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Casio Royale World Time Watch $30.54 + Post ($0 Prime & $49+) @ Amazon US via AU (6% @ Cashrewards)


Casio Royale Gold AE-1200WH-5AV Camel

6% cashback @ Cashrewards

  • Crystal/Lens - Acrylic
  • Case Width - 39.5mm
  • Lug Width - 18mm
  • Case Thickness - 12.5mm
  • World time = 31 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time), daylight saving on/off, Home city/World time city swapping
  • Multifunction dial with stopwatch, countdown timer
  • Five daily alarms. Hourly time signal and LED light with afterglow
  • Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
  • Approx. battery life: 10 years on CR2025
  • Water resistant 100 Metres - In general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving

Random Rob Review
This watch has a bit of a following on Watchuseek
Watchuseek Mini Video Review
Casio Website

Casio AEQ-110W-2A $46.66 + delivery
Casio W-737H-1A $33.65 + delivery

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +24

    Finally a watch deal I can afford.

    • +6

      It doesn't have a calculator though…

      • +8

        But it can tell me the current time in Deamalik which to me is more relevant.

      • +3

        It’s ok, price is already written in the post.

  • +33

    All I read was Casino Royale watch. Disappointed not a Bond watch.

      • +9

        What exactly makes it a kiddy watch?

      • +2

        @knobbs - The Watchuseek link explains the nickname.

        • I have one from back in the day, that looks similar. I think it was called a horseshoe watch? It is a Seiko

    • +2

      New bond tech is kinda lame. In the upcoming movie bond uses a nokia phone…

      • +4

        Bond movies have always been huge product placement vehicles, and rarely subtle. His tech has always just been whatever the studio could get the most advertising bucks for.

      • James Bond is a spy so it makes sense for him to use Nokia as burner phone :)

        • or as a club to bash someones head in

    • +2

      same here! thought it was a JB watch,

      I do remember a very similar "James Bond" watch, I think it was in the Move Never Say Never.

      EDIT: I was correct very similar watch in James Bond Octopussy/never say never, scroll down to 1985…


    • +1

      Yeah they are mixing this casio up with the seiko in Octopussy


    • -1

      I thought the exact same thing. Bond? JAMES bond?

    • Very similar to the watch Moore wore in Octopussy. (although that was Seiko)

  • +3

    Thought I read, Casino Royale! and thought of 007 :p

    • Read what WatchNerd posted above, very cool indeed.

  • +1

    Love it

  • +6

    Royale with Cheese

    • +2

      Do they have Krusty's "Partially Gelatinated, Non-Dairy, Gum-Based Beverages"?

      • +2

        No, but if you be in the fast lane and want to keep up with Jones, go to Monolith Burger.

        One of their ads said "This week only: buy 2 burgers and get the shakes for free!"

    • +1

      That's some gourmet sh*t..

  • +9
    • +1

      Oh my god??? It’s AWESOME.

    • That's really cool. So very tempting.

    • That's actually a really nice watch mod especially with the badge delete.

      Mod YouTube link from Reddit link above

      • Yea, I badge deleted my Silver one real easy, just as JOMW instructed, but instead of Goo gone (I Don't have) I used Isopropyl alcohol and cotton bud & rub away!!! gone in minutes and didn't effect the Silver case paint.

    • that's the silver version though, if you end up trying this will the gold just wear off back down to silver? Better off getting a silver if so

      • +2

        According to @buckerooni it's real gold.

        • +1

          Yeah but it's not real gold, it's real gold plated maybe, which means when you rub it back it will be something else. If it was real gold people would be buying them to melt down. It would also be too soft and scratch and dent easily, unless maybe it's 9ct? They might get away with that I guess

          • @Jackson: He was obviously joking. If you click on the Casio website link in the description you'll see it says the case is resin.

          • -1

            @Jackson: Wooooooooooooshhh

    • +1

      You can get the watch strap from here though ironically costs more than the actual watch https://vario.sg/collections/watch-straps-for-casio-ae1200wh...

  • Any recommendations to pair with this at checkout (and make up the $49+ for Prime delivery) @WatchNerd ?

    • +4

      Just add another item that is also in Amazon US in the cart and check out. After checking out, cancel the item you don't want.

      • +1

        Devious yet not disadvantageous…decisions decisions….

        • +2

          if you are struggling with the decision, just google how amazon treats and pays their workers :)

      • How do you search Amazon US or UK for stuff they ship to Australia?

  • The bame Bod. Jame Bod.

  • +3

    Yes, it's meant to sound like a Bond watch. No, it has nothing to do with Casino Royale.

    It looks a bit like the Seiko G757 Sports 100 that Roger Moore used in Octopussy, so someone started calling this one the "Casio Royale" to give it a 007-sounding nickname even though it has nothing to do with the Daniel Craig movie. Go figure.

  • Tempting.. would prefer the silver version

    • +1

      I thought about adding it to the post but it's not really a bargain compared to the gold model - $45.07 + Delivery