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Dell G15 5515 Gaming Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 5600H 8GB 256GB RTX 3050 $1,039.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Hey guys and girls,

My sleep cycle is messed up so I was just looking through the eligible items list. Seems like a good deal for a laptop with a GTX3050 and straight from the Dell eBay website too. Not sure if they'll jack up the price when 10am rolls around, doubt it'll last too long at this price.

Also found a couple other deals for your viewing pleasure (again not sure if they'll jack up the price before 10am, prices up to date as of 1:40am):

Asus ROG STRIX G G512L Laptop i7 10750H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX2070 15.6" 144Hz (Certified Refurbished): $1719 Delivered

Dell G15 5511 Gaming Laptop 11th Gen i5-11400H 8GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX 3050: $1,239.20 Delivered


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    Great work OP

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    There's going to be a 20% off Dell later today bringing the G15 laptop to $1039.20
    Also the 15%/17% for plus is not sitewide so there's no way to tell if they'll apply to the other items

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    Pretty sure that 3050 G15 comes with a horrible LCD panel.

    • 15.6-inch, FHD, 1920 x 1080, 120 Hz, anti-glare, non-touch, 45% NTSC, 250 nits, wide-viewing angle (WVA)

    • That’s right and poor battery life but if you are mostly going to use it tethered with an external monitor it isn’t a bad budget option.

      • Does the 3050 directly connect to the onboard HDMI/display port? Or does it use the iGPU?

        • Directly to 3050 with the ports. Laptop screen goes through iGPU.

    • Not at all for this price range and the YouTube reviewers always look at their expensive monitors or expensive laptops for comparison, which is stupid when you get laptop for half the price of others with the same specs. (I am using this for a few weeks now)
      Unless you're the guy who wants to compare this with a 400$ monitor or like to work in a park in direct sunlight, then this is great.

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        There's literally a third of the sRGB colour gamut missing… someone already posted the panel specs to further confirm what I was saying.

        • Good luck finding a laptop with RTX 3050 and a display with great viewing angles at 1000$

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            @blahdude: I'm not talking about viewing angles? Colour gamut is entirely different. It's also got a horrific average response time that's more along the lines of an old 60Hz monitor.

            This laptop has also been $900 before.

            • @jasswolf: Yeah, I agree. And I got it for $899 the last quick sale. I know the color gamut isn't great, but for this price range, don't think you can get everything great bundled. People will need to shell out at least $1299 - $1499 for a better display and GPU.

  • What are the other eligible items with this coupon?

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    I cant seem to see any details on this coupon?

  • I am in the market for a laptop for my son heading into year 7 next year. He has been accepted into an accelerated class which recommend a certain spec device.

    With his bday coming up in December and eyeing off a PS5 I thought maybe this would be a chance to pick up a laptop they may suit both.

    Could anyone give me some pointers in what to look for? Or would this be the wrong direction and better off with a budget device/Ps5 separately?

    • He has been accepted into an accelerated class which recommend a certain spec device

      What is the spec requirement?

      • Pretty basic
        4gb-8gb ram
        128gb had

        6hr battery life
        Windows 10

    • +6

      If he going to bring it to school, you don’t want this laptop, it just too bulky and heavy, cause he will carry a lot of books too. Also the battery sucks.

      Consider buying him something portable with good battery life, like surface pro or macbook air, and get one of the dell 27inch 4k monitor for use at home.

      If you want something for gaming, although not recommended for a yr 7 (you’ll get him hook up to early), I would not recommend a gaming laptop for dual study/gaming use. You better off buying him a ps5, at least he won’t get distracted and switching from study to gaming too easily. At least with ps5, especially if you set it up in the living room, he’ll have to walk out and physically turn on the device, plus you know when he is gaming and when he is studying. It’s hard to game on surface pro or a macbook air. My daughter use surface pro, I bought her the microsoft pen, so she can draw and take notes on her surface.

      All of this from personal experience, son and daughter in high school.

      • Thanks Jackfruit, this is great info.

        • You’re welcome. One more thing, if you considering a surface pro, you can buy the base 128gb model, no need to get one with more storage. It has a microsd card slot, you can stick a 256 or 518gb microsd, it’s cheaper this way.

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      You should buy a Lenovo Thinkpad series or Yoga Slim instead, they are much lighter and will have 6+ hour battery life. Preferably 14 inch or smaller.

      For example


      The Lenovo Education store has some great deals from time to time.

      • Will check them out. Thank you

    • The laptop has a 180W heavy charger. Battery is great unless you play games, using this laptop for a few weeks now.

      You my sir, should be looking for something with AMD 5500U or 5700U processor instead.
      "U" at the end, slim form factor and better battery.

  • Anyone know why the original deal was removed?

    Eligible items were listed on the Terms and conditions page

  • Lolll that one review for the product is great!! Got stuck at siri made me laugh… I thought I was bad at punctuation!

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    Dell G15 RTX 3050 after 'DELLSAVE' becomes $1,239.20 - am I missing something?

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      256gb ssd $1039.20 and 512gb ssd $1239.20

  • I was checking 3050Ti performance is even below 2060!!

    Is it something expected?

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      Yeah the xx50 series is a low end tier.

    • These replace 1660 laptop series and support DLSS.
      Good luck finding laptops at 1000$ which RTX 3060 laptop edition cards (Not happening this year)

  • Keep in mind delivery is after one month at eBay checkout.

    • I didn't notice this before I checked out. It seems rather excessive. I note that all items they are selling have the same ETA though, so perhaps it is an error.

  • 3050 lol

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