What’s Something You Bought, but Regretted Shortly after?

Randomly thought of this. Basically, what you have purchased and regretted. For me, it would have to be a portable charger - never ended up using it.


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    Everything from Humble Bundle, never used them.

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    Ozbargain platinum membership. Other than the few extra negative votes per day it's just not worth it.

    I purchased a 3 year discounted subscription.

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      How are you able to talk about it?
      When I mentioned platinum a couple of years ago my subscription was cancelled for not keeping it secret.

      Also, I thought that getting to see the deals a bit earlier than everyone else was useful.

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        I'm talking about it in the hope it will get cancelled and refunded pro-rata

        • How much is this?

          That is why the stuff go out of stock on the second it is post.

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          Mine got cancelled for talking about it, no pro rata refund unfortunately. It’s in the fine print, which of course nobody reads. I went to ACCC and a current affair but nobody cared.

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            @loulou1: X2, no refund for me.
            I thought it was a joke that you couldn’t talk about it so didn’t take it too seriously, but I was wrong.

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              @mapax: First rule of Ozbargain platinum membership is ………..

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                @DashCam AKA Rolts: …you do not talk about OzBargain platinum membership.

                I know, I did it to myself. The only reason I always complain is because it seems like a double standard that other members talk about it without consequences.

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    A lot of those people on Jerky gate.

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      it was annoying to get it delayed but i have to say the jerky was quite good

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    Waiting for someone to say "their wife"…

  • Professor copperfields miracle legumes

  • My wife.

    • ungrateful chodh

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      That’s all right, she’s currently in the middle of rectifying that situation.

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      Was it within the warranty period?

  • Motorola edge 5g. Curved screen is interesting in theory and terrible in practice. Plus potato camera giving great 2001 picture quality.

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    Maccas from Engadine after the Sharkies final.

  • Some fancier jackets. Worn once and has been in the wardrobe for the lat 2 years.

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    I spent way too long thinking about this but here it is…

    • Bad food - this is the most obvious. Sometimes it gives you food poisoning. Sometimes it just tastes terrible and you're like I blew my daily calorie allowance for this?
    • Bad shares - if you're game to try catching a falling knife, eventually you'll hit a share that will surprise you with how fast and how lifelessly it falls. Even Warren Buffet invested in Kraft Heinz Co.
    • Clothing/shoes - it can be so hard to pick. Thirty day returns seem like a long time but I swear it's not long enough to work out what's a dud. I have problems with itchy clothes and it can be difficult to determine what I'll get used to and what will irritate me forever.
    • Small job hunting things - really cut back on these recently. But the $70 textbook on Reliability Engineering and the LinkedIn Premium membership I forgot to cancel when I was just starting out. Both huge wastes of money.
    • eBay stuff that doesn't work - often eBay surprises on the upside but that's the risk you run. I had a chain guard for my bike that almost fitted (almost = not at all) and an IR transmitter that had a number of problems (in the rare event you got it working you ran into the problem that air conditioners transmit their temperature setting when switched on).
  • Condoms. I bought 50 Frenchies, but as soon as they arrived(in lockdown) I thought where am i going to use em?

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      Boil some water, pour it into a cup with some gelatin and let it sit in the sun.

    • Water bombs.

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      Posh wank

  • Anything that is super hyped then when you get it…. it is meh and doesn't meet those inflated expectations.

    • Lol first thing I thought of was fidget spinners

      • So many places were giving them out as free merch…

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    A full Track Racer racing simulator with a 35" curved monitor plus a buttkicker setup and wheel and pedals mods. About 3 grands worth of gear that I suspect limits my chances of a second date. Once they see it I feel the air chill !
    Probs gonna sell very soon.
    Keep your eyes on S.A Gumtree 😋

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      Get out of here!

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  • Bought sports car on personal loan to impress a girl.

    • Really? What car was it?

      • It was '93 180SX. Back then import car scenes was really hot.

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          Hope you still got it… they're going for 35k+. Wish I'd kept my R33 GTR Vspec2 for the prices they're asking now.

    • Was she impressed at the end?

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        No, he was compensating…

        • Oh, so you were the girl he was trying to impress? =p

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            @montorola: No, I sold him the car.

            • @jv: Didn't work for you either, huh?

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        Fortunately no. She end up with a guy that drive a brand spanking new M3.

        • Too bad she preferred European exotics over Japanese tuners.

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    What’s Something You Bought, but Regretted Shortly after?

    Dan Andrew's announcement about this 1 week lockdown.

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      Do you prefer Gladys!?

  • A wedding.

  • A wedding ring.

  • Air fryer.

  • A custom made chesterfield couch bought before lockdown which turns out is made overseas and will continue to sit on the dock in a container for another three months.

  • a semi house

  • Heat pump dryer (Hoover)

  • Recently (almost 2 weeks ago - Aust Post won't deliver it from Melbourne) bought a SONIQ A-Series 32" HD Android TV (Refurbished) for $200 + $28 delivery Express Post (no Aust Post no sign of expedition here).

    Thought my smallish dumb LG TV had a fried Audio through HDMI (used my US Chromecast & G Remote with a normal USB charger).

    Nah, just 1½ days after ordering realised must have been a bit of dust clogging the port. So yes the New TV was a great deal - but un-necessary, dammit.

    Part of the reason I thought it was the TV was 'cause I plugged the CC+GR into HDMI input slot of Xbox One S to use with OneGuide - USB cord too - turns out CC hates the data? + power from the console - will only accept basic power charger - no data (to stop jail-breaking the box maybe?).

    So wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' [🎶] TV gets sent - maybe a Tuesday (same day arrived at Melb Aust Post) - dunno - like a mail quarantine postponement before sending?

  • EDIT from above ↑ time expired - just searched details of TV for specs - found was actually available from Australia Post Online [not any more] for $249 with free delivery (mine is from actual Soniq.com website - store in Braeside).

    Soniq site a bit sparse on details - written like a PR blurb - so Post says No HDR & No PC Input - don't need either, yet, so all good.

    TV manual DL from website is all about getting Google up & running - not much about inputs etc ..

    AND Refurbished means may be slight scratches or dents but they reckon they test "exhaustively" - unsure of warranty says 12 months definitely but Post & Soniq Site has 3 years - oh well.

  • A de factor partner soon after I got divorced

  • It's called Buyer's Remorse.
    Pig in a poke!

  • TV DID arrive on Tuesday [unsure coincidence OR mandatory virus hold in hope it's now safe] - no pre-scans, in State, in Town, on van for delivery.

    Missed 'em at 4:13 pm - no toot? Was in other end of house after hours in kitchen. No more notifications but I have Aust Post App & it was at LPO to pick up.

    G-damn badly printed manuals with no colour & pics so black it's hard to see what the heck it is. Paper great, cover in colour - but bad PDF quality pics - some lighter editing would help.