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Philips OneBlade Pro Rechargeable Wet and Dry Electric Shaver QP6510/20 $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Pretty good deal, was $58 not too long ago. Same price at HN but don't buy that one (but price match it against that when this runs out of stock).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Where is the best place to shave?

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      Subjective question. Depends where you want there to be less hair.

    • +53

      I usually do it in the roof space to top up the insulation.

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      You guys wouldn’t know how to shave and use scissors, amateurs!

    • +5

      Each to their own but I usually go for the bushes first to make the deck look bigger.

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    Bought this 2 months ago for the same price, I guess it's ok, have had a better shaver that collects stubble, whereas this one it just goes everywhere.

    Shaving with a regular blade is quicker, for me anyway.

    Not sure how good it is as a trimmer, mixed reviews it seems.

    • It is a trimmer, not a shaver

      • They do advertise it as also being shaver, not just a trimmer.

        Personally I don't find it very good as a shaver though. It's usually quicker for me to use a normal razor.

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    Anyone used one of these for manscaping? I'd like a Manscaped product but I can't justify their high prices.

    • +11

      I mean… considering it’s your balls on the line…

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        • +8

          I thought I was looking at a Ryobi One + hedge trimmer attachment or something for a second! Haha

        • yea nah… look like 3d printer attachment

      • +1

        That's what Manscaped would want you to think. Their marketing is second to none in the male personal grooming space and I admit I'm quite sucked in, bur yet to purchase. Their high price goes towards customer acquisition via advertising and social media influencer sponsorships (lots of females too!).

        They might have a better device more bells and whistles, but it doesn't necessarily mean they're the only way to achieve the same end result. The Ozbargainer in me would like this Phillips product to do what I want for half the price. And if it doesn't, then I'll just stick to manual manscaping for now.

        • It's just a plastic blade.


          ^^ This one for $15 was probably a better deal than sinking money into manscaped's advertising. Same deal; plastic blade/rechargeable, multi position set for razor.

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      TBH i just use this and it does the job https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/67314/gillette-fusio... this seems like overkill unless you want to go to town on mr squiggle

      • I remember grabbing these for $10 at woolies. Or was it $15?

        • yeah they can go for pretty cheap

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            @bobloblawlawblog: I take it when I go travelling. Quite a convenient all in one unit in a small package for trimming and shaving.

            • @ATangk: yep i think theyre overlooked here. even at RRP they will do the job for many looking at a shaver for double the price

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        I use this one. It's my everyday shaver and have gone through 2 in the last 7 years. So good longevity

    • Yeah it's pretty good, does a fine job. Be sure to use a different blade for hygiene purposes!

    • I use it for flat areas, and its very good for that. For other non-flat areas, it can still nick so I prefer other options

      • What options? I been looking for the best body groomer but not sure if a philips body groomer is best or multi groomer.

    • I tried before and it is mostly okay when everything down there is shrunk, otherwise abit of hot water or under the shower is fine. But I then upgraded to the Panasonic 3 in 1 groomer and it's much easier and safer. Never tried manscape so keen to hear feedback on how safe/great is that

    • Get the Philips body groom for that. Works much better

    • I have this and just bought the manscaped 4.0 package. This is good face and really light growth but struggles to get through anything thick and long and clogs fast so you gotta rinse every stroke with trimming

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    I don't recommend this as a beard or facial hair trimmer at all. I've been using one for two years. It's good for trimming armpit and pubes only. Not recommended for the face.

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    It's my first electric shaver coming off manual shavers. It won't give you the closest shave, but I'm pretty satisfied as I have sensitive skin and my face doesn't feel like it's on fire after the shave. Works well for body as well.

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      If your face felt like it was on fire you were probably pushing too hard on your skin with the razor. Only need to touch the skin gently, additionally making sure your skin is nice and warm and moisturised using a face cloth in the shower beforehand helps too.

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    thumbs up for OP's avatar - big fan of fallout too.

    • NV and 3 are the best, found their storylines better and more interesting than 4 and 76.

      • The backstory at the start of Fallout 4 is great though

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    Average product from my expereince, wen't blunt very quick and gave an average shave.

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    Ah damn I bought a shaver the other day, don't have the balls to buy another

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      Two balls two shavers?

  • +1

    Best shaver ever! Still going strong after 3 years.

  • How is this for a home hair trim?

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    Same price at HN but don't buy that one.

    Upvoted just for this. :)

    • CEO, Entrepreneur, born in 1964…

    • Seems to be selective when to like HN and when to not.

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    Bought one a few months ago, and it’s probably the worst money I’ve spent in a long, long time.

    Don’t bother…..at any price.

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    Blades need replacing every 2 - 3 month at $41 for 2 blades

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    I think it depends on your facial hair. Mine is quite fine and soft, I am nearly up to year three on the original blade with daily use and it's still going strong. I couldn't speak more highly of the product.

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    I took a chance thanks to comments when amazon had them cheap last time. Always been bad with blades and just couldn’t get any electric to work well. But for a once/twice a week shaver - I’m very happy with the quick up and down both sides of the blade usability and good enuff result.
    Not prefect but quick and easy.

  • I've had this product for 2 weeks now and I recommend it. I like how you can apply a fair bit of pressure and not have to worry about getting cut.

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