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Lenovo IdeaPad S540 13.3" QHD (AMD R7 4800U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) Iron Grey $1,275.00 Delivered @ Lenovo


Seems like a popular laptop among ozb folk

Bit more expensive than the education store deals but this deal is avaliable to general public

AMD Ryzen™ 7 4800U (8C / 16T, 1.8 / 4.2GHz, 4MB L2 / 8MB L3)

Operating System
Windows 10 Home 64

Display Type
13.3" QHD (2560x1600) WVA 300nits Glossy, 100% sRGB

16 GB Soldered DDR4-3200

Hard Drive
512 GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe

Optical Drive

1 Year Depot

AC Adapter

Integrated AMD Radeon™ Graphics

Second Hard Drive

Integrated 56Wh

720p + IR + ToF

Fingerprint Reader
No Fingerprint Reader

Backlit, English

802.11AX (2x2) & Bluetooth® 5.0

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  • Damn that is a fine deal… I wonder if I can add that to educational pricing

    • Couldn't get education pricing and coupon to stack, let me know if you have any luck.

      • No dice 😔

      • +2

        Use code EDUCOMM to get it to $1,133.80
        EDIT I've added 1 year onsite warranty to that so might be lower

        • Doesn't work.

          • @Bal: Are you doing it through the education portal?

            • @Bobby1122: I'm not. I will try that. @bobby1122: Thanks

        • Code is not working

          • @Bobby1122: I cant get this magic to work and the lenovo store just crashed… Im done

            Great deal OP

          • @Bobby1122: OMG I am a numpty… had logged on to the normal site not the eduportal even though they are the same creds.

            Code works now and with edu pricing 3 years onsite warranty for $1239.83

        • Used EDUCOMM successfully to purchase. Thanks @bobby1122 and @KenDiaMoi

          • +1

            @Trojan: Me too.
            Got it via edu email for $1124. Also got an additional $33 back through shopback.
            Great deal. Thanks for posting.

        • +1

          Thanks @Bobby1122. bought with 1 year and paid $1133.80

    • Does anyone know how long these things normally take to deliver?

  • The battery is not bad either

  • +1

    Great laptop. I have the R5 version and have no complaints. It can match or beat my older i7 8750H laptop which weighs 3 times as much in Cinebench. Minor cons - the ram is soldered on and I only have 8 gigs, and the webcam is bad even for windows laptops' low standards.

  • I bought it a few weeks ago from the Lenovo edu portal. Great laptop, the CPU is a beast. The only downside is the glossy keyboard and the lack of fingerprint sensor.

    • +1

      What's the build quality like?


      • It's fine, I bought an Acer Swift before Lenovo and the Acer build quality was better, unfortunately had to return it as the ram was not upgradable.

  • Does anyone know how this will do with Photoshop and premiere ?

  • +1

    I just picked this up the other week, tried Kubuntu and Manjaro on it, works really well. Good performance, battery life is pretty solid too. Great work machine.

    • Unfortunately the GPU kernel crashes when you connect it to a monitor through a dock using displaylink. Seems to be a common issue with AMD apus.

  • Bah.. withdrawn… i was wrong… can't count.

  • Looks nice.immediate shipping is bonus.

  • +1

    Really good laptop. I picked one up during EOFY sale with my friend's student account and have no regrets. Look and feels premium and performance seems good along with the battery life. The screen is very nice with the 16:10 ratio IMHO is more comfortable to look at for small screens such as this and with the 1440P resolution is crisp and colour is good. I mainly use it for media consumption and on the move photo editing with Lightroom and Photoshop and it's been working well.

    Main complaint for me though is that I wish the speakers would go louder; I feel like even my Xiaomi MiPad's speakers are louder than this laptop.

  • Thanks OP and other OZ bargainers for positive reviews. Bought one for my daughter college study

  • +1

    Waiting for Yoga Slim 7 Carbon, AMD 5800U OLED, Carbon (1.1kg).

    • Waiting for something like this but AMD 6800U with RDNA2 graphics… CPUs apparently already in production.

      • Is this a processor or a graphic card ?

        • both, APU

  • Please help me decide which one is better value

    IdeaPad 5 Pro 16ACH6 for $1,083.60 after applying EDUCOMM at education Store


    IdeaPad S540 13" (AMD) Iron Grey for $1,124.10 after applying EDUCOMM at education Store

    • +1

      Do you want a heavier laptop with a larger screen or a lighter laptop with a smaller screen? That's probably going to be the major difference for you here…

      ideapad 5 pro has a brighter screen, newer processors (although base 6 cores) and the ability to be configured higher for processor, screen refresh and graphics, but for some is going to be too big to take around.

    • I went for the first one personally. Bigger screen and smaller bezels. Don't like the off centre touchpad though.

    • Haven't checked AMD for a while. Is its performance and quality now better or on par with Intel? Thanks

  • was this listed for $1124 just last week? - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649479 and is this still active?

    • -1

      Code works for me

    • This is for those who don't have access to edu store

      (I say that in the description)

  • Damn, if only these laptops were 14"

    I find 13.3" slightly too small. Feels cramped

    • +5

      Everyone always wishes it was half inch bigger amright

  • +1

    Does anyone who purchased this laptop have issues with the trackpad? Mine seems to stop randomly for a few seconds, and is really glitchy. I've searched online and others have had the same issues but none of their recommended fixes have helped. I've ordered an anti-static protector type thing which helped when I had a macbook in the past but I'm not holding my breath.

    • I have one of these and absolutely love it, only thing sometimes theres a delay between moving the track pad or mouse and seeing the mouse move on the screen. Searched everywhere for a fix but cannot find anything. Its really weird. My next move is to reinstall windows and see if that fixes it.

    • Yes, my stopped working after updating windows and drivers.
      Very annoying.

    • yep having the same issues with mine

  • Ok y'all convinced me. Just ordered. It will update the Lenovo I bought in 2016

  • How does it compare to the previous Dell G15 R5 5600H RTX3050 deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647005
    I know Lenovo is more portable and with 2k screen, but I mainly use laptop at home with a 2k monitor.

    • +1

      Two different use cases. I use Lenovo with two QHD monitors via USB-C docking station. Works great.

  • can anyone please comment on the keyboard response? Im upgrading from a Yoga 900s and hate the keyboard tactile response

  • Also are there any touch screen versions of this ideapad?

  • +2

    Cons: year 2000s webcam + speakers not very loud

    • This. I have this laptop and love everything about it but the webcam and mic are below average so I hook up an external webcam when I need to use it.

      Sidenote: I've hooked up a 4k 32 inch monitor + a 34 inch UW through a hub and both running at 60hz. In case this matters to some people :)

      • Connected to external monitors via HDMI or Displayport?
        Another poster said they had problems with Displayport hub.

  • -2

    There should be some better deals than this coming over the next few weeks.
    Nobody will want to buy an old Windows 10 laptop

  • Does anyone have problem with this laptop rebooting by itself without warning from time to time?

  • How's the camera quality, does anyone speak from personal experience

    • Terrible. But I love this laptop. See my previous comment :)

  • +1

    $1,083.75 on ebay with plus today only

    edit: and they jacked it from $1,275 to $1,499 in 13mins! guess they jacked it enough so it wouldn't become cheaper than their own store, what a bunch of d!ck$

  • +1

    I bought this on a end of financial deal. Using it for few months! Its alright but volume is very low and not that happy with the battery life!!! One other thing annoyed me no card reader slot. But with that price range and specs it's a good laptop.

  • Hmm… This or the T14s Gen 2 AMD for $200 more?

    • With the same specs though?

  • I bought this last week and it got delivered in 4 days. Everything feels good except for the keyboard. The keys are rather "sticky" and now the space key is permanently stuck. Does anyone else experience the same issue with the keyboard?

    • Got mine today … no issues with sticky keys

      • I reckon there's a problem with mine during the build. How does your s540 feel with your previous laptops?
        I own a Macbook pro and a HP EliteBook before and the keys are just really different.. it just sticks..

        • Keys on mine are fine - sounds like yours is defective.
          Travel is short and worse than my M1 Macbook Pro. It feels similar to the Macbook butterfly keyboard.
          I use an external mechanical keyboard most of the time so I can live with it.

    • Mine arrived yesterday and it does not sit flat on my table or bench. Either the rubber feet are off or the body is bent.
      Opting for refund.

      • I'm getting mine replaced which will take about 3 weeks. I hope the next one will be ok..

  • Can anyone recommend a good and cheap compatible USB C hub? Ideally with 60hz refresh rate.

  • Hey guys, need help deciding getting a laptop. Right now I'm looking at these two models.
    Yoga Slim 7i 13" and Ideapad S540.
    There is a huge gap in the values between the two models, do you guys reckon I should try and look something better within the same upper budget instead of Yoga Slim?
    Or just stick with the Ideapad S540 even with its issues of the webcam, mic and the speakers not being up to par with the other laptops?
    Thanks a lot for the help!