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India Gate Exotic Basmati Rice 5kg $12 (Was $20) @ Woolworths


An exotic class of Basmati rice that embodies all the attributes of a true basmati rice grain- smooth, pearly white, extra fine and extra long

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  • OOS in all nearest stores near me (WA) since few months!

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      Average quality rice. If you want the best basmati rice, aromatic and long grains go for India Gate Classic. No other rice compares to that one.

  • Is there much difference between this and the India Gate Classic? (Which I have a happy addiction to)

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      This one is cheap basmati and classic is good expensive tasty basmati rice😃😜

      • Appreciated!

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        Also kids never say no to this rice 😅

        • Indi Gate Sella is very good too but expensive.

    • I use this for regular cooking and use Classic or Tilda for the occasions.

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      India Gate's classic is much better than the this exotic variant.

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      @DianaOfAmazonia, not much difference, a world of difference between the two.

    • Not much difference except quality and price. :-)

  • Is this one of those thin, long, aromatic rice you get from Indian restaurants? If not, does anyone know where I can get that kind of rice? Have tried different types of basmati rice from Coleworths over the years and they're nowhere near as good as the one you buy from Indian restaurants.

    • Yes this is the type one, just try you can’t go wrong.

      • Will give it a try. Ta

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      Suggest you pop in to a local Indian grocery store and ask for "India gate classic"

      I went in a few years ago to my local, said "I want the most delicious basmati rice you have" and the lady behind the counter pointed at the IG classic and went "that one, no question"

      Bought a 5 kg bag and I nearly cried the first time i cooked it, it was so damn good.

      In fact I moved cities a few months back, took the remainder of my current bag with me because A, it was like $35 for the bag, and B, I didn't know where in the new city I could get more!

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Do you, by chance, still have the sack it came in, and share the name of the one you bought? If it's that good I might have to look for that exact brand, if it's available in Indian groceries. Cheers.

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          If you have an Indian grocery store near you buy this, nice long grains and not super expensive, roughly around $50.

          Or else you can go for expensive one like India Gate Classic and Dawat Premiums, not the everyday brand….

          • @HimalayanMonk: Thanks. Will look for those in my local Indian grocery stores.

          • @HimalayanMonk: This link doesn't work for me.

            Error 1011 Access denied
            The owner of this website ( does not allow hotlinking to that resource (/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Chefs-Tasty-Choice-Basmati-Rice-20kg.png).

            Google shows me Chefs Tasty Choice Basmati Rice as a yellow bag.

            Any alternatives?

          • @EssendonUser: Is that a brick and mortar store? I want to go there.

            • @Orico: Sorry mate, I haven't been there. I live in Melbourne. Just posted the link so that AssuieDaddy can see the image of the bag as well as it was one of the lowest price advertised.

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        Another popular brand equivalent to India Gate that I have tried is Daawat brand from Indian stores. I guess 'Daawat Select Basmati' or 'Daawat Biryani Basmati' would be of a similar high league as 'India Gate Classic Basmati'.

        • Cheers. Will check them out.

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      Don't buy this shit. Buy the India Gate Classic or Dawat or anything that costs over $15 for 5kg.

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      Hey AussieDad if you need restaurant quality go for India Gate Classic. Nothing comes close to it in terms of aroma and long grains.

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      Have you tried India Gate Classic ?
      Do you soak your rice in water for half an hour before cooking ?

      • Will give that a try. Ta

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    Pay a little more and get a proper one from an Asian grocery near you. This is their cheaper grade or entry point basmati rice.

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        Because Indian, Iranian and possibly Chinese stores that carry the brand are in Asia.

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      basmati rice is different to ones sold in asian shops

      • India is in Asia… So "Indian" shops would be "Asian" shops.

        I suppose you are attributing "Asian shops" to "East Asian shops"?

    • This is good enough for everyday use.

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        'Cheap' enough probably.. Good enough or not depends on your taste expectations.

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          Nope, I meant what I said. It depends on what you cook with it. Ghee rice, pulav, biriyani all taste good with classic becuase classic has more aroma. On the other hand, sambar-rice, lemon rice, curd rice, bisibelebath, puliyogare and there are tons of other dishes that are more regularly prepared requires less aromatic rice. In fact, sona masoori goes well with them than basmati rice. We usually eat millets which are more expensive than basmati classic, so its not a cost thing - though that can also be a factor like you said for many.

