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200 Free Primo Gems (Worth $6) @ Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact giving compensation for errors in the game. You have 30 days to claim the compensation for 200 primo gems.

No code required for this, just check your email. 200 primos worth around $6 if purchased in game.

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    Apologems is quite a standard practice in the gacha industry, this doesn't count as a deal.

    • -4

      Bonus qantas points or credit card points on sign up also quite a standard practice in the credit card industry, they count as deals.

      • +2

        I think they mean that anyone playing will definitely see and claim these, plus they are pretty common, which is kind of the opposite(?) of a deal. Like free primos is still great and I appreciate the reminder but not something you'd typically expect to be posted

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    We gonna lower the bar to patch notes next??

  • +1

    This is not a deal

    • -1

      Logging in and typing a code in for 100 gems is a deal.

      Logging in and not have to type a code for 200 is not?

      • You don't need to type in a code though, just paste it. And you don't need to open the game either, you can just redeem it in the website. Plus, the gems are available to anyone, I mean there's a big red icon on the mail bar, while the codes were just there in the Chinese stream and had somebody not shared it, you wouldn't have been able to redeem them.