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Segway Ninebot Go-Kart Complete Combo Kit $1499 (Was $1999) + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just got an email from JB, not sure if it's a generic code. Pretty niche product but someone here might want one.

Note: Free delivery available to select postcodes

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    The code is generic.

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    Those with lands measured by hectares are targted.

    • Those who owns a warehouse would suit too!!

  • Is this counted as a scooter in the ACT?

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      It counts as a Personal Mobility Device, provided you're riding only on the back two wheels. I guess that means you have to be maintaining a wheelie, or have to ride just on the back bit.

      I'd be impressed if I saw somebody holding one in a wheelie.


      Edit that…this might be a bit more recent (and, I think, probably covers the kart):

      "What is a personal mobility device?

      A personal mobility device is:

      propelled by an electric motor; and
      designed for use by only 1 person; and
      weighing not more than 60kg unladen; and
      with 1 or more wheels; and
      with a brake system; and
      that cannot travel faster than 25km/h on level ground; and
      with dimensions not more than:
      1250mm in length; and
      700mm in width; and
      1350mm in height.
      Examples include:

      segway-like devices;
      e-scooters; and
      A personal mobility device does not include:

      motorised wheelchairs or mobility scooters commonly used by individuals with a disability;
      electric bicycles; and
      scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and/or other wheeled recreational devices or wheeled toys that are not propelled by electric motors.
      This webpage generally refers to e-scooters, but the rules apply to all personal mobility devices."

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    Good stuff but have no where to play.

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    100Kg weight limit, What is this, A go-cart for ANTS?!

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      A 6’2” male who has a BMI in the overweight range is still under 100kg so hardly limited to ants.

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    Waiting for the pro version of this.

    • Is it much faster? What about price wise?

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        its faster, i believe it was around $2500

        • Jesus that's ridiculous IMO

  • Are these legal anywhere? Or do you have to have your own private go-kart track?

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    Someone was stupid enough to stock them at JB hifi (probably a former dick Smith exec.)

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    2 words "Mario Kart"

  • Make it $500, and these things would fly off the shelves

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      Probably be picked up in reality

    • Why stop there and just make it free?

  • Lambo one would be worth buying, purely for collectors reason.

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    Got one of these they are awesome. Easy to adjust for my 5 and 8 yo and myself (=100kg) Goes like the clappers downhill is open so gets over 40km/h and 27km/h up a slight hill with ease.

    • Tossing up one for myself (100kg, 194cm) and my kids. Mind me asking your size? And how long does the battery last real world?

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        I'm 186cm and its fine fully extended you will be right. Battery will last 30+km range ours is still going strong after over 4 years its done 983km in go-kart mode it currently has 64% battery and showing 19km range left.

        With the Ninebot-Segway app which connects via bluetooth you can speed limit it to safe mode 8km, new rider 10km/h, sports mode 18km/h and track mode 27km/h

        It also detaches and can also be used as a self-balancing segway which I have ridden to the bottle-o a few times. Not game to do it in the go-kart…yet

    • Where do you take the kids to ride it? I'm considering this but need to get some ideas of where it can be used so the kids do actually use it!

      • We live in quiet cul-de-sac in Qld but also take it to the park.

  • Someone stop me.

  • reverse staggered track would make for fun sideways handling.

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