          • @John Doh: Fair enough. I reckon people use different rice variety (not Basmati for sure) for cooking most southern Indian dishes anyway. Basmati is more commonly used for plain rice (with dahl etc), pulav and biryani.

    • I don't think Asian stores sell Basmati rice (or anything close). I guess you meant Indian store. There's hardly any products in common between Asian grocery store and Indian grocery store in case you didn't know that.

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        Asian = Indian

      • When you say "Asian" presumably you mean "East Asian". But India is in Asia. In fact Asia is quite large.

  • What's with all the rice deals today?

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      It's Carb Sunday.

      • This one got you an upvote!

    • lots of asians on ozbargain

  • best rice IMO

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      Not really.. You haven't tried better Basmati rice then. Please read some of the comments above.

  • Personally didn;t like the quality of rice after cooking…

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      Seems serious problem ( in your cooking)…:)

  • This one is soo much better than Maharajah's choice

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    Today I learnt there are different qualities of rice… I thought if u buy jasmine its jasmine if u buy basmati its basmati. Boy was I wrong.

    • Well, just like there are different qualities of flour, bread, milk, eggs, cheese….

  • Tbh the homebrand basmati is pretty good too

    • If you really want basmati rice , you should try India gate classic or premium . There are other brands like daawat as well.
      Currently Costco is seeking Zeeba aged basmati rice for $40 (20 kg bag), this is as good as India gate premium.

      • What’s the difference between India gate classic and premium?

        • Longer rice grains, aged over a longer period, different quality control and better taken care of imo.

          • @Orico: So premium is better than classic?

            It seems premium 5kg is $21 at woolies.

            And what is Indian gate Sella?

            Which India gate shall I buy? Classic or premium or sella?

            • @bashar20: Classic. The brown bag

              • @Orico: So classic is better than premium in your opinion?
                Do you have an idea what is the Sella variety?

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                  @bashar20: Sorry, I'll make it clear.

                  CLASSIC variety is 10 times better than any basmati rice sold in Australia. It's trailed shortly by the green Dawat brand which I actually prefer for non-biryani food.

                  Avoid the sella one if you're after great taste. It's more nutritious and healthier option.

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                    @Orico: Thanks for clarifying. You have been quite helpful.

                  • @Orico: Can i confirm you meant Sella is more nutritious than Classic? In which way can you pls clarify? Thanks!

                    • @natluvu: Sella is more of unpolished brown basmathi rice

                      • @EssendonUser: If you really prefer to taste pure basmati rice , please avoid sella . You can try classic as stated above for best quality basmati rice . I buy premium or zeeba that is regularly on sale at Costco.
                        To have a better taste, you can soak the rice in water for 1-2 hours and add some ghee or butter while cooking .

            • @bashar20: Indian gate classic.

        • If you really prefer to taste pure basmati rice , please avoid sella . You can try classic as stated above for best quality basmati rice . I buy premium or zeeba that is regularly on sale at Costco.
          To have a better taste, you can soak the rice in water for 1-2 hours and add some ghee or butter while cooking .

  • I bought this morning at colonial chadstone for $8.99.
    Indomie goreng 10x85gm $3.99.
    Too busy with my Samsung pay issue on my phone so I forgot to post here.

    Edit: not sure how and where to load the receipt.

    Try this

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    This is the worst India Gate rice and the one of the worst Basmati rice. Woolworths own homebrand Basmati rice that costs $14 is 10x better than this.(This is my professional opinion, as I eat rice twice a day).

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      This is my professional opinion

      Who pays you to eat rice?

  • I have been eating this brand for 10 years, starting with classic. When it got too expensive, I went for premium. When premium got too expensive, I had to go for exotic. I happened to find the rice tasted a lot better when you steam it, instead of cooking it in a rice cooker.

    • I happened to find the rice tasted a lot better when you steam it,

      Lol i wonder why. All the starch and shit gets retained when you steam it.

      • All the starch and shit

        Sounds crappy…

      • Rice cooker does the same, unless it's washed first.

  • I've been using the (blue bag) Banno as a good alternative to India Gate Classic. You can find it cheaper if you shop around.

    • What about the Pramukh Extra long Classic Basmati Rice?

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        You tell me.

        • I haven't tried it, but have considered it.

          Just need to complete the feasibility study.

  • I would not recommend.

    • What would you not recommend?

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