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MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 10TD i7-10700K/RTX3070 $3399 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ VIC C&C) @ Centre Com

Lowest price I have seen for this Gaming PC.

MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 10TD i7-10700K/RTX3070 Gaming Desktop - $3399

  • 10th Gen Intel® Core i7 10700K Processor
  • 64GB DDR4 2933MHz U-DIMM, up to 128GB
  • 2TB SSD + 2TB HDD
  • Includes Keyboard and Mouse, Windows 10 Pro, 3 Years Warranty

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  • +6

    case looks like something out of Portal.

  • +2

    Ok that’s a pretty cool case.

  • +8

    It looks like a severed futuristic robot head
    Too expensive for a 10th gen i7 + RTX3070

  • +3

    What's up with that ugly case?

    • +2

      One man's ugly is another boys dream.

  • +3

    That thumbnail looks like JVC came back and tried to bring out a camcorder for the year 2030

  • +1

    Is that a dashcam?

  • +3

    It's a Protoss Probe

    • +2

      You must construct additional pylons

  • +1

    Weird looking, but mouse, keyboard, 64GB ram,2tb SSD and HDD are nice inclusions.

    If this was a 5800 cpu it would fly off the shelves.

    Still a good deal someone not interested in building who wants something a bit different.

  • +1

    Looks like a Predator spaceship, very gamer-focus, handy fan knob to turn up the fans at the front

    • +1

      I think gamer-focus is more or less a myth. Sure it adds a lot of bells and whistles but very gimmicky features. With the right fan curve, there is no need for a nob like that. It is a nice dashboard though.

  • Would not personally buy this but.. this does look pretty cool.

  • I have this weird idea to re purpose a socket 7 era casing and build a gaming PC like this

  • +1

    3070 for 3k+, plus unspecificed hdd and ssd. Not a good deal

  • i don't like this config myself. Too much RAM, you only need 2x16gb (32gb) max / RAM is slow speed. 2tb ssd instead of a faster 1 or 2tb nvme ssd? Only a regular RTX 3070 instead of RTX 3070 Ti or RTX 3080? Ugly as case. Overpriced.

  • GLaDOS infiltrating our homes.

  • You would want a higher GPU at this price point

  • yo is that the new fleshlight

  • Love the case but PC price is a bit too much.

  • Can someone explain why this isn't a good deal? There's like $3600 in components in this thing, and that's excluding the case/RGB/keyboard/mouse/assembly.

    • +1

      It not bad, just not great.

      The case (while cool looking) will be painful for upgrades/changes in the future.
      64 GB of low speed RAM is bizarre. 16Gb of 3400Mhz RAM would perform better for 95% of typical users.
      The GPU 3070 is a weak point compared to the overall system.
      Storage is large but again that's perhaps not important for every user.
      If someone really liked the case + had a specific reason for needing 64Gb of RAM and 4TB of storage + was happy with 3070 level GPU.
      Then yeah its a fair buy.

    • +1

      On top of what VVamo said, well it has a hate it or love it design that can drive a lot of buyers away. I think the general trend in the PC gaming market has been sleek and stealthy ones that don't scream GAMER!

      What's more is that for anyone who is willing to spend 3k plus for a gaming PC, I don't think the included but unspecified keyboard/mouse adds any value to it. Most gamers, as this is the target audience will probably buy specific keyboards and mouse anyways.

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