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Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 $64.95 Delivered @ Creative Australia


Full HD Webcam with Auto Mute and Noise Cancellation for Video Calls

The Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 is smaller than its predecessor and has been further enhanced with improved built-in microphones for better voice pick up that's more natural-sounding. It is also equipped with our latest audio innovation—the SmartComms Kit (currently for Windows 10 users), featuring a a suite of smart communication features such as auto mute and noise cancellation, which works in tandem with the integrated microphones on Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 to improve the way you communicate online.

Be ready in an instant for your video calls, online lessons, or web interviews (even the last-minute ones)! The Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 is UVC compliant and works with most of the popular video conferencing applications—just plug it in and put your best self forward!

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Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p at $44.95:

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  • +1

    Good price. Bought this during the last deal for $69.95 and very happy with it

    • 100% agree. Not using microphone but for video, quality & functionality is solid & is clear step up from in-built laptop camera

    • Also agree. The mic is quite passable too.

    • Can you please advise how long is the cord?

      • +2

        Followed the link, which says
        "Comes with a longer cable (1.8m / 70 inches) to connect to your computer"

        • Thanks frankal.

          I followed up as well, the V1 cam has a cable of 1.5m, the v2 is 1.8m.

  • Hmm $20 difference between V1 and V2. Decision, decision.

    • I cancelled my V1 order on account of how poor the audio is compared to the V2. Will pick this up now

      • If I don't care about audio, is there a difference in image quality?

        • I believe video is either exactly the same or minimal difference.

        • I believe the only improvement between 1 and 2 is audio. I have the V1, like other comments, video is a tad bit dark. No exposure control, otherwise its ok. Better than most laptop camera.

  • Bought during last deal.

    My video seems dark. Have played around with the downlights and natural light in the room but can't get it right.

    Is the camera output brightness adjustable? If that is such a thing

    • +2

      You need to grab a tiny but free program called webcam settings, then you have a heap of adjustments you can make. Night and day difference. https://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/WebCam/Webcam-Setting... unsure if I can link to it but softpedia has a tiny basic app but yeah can now use the webcam in the dark whilst gaming and don't need extra lighting.

      • Thanks mate, was exactly the program i was looking for

  • +2

    Worth watching this common comparison video. https://youtu.be/PB9gHUnCriY?t=498

    • Wish I can understand the language…

      • Fast forward a little, the Creative is on the RHS - Logitech LHS.

  • +1

    Hello rep, when would you put this on sale?


  • Thanks, I picked up the V1. If my Elgato app stops working I've got a backup. Should work well with watching the 3D printer in the meantime too.

  • +1

    damn, no usb c?

    • +3

      On a webcam? I'm assuming most peripherals are sticking to USB-A for quite a while. They still are predominant on most desktops, docks, and hubs.

  • I bought the v1. Waited weeks for delivery. Sold it on gumtree on the same day. The video quality is just slightly better or similar than laptop webcam..

  • Doesn't seem like much if any difference in quality to a laptop built-in webcam. Recommend spending a bit more on a logitech one

    • I have one, friend has the logitech c920 for twice the price. We both agree the creative has a sharper clearer image.

  • +1

    Bought the v1 and it was dark. It's wide angle so a bit different than the usual laptop camera. I was hoping it can zoom to portrait.

  • +2

    Just be aware of foreign tx charge and use a card that waives it.

  • I picked up the V1 that went on sale a few weeks back. Wasn't blown away by it but it does the job.

  • I brought this on 31st Aug and the order did not get shipped. Email support and asking whether there is no stock. Reply back on the 6th Sept saying no stock and refund the money. (still waiting for the refund in my credit card )

    Just be warned, you might have to wait a while to get it in your hand. Just sharing my experience, new stock might have arrived who knows.

    • Hi dpoon73,

      Due to a surge in demand, we were experiencing a shortage of webcams, but managed to acquire a new batch of stocks today. Stocks are now available for shipping if you are still keen to get one. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and hope to assist you with any queries regarding your order. Could we have your order number so we could help check on your refund status?

      • All good. Got the refund in my account today. I will order again. Thanks now that there is stock available.

  • strange that its the vendor themselves with no stock. any comment from the rep?

    • Hey there, stocks are available now and is running out fast, but rest assured that there will be more coming in by early next week. :)

  • Excellent camera for the price. Standard shipping was quick too.

  • does anyone else get a flickering green frame every ~30s on theirs?

    • It's not something related to the electrical frequency you can select in its setting? Like 50Hz for Australian PAL region or 60Hz for US NTSC region?

    • +1

      I get that sometimes as well. I'll check the frequency setting suggested. My wife has one too and never had the issue. Will check what hers is set to. Also there's a simple app you can download call webcam settings and it allows you to adjust the exposure, gamma and colour etc. Made a huge difference for me when using for gaming in a dark room.

      • Thanks I'll look into that app!

  • Does the software supports Mac OS or is it Windows only?

    • +1

      Currently the SmartComms Kit only supports Windows 10, the software team is still working on the Mac OS support.

      • -1

        Thanks, wont buy it then

  • How long will the backorder take to arrive exactly?

    • Stocks will be available to ship from 14 Sept :)


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