring deus ex back one day. I loved human revolution. Mankind divided was decent but felt so unfinished where it ended. And that breach stuff was a joke. Can't believe they wasted so much time and resources to develop that part.

    • I know right, while people rightfully had problems with Mankind Divided, it was begging for a sequel

      Human Revolution was absolute gold, and then they went and made the crappy Avengers :(

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    ill pass on this one it will be $20-30 in 3 to 6 months

  • I remember being excited when i read Eidos will be making Marvel games, now Iโ€™m not so sure. I think wait for reviews on this one.

  • BatChest

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      1. Amazon doesn't charge you until it ships.

      2. Preordering will automatically lower the price if it drops further before release.

      3. You live in Australia, if the game sucks, you can just return it.

      Sick of seeing these same posts on every preorder deal.

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        3 is at the discretion of the retailer because it's essentially a change of mind return.

        When you buy a game (or movie or music or any other creative work) there is no legal protection that says you get your money back if you don't like it.

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          Amazon has great return policies, regarding 3, if the game is buggy as hell, you can easily return it due to it "not being fit for its purpose".

          • @Vinodra: Buggy is not the same as not liking it. Plenty of people warn against pre-order because the game itself is often terrible, not because it's buggy

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              @lunchbox99: How would you know if you don't like a game before playing? If you just hate the game, you can still return it to Amazon, think EB has this same policy.

              • @Vinodra: Which is what I said - 3 is at the discretion of the retailer's generous return policy. It has nothing to do with being in Australia or having protection under our consumer laws.

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                  @lunchbox99: So, in other words, the two largest retailers of games in Australia (Amazon, EB) let you do change of mind returns. I dont think I mentioned anything about consumer laws in my original post, I only gave an example of returning a buggy game under them after.

                  Where else would people buy games? If you're buying from say, old mate Gerry (HN) you deserve it if you get screwed over.

                  • @Vinodra: No I'm saying your initial comment above implied that being in Australia confers you these special rights… it doesn't. It is the retailers generous returns policy that allows it, and EB games or Amazon anywhere in the world is the same, for example.

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                      @lunchbox99: You are just looking for an argument where there isn't one at this point.

                      Being in Australia does grant you a lot more leeway in returning games than most of the world, here are two examples once again.

                      1. If a game is broken you are entitled to a refund at any retailer.

                      2. The two largest video game retailers here also offer change of mind returns.

                      This is not the case everywhere in the world.

                      • @Vinodra: We aren't talking about broken games, which is not what you were even talking about.

                        Amazon and EB games both exist all over the world (EB being called GameStop in the US and EB games in many parts of Europe). You get exactly the same returns policy. So from both your own example stores, being in Australia is irrelevant to your ability to return a game.

                        You implied Australia confers those rights and it doesn't. If you don't get it now you never will.

                        You want to pay inflated pre-release prices for games and return them, go nuts. Keep on truckin'

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                          @lunchbox99: I'm not going to repeat myself again about returns, but.

                          "You want to pay inflated pre-release prices for games and return them, go nuts. Keep on truckin"

                          Preordering on Amazon is literally cheapest way to get a game I'd you want in in the first month of release due to their pre order price guarantee. This is already 25% off the PSN price. There will probably not be a better sale in the first few months.

                          Before you bring up just waiting half a year to get it 50-75% off, if everyone waited that long after a game is released to buy it 50-75% off, the industry would not be sustainable at all.

                          I'd say you have been arguing in bad faith from the start since you brang this up.

                          • @Vinodra: It is funny how people kept going on about DON'T PREORDER but they didn't know some retailers like Amazon does not charge until item is shipped. Many people in OzB seems pretty confused with Amazon preorder each time a deal comes up.

                            Rule of the thumb, you preorder in Amazon early until release date for lowest price possible and cancel if the review sucks. You win by getting lowest price or you win by paying nothing to cancel hassle free. Not sure how hard it is to comprehend.

                          • @Vinodra: I'm not arguing in bad faith. You implied being in Australia improved your game return rights. It doesn't.

                            Also "brang". Lol ok.

                            • +1

                              @lunchbox99: The moment you try to target another person's English into the argument you literally just admitted you have nothing and became a sore lose.

                              Just stop.

                              Also please educate yourself, brang is uncommon dialect word.

                              • @Letrico: Haha, ironic that you say educate yourself then use the word brang. Good one.

                            • @lunchbox99: You're right. Even his point about about buggy games being "fit for purpose", which while true as a statutory guarantee under ACL, is a subjective change of mind issue too being that the purpose of a game disc is to put it in a console and run it. The game itself being trash or buggy is irrelevant. Living in Australia is equally irrelevant when you buy from the world's largest video game retailer or the world's largest general retailer and they both essentially maintain change of mind policies to help retain those statuses.

                              That said, he's right in that Amazon is a great place to buy a discounted game as a preorder, for the reasons he outlined (I don't pay until it ships, I might even pay less if it drops more, I can cancel if the reviews are unfavourable)… so, I am going to.

                              • @kfresh: Yep - agree with all of this.

                                Essentially point 3 should have been Amazon also have great return policies, so if the game sucks you can return it. Plus I love arguing with random people on the internet.

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        both amazon and eb games will close your account if you do too many returns

        • no they don't

        • Even if they did, which I dont think they do for normal cases… you can just… make a new one?

          Amazon will only close your account if you're committing fraud. IE: Returning an empty case.

  • People don't learn, do they? Especially with this series at this price. What's wrong with y'all?

  • Ill wait for the reviews first with this one

  • +1

    I am Groot !!

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