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Bonus GC with Samsung Frame TV (2021) 43" $995, 55" $1595, 65" $1995, 75" $2995 + Delivery (Free C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


Same deal as posted for JB, but with bonus HN gift card up to $150.

Samsung The Frame (2021) QLED 4k Smart TV with Bonus Harvey Norman Gift Card

Size Price Bonus GC
75 inch $2995 $150
65 inch $1995 $100
55 inch $1595 $80
43 inch $995 $50

Delivery extra, Click and collect free.

55", 65" and 75" version are eligible for the TV and soundbar cash back offer

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    If you are getting the 75" and click and collecting, you are actually losing money if you don't add this soundbar for $345 and then get $350 cashback, plus an extra $10 HN gift card.

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    Thoughts on the 75" as a primary tv?

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    Example - 65" (QA65LS03AAWXXY)

    HN $1995 (less $100 gift card) = $1895 click and collect
    Powerland = $1799 click and collect

  • People use this as tv or hang on the wall?

    • both - TV when its on, art when its off., but does not make much sense to get this TV if you don't plan to hang it on the wall.

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    Gift cards proudly sponsored by the federal government.

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    People really use this to display "Art" lol

    • yes - it does look good, definitely better than a black nothing on the wall (when its off)

    • absolutely - if you have a tight living space, much nicer to have a photo or artwork on this all the time than just a black screen.

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    FYI owner of the 2017 ‘Frame’ and it’s going strong

    (from this offer: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/423961)

    I’ve never been able to hang it from the wall though (since I have been in a rental, right now I’m looking longingly at the included wall mount kit still in it’s cardboard box next to the TV).

    It would be much better mounted as I live in a very small unit and the tripod legs take up about 60cm of living space (and you can’t put a standard size cabinet between them!)

    I would probably think twice about getting it with the studio stand if you live in a small space.

  • 75 inch is out of stock today at HN online. Wondering what the power use is for these TVs in art mode. Also not much point displayng a picture overnight when my household is asleep so I'd turn it off at bedtime.

  • 30 per cent power consumption in frame mode. Not insignificant but reading the link, motion sensors will shift the TV to standby nice if no one is in the room, or no one is moving much in the room.


  • I would suggest you check Samsung EPP sites, from memory the education EPP had the 75 inch for on sale last week for $2,564.10 (SPRING10 promotion for extra 10% off). If still available you also be able to stack with $50 newsletter coupon.

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