Anko Ripley Quilt Cover Set $0.70 @ Kmart (In Store)


Might as well use it as rugs, not sure.
As cheap as it gets

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  • Polyester so not my thing but cheap rags perhaps hehe

    • Really?

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      Polyester isn't that good as a rag…

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    How do we access the inside of a Kmart store?

    • Was there yesterday looking for bargains. Didn't see these.

    • You walk through the front entrance

      • +6
        • side entrance in NSW
        • & Shepparton.

        • Are malls and retails open in NSW?

      • Tell me you don't live in the two biggest* states without telling me you don't live in the two biggest* states.
        *By population

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    Quilt cover sets, they mostly come at night … mostly.

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      Beat me to it!

  • Doesn't look like Ripley to me

  • Does it come with in-store COVID experience?

  • are the stores open in Melbourne

    • No, all Melbourne's stores are closed, only for click & collect I believe :(

    • get one put aside for 2022 pickup

  • $1 in Perth (Innaloo) for King but think all gone. Looks like it is 2020 made stock code.

  • looks like it would be good as a makeshift cover for a lounge chair or similar.