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Garmin Enduro $799, fenix 6S White $449, Vivomove 3s $249, Forerunner 45 $164 Delivered @ rebel


First Post so please be nice!
I just saw that Garmin watches are currently on special at Rebel Sport. Specials include:

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    On sale directly from Garmin. Enduro and Vivomove are the same price. Fenix is cheaper at Rebel though.
    Fenix 6S and Forerunner 45 same price as Amazon and may work out cheaper if you have gift cards.

  • I got a Forerunner 45 yesterday. Seems pretty good, though perhaps missing one or two things from the Suunto 5 I got the other week (swimming related mainly) but better in other ways (clearer display).

    Remember Commbank Rewards. There's a $10 refund at Rebel on purchases over $50 at the moment.

    • How responsive is it? Seeing that the 45 was released in 2019 i would assume there's been quite number of updates to it, hopefully which won't mean a slow down to the device itself.

      • Responsive enough that I've not noticed anything yet that I think might be irritating longer term. The only irritation with the Suunto 5 was the dim display but that was a biggy for me as my eyesight isn't great these days.

    • how do you compare the two?

      I really like the Suunto 5 I got from the other deal ($149). screen isn't very bright, but I got used to it so much! I have no trouble reading it at all.

      Forerunner 45 should have less battery life though

  • Good spotting OP. Fenix 6s is a good price if you can handle the colour.

    Forerunner 745 is also $499, which would be OK if I hadn't recently bought a 245M from Kogan at just over $300; still very happy with it.

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      Forerunner 745 is $489.95 at Ryde eBay

      • Price is good but does anyone know if Garmin will release new models soon ?

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          This site keeps track of releases and rumoured releases of various fitness tech. Not actually sure if it's accurate, and the formatting and information overload can be a bit challenging!


          • @huggsymersh: Thanks for that.

            In summary quite a few expected releases 655/955 etc I am quite interested to see if they use the enduro platform/bigger battery in these and what the new features will be. So I’ll wait

            • @MrApFc: Longer battery life would be great, although seems elusive when they keep loading watches with more and more features (not that you have to switch it all on!).

  • I have been thinking about getting the Forerunner 45 as I would like Body Battery info. Currently have Fenix 5x Sapphire. While I like the watch for training, it does not have body battery function. I wonder if using Forerunner 45 with Garmin Connect will trick the app and provide Body Battery info using the stats from Fenix 5x.

    This will save me from spending $$ and buying next gen Fenix as mine is still in as new condition.

    Searched far and wide and cannot find anything remotely in relation to this. Also, I do not care much for other upgrades such as bigger screen, SPO2 etc. on the new Fenix.