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Face Masks - Box of 200, 3 Layer, Disposable US$12.77 (~A$18) Delivered @ Professional Safety Health Store AliExpress


I usually buy disposable masks 50pcs a time, but this seemed to work out great value. Reviews seem good, postage will likely take a month at least.

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  • -2

    Just in time for the next pandemic!

    • When is that?

      • It's brewing now in South America. Won't be long.

        • biosafety level 4 ?

          • @jv: Say what? All I know is that it is "several generations further evolved than the Delta strain". Personally I've given up worrying about the whole catastrophe.

  • +1

    Says on there "not for anti virus". So what is it good for?

    • +7

      "not for anti virus". So what is it good for?

      Maybe for anti spam?

    • +5

      Pro virus.

    • +6

      Absolutely nothing, Woo-har!
      Say it again y'all

    • +3

      Says on there "not for anti virus".

      That is a double negative.

    • Good for 'police fine'

  • +1

    Them one star reviews are concerning….

  • +1

    I read the Q+A section… will avoid.

  • Can't see the product. When I click on the link it says, This item cannot be shipped to United States

    • -1

      This item cannot be shipped to United States.

      Shame you live in Melbourne…

  • What is the meltblown test in the thumbnail? They are fireproof?

    • stop the rumours, fireproof is not the correct way to determine legit medical mask

  • Thanks for letting me know that i am living in USA
    Living the dream……

    • I lived there for 6 years, it's not always the dream mate.

  • From the reviews and QA… the $18 is what is disposable. Ridiculously long delivery. Better off spending a few dollars extra and getting something from amazon or a local bricks and mortar retailer.

  • -1

    1 month to wait lol…. u will get fine 5 k first

  • Any recommendation for good reusable ones?

    • Cambridge masks.

      • lol

      • +1

        I especially like the Churchill Pro pro. Stops you breathing in dead Prime Ministers.

        • +1

          I especially like the Churchill Pro pro.

          What about the Johnson in extra large ?

          • @jv: It's always been a dream of mine.

    • metamasks, very comfortable, breathable and little to no fogging with glasses (if you fit properly, no fogging, i go on walks and light jogs with one on and get no issues with fogging - strongly recommend their aria model for excercise though as its the most breathable)

  • +2

    there are a few 1 star reviews are saying they are poor quality. probably better off spending your money somewhere reputable

  • -3

    Masks are a government mandate and approved ones should be provided free by the government.

    • Does Dan or scomo give you 50 free masks?

        • +6

          So buy reusable and just wash them..? Clothes are also compulsory in a modern society, but I'm still paying for mine.

      • In SA a lot of pharmacies, shops, Supermarkets etc. were giving out facemasks for FREE when the requirement was introduced at start. And still a lot of businesses are paying for masks for their own workers still.

        • As they should!

        • do they give 50 free mask for everyone or just one ?

          • @HolyCr4p: From their point of view they gave like 1000's (1 per person or sometimes more)

            • @USER DC: my question if they give 50 free mask for 1 person or you need to come 50 days to get 50 mask ? lol

              • @HolyCr4p: 1 mask per person per one time man (most places gave out for free) I am assuming in VIC/NSW as well, a lot of places would have given for free during first announcement of lockdowns

                • +1

                  @USER DC: they only hand free mask at the train station. i have never seen they give mask at chemist or supermarket e.g wollies/coles in sydney (not in my area)

    • +1

      I agree the government should provide free masks. However, if they do, they will get the money back another way by increasing taxes, fines etc.

      • No Government should not pay for masks from Tax payers money, only to then use tax payers money to clear the litter from these Face masks.

  • Why the heck would you buy FACEMASKS from ALIEXPRESS ??


    From Mitre 10 100pc costs like $5.

    • Can you support this with a link or anything else? That sounds really good

      • My bad it is 50 pc not 100 pc still $5 per 50 pc (AND LOCAL PICKUP)


        18$ at aliexpress will cost you 18+ any shipping + 1.8+shipping TAX

        So still works out cheaper

        • -1

          TGA approved ?

          • @HolyCr4p: is lockdown TGA approved?

            • -2

              @USER DC: Is Mitre10 's maskTGA approved ?. Also why should we choose mitre 10's mask ? Because it is cheaper or can it protect us from covid?

              • +1

                @HolyCr4p: Because it's available and the other one isn't?

              • +1

                @HolyCr4p: Is the Aliexpress one TGA approved? Does being TGA approved mean there is zero risk of acquiring COVID?

                One is available locally and is cheaper, the other one is located offshore and is more expensive. Seems like a no-brainer. I don't understand what the issue is.

  • +1

    There's 2 ways to look at cheap masks:

    1. Wearing a mask is a requirement. Might as well get a cheap one, chuck it on, problem solved
    2. Wearing a mask might actually prevent you from getting very sick. Might as well get a decent mask, yeah it costs more, but if it prevents you from ending up in hospital (or dead), it might be worth that extra few dollars..
  • -3

    So much cheaper to get a medical exemption from a bulk billed doctor.

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