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Dyson Outsize Total Clean $1047 + Delivery (Free for Selected Metro Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was looking for a dyson v11 deal and found this:

Compared to Dyson v11:
-25% wider cleaner head, to cover more of your home faster.

-150% bigger bin, for bigger homes and bigger cleansUp to 60 min of fade-free power

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  • Free ???

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      Damn JV it hasn't been 10 seconds yet 🤣

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        To be fair to JV, he'd already made the decision to proceed with purchase within 5 seconds of you posting it OP. 😂

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        Damn JV it hasn't been 10 seconds yet 🤣

        Funny… That's what my wife said last night… 🤣

    • or $50 more for the Dyson Outsize Absolute Extra which has the free standing dock
      and shiny gold

      I got mine recently but with extra battery and filter so value wise worked at same as this deal, amazed at how much it picked up on the first use

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    I have one of these. It’s pretty great and I’ve stopped using my miele cat&dog. It is kinda heavy though, and when I use my v7 now it feels like a toy

    • Do you still need to hold the trigger/button all the time while vaccuming? Or can you lock it somehow, so the machine stays on?

      60 minutes battery time, but it's silly (and painful) to have to hold it pressed even for 2 minutes.

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        Yes, the idea of the trigger is so that you don't waste battery like would happen with a button operated model.

        Since this model is made for whole house cleaning rather than spot cleaning like models such as V12 are, you do have to hold it.

        A couple points for reference:
        1- It's a hair trigger, not pressure sensitive like a drill trigger. People often incorrectly believe that you have to squeeze it hard to go which ends up with fatigue after a short time. This is not the case, the weight of the vacuum resting on your hand should provide enough pressure for it to basically turn itself on.
        2- The idea behind his is so that your 60 minutes allow for you to clean a larger area than a unit with an on/off button without the need of an even larger battery

        I'd recommend visiting a Harvey Norman or Good Guys store (if you live in a metro area) to visit the Dyson rep instore. They will be happy to show you tips and tricks on how to best use them, pain after 2 minutes is certainly not normal.

        At the end of the day, if that's still not comfortable for you, there's always the V12, but that is best for regular daily cleaning rather than a top to bottom clean like this one.

        Hope that helps, all the best.

        • Thanks for that response, it's always great to see a rep adding to the conversation.

          I just wish the manufacturer had made it up to the user to decide if they want to use a trigger/button lock. I guess it must be critical for that battery to be preserved that way. Perhaps like Apple forces users to deal with all those annoying "10-20% battery left" pop ups interrupting apps and workflows on their devices.

          Another effect of that enforced way of using this vaccum cleaner is that, for people around, it's just annoying to listen to the loud noise switching on and off whenever another person grabs it and, instead of performing a a quick cleanup, decides to "spot-clean" the entire floor. And it's just too easy to do that with that machine. I've never thought it would an issue, but a constant buzz from a regular vacuum would be soothing compared to that.

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            @pizzaguy: Speaking as an individual, I'd personally love if the trigger worked like a camera shutter with a light press for quick on/off like currently but a harder press turning it on until pressed again, but unfortunately I don't work in engineering hahahaha.

            I have found that the sound varies quite widely depending on which of the models is being used. I don't mind most, but find that the V10 can be a little more shrill and noticeable whereas the V11 and up fade into the background somewhat in comparison.

            At the end of the day, great that there are so many options on the market these days! There's really something for everyone's tastes

  • This sucks

  • That's the cost of buying both a regular vacuum cleaner with more suction, and a robovac.

  • I have one of these and would suggest you try first because it is quite heavy. If I had to buy again I would by the non-Outsize version.

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    I have one, bought for $756 as a scratch and dent from Home Clearance. I have two Labradors so need the outsize capacity. I’m a small woman, found it a bit heavy to start with but quickly got used to it and wouldn’t downsize.

  • I pulled the trigger on this from Catch (shipped from Dyson) this morning for the absolute with the dock stand for $1099 with 8% discount catch gift cards.

    They also have it for $1049 without dock.