One Free Beer at Participating Venues for Fully Vaccinated Over 18's (Registration Required, Excluding NT) @ Furphy Beer


Another targeted promo, for those getting some sweet sweet vaccine. Couldn't see it already posted yet.
If you aren't eligible, don't complain. You can always just buy a beer and drink it at home :)

"So let’s raise a glass for the end of lockdown and toast to the hospo workers among us. If you’re double vaxxed, we’ll shout you a free Furphy at participating venues once your state opens up."

Fill in your details on the page and they'll notify you of when you can get your free (imo average) beer from Lion.

T's and C's state:

Offer limited to Aus. (excl. NT) res. 18+ that are fully vaccinated under the Australian National COVID-19 program on the advice of a health practitioner. Offer commences 1/10/21 9am AEST & ends 31/12/21 11:59pm or when allocated gifts are exhausted, whichever is earlier. Offer must be redeemed via the Myy App at participating venues only, subject to health orders. Limit 1 beer/person.

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Furphy Beer


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    Nice one.

    Is there a section on OzB that has all the vax freebies listed?

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    is there a way to see the participating venues before i fork over my email, name, phone number etc?

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      It's through the MYY app and last time something like this happened they just gave out gift cards I think lol

      Edit: just put "details" through and it seems to include everywhere Furphy is sold, even Liquorland and 1st choice??

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        what is MYY app, never heard of it before?

        also can MYY app be downloaded from play store?

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        Thanks, there seems to be HEAPS of places which is nice. Even liquorland is included.

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      I was dubious myself as I'm in remote North West Tasmania coast, and at the end it identified 2 local pubs! I assume almost any pub serving Furphy will be part of it.

  • love me some free stuff

  • +2

    Neat. I just got the second shot yesterday.

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        Will you also be providing free beer?

  • Wouldn't drink Furphy for free. ikky. Nice idea though, for fans of the beer

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      Ikky? What would you prefer, a juice pop?

      • +4

        What on earth is a 'juice pop' ?
        I just think Furphy is a bad beer. Apologies.

        • +4

          A little juice in a plastic container, one that a child who would say 'ikky' would drink. Nm

          • @timthetoolman: I just Googled it, there's no such thing as a 'juice pop'.
            It must be a cute 'kiddy' name that only you use. CUTE xo

            • @darkmoss: Haha fair play. I'm sure that's what they were called when we were kids

            • +1

              @darkmoss: I remember calling a small cardboard juice thingy that I'd take to school, a Poppa, or something. Must have been a brand name …

            • @darkmoss: "Juice pop top"

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          at least furphy comes in 375 ml , not sure why hipster beer seems to come in 330 ml, taxes aren’t much and a large part of the cost is package and transport

          i think part of the “good” beer or “bad beer” depends on personal preferences and sometimes even the occasion ….. and it might be better to explain the preference, prefer a hoppier beer or less less hops and lighter beer …..james squire used to have IBU on the boxes for some of the beers so you could decide what bitterness and hop level you liked, though the type of hops makes a big difference to flavour ….

          i have no problems with furphy for the quality at their price point …… what’s a better beer for 375 ml and $45 a slab ……

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            @garage sale: I prefer Toohey's New / XXXX Bitter / Carlton Dry at the size / strength / price point.
            Budweiser is great easy drinking beer at $40 a carton.
            Hell, even Steersman (a Woolworths brand I think) is a fullstrength beer at about $36 a case, which is decent.

            I don't like too much malt going on in my beer. Which maybe Furphy has going on.
            It was all available during a xmas party, and I just couldn't get into it. I tried !

            Essentially, I just don't like Furphy, and I clearly don't have snobby beer tastes. It's just a bit too sweet / w a cheap fruit flavour going for me, PERSONALLY.

            I think it's great what they're doing regarding the jab though. More brands should do it.

    • -1

      I agree, Furphy is bad. But, Victoria is the home of bad beer. You can’t even find a lager on tap in half the pubs.

    • +1

      voted up….Furphy isn't good….But free beer is good….. /If only conditions…..

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    Wished we could get free cash too like in the States

    • -2

      I wish I knew what free cash was

    • +3

      They will be stuck at 65% for

  • -3

    Great… More of these post are going to bring in the sheepvaxers and antivaxers arguing

    • +1

      Got in quick before they came in force and now turning off any subscription to this thread :P

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      Pretty sure sheepvaxers and anti vaxers are the same thing

    • +2

      So a clot shot for $5 beer seems safe and it’s pro choice

      • +14

        clot shot

        so edgy, so original..
        you should write opening monologues for Sky news segments…

        • I don’t watch tv hence no restrictions is there something going on I spotted people wearing masks today ???

          • +3

            @Dex38313: well, that would conflict with the numerous posts you've made on other posts with relations to vaccines/masks etc

            perhaps a few too many boozebud and first choice deals are hurting your short term memory?

      • +1

        dont bother with sbob, he's in the money. posts on all vax posts.

        • +1

          he's in the money. posts on all vax posts.

          You got the phrase wrong.
          When someone gets something right, like pointing out the misinformation in someone's anti vax post, it's "he's on the money".

          It's ok, you were close though

          • @SBOB: It’s not misinformation we were right about this propaganda 12 years ago every thing we talked about then came tru

            • +2

              @Dex38313: Remind me again about how you are 'right about propoganda' and 'everything you talk about comes true' again?

              "Trump lol incase u r woundering he will be reinstated in august Q"

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                @SBOB: Ok fake virus media spreads fear so sheep get the jab … lockdowns curfews masks stay at home orders micro chip cashless card booster shots for life and nwo nsw using the term widely now I could say more but I’d hate to scare u

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                  @Dex38313: Give up mate. The brainwashing is strong on OB.

                  • +1


                    Give up mate. The brainwashing is strong

                    Irony so strong it could be used as a boat anchor.

                    • @SBOB: Hope your on the payroll mate cause your cheerleading is first class.

                      • @furiousgeorge:

                        your on the payroll

                        My "on the payroll"??
                        I don't have an 'on the payroll'.
                        You must be confusing me with someone less literate.

                        • @SBOB: Unless you’re a medical professional giving out professional advice, there’s really no reason to trust a random on the internet.

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        i’ve had 2x astra as had many of my friends , i get my flu shots every year, and i had to have a vaccination card to get into australia 40 years ago ….TB, measles, etc …. get over it people …..

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        You do understand clotting is more prevalent with contracting Cov-19. Hence the blood clot argument you attempt to endorse is just showing your ignorance

        • +2

          You can only get these from the jab look it up not msm

        • +1

          You're also 8x more likely to be walking down the footpath, cleaned up by a random car and die than from the vaccine.
          The anti vaxxers don't avoid the footpaths though??

          • @swimmingtoad: You forgot facts you only have a 1 in 15 mill chance in australia of catching the cold

            • @Dex38313: Please show your working

            • +1

              @Dex38313: @Dex38313 that is one of the dumbest things I've ever read.

        • Only since the injections came out. Not so much last year, last year the covaids was a lung disease. Funny how the symptoms of covaids has changed to match the damage being done by the injections.

      • Clots only happen evil people and people with already underlying illness or with an unhealthy lifestyle, high BP, diet etc.

    • What side of the fence do you sit on?

  • +2

    Lucky I’ve been triple jabbed

    • +10

      yeah but have you been vaccinated?

      • +1

        ba doom tish

  • This isn't targeted?

    • well i had targeted in the title, but mods edited it.

      Clearly its targeted, though to the majority of the drinking aged public, based on vaccination rates.

    • +1

      Is that a question?

    • -2

      Nope, just discriminatory.

  • How do they know you’re vaccinated.

    • they dont
      the bar staff confirm it

      from the t's and c's

      visit the participating venue, present bar staff with evidence of full vaccination status under the national Australian Covid-19 program (for example, MyGov digital certificate) and present the ‘tap to redeem’ screen to bar staff. Once eligibility has been confirmed by the bar staff member, they will validate the entry by selecting the ‘tap to redeem’ button.

      • +2

        On your phone? Which really isn't all that Covid safe

        • +2

          which bit?
          im sure if you're worried you could click the 'redeem' button for them.

          and then promptly pick up the beer glass which they just poured for you :/

        • yes it is as you are vaccinated ….. you are covid safe …..might get sick but won’t die … staff , not sure what you’d be thinking to be face to face with 100s of people per day and not be vaccinated …. no different to flu shots which people used to get and with less publicity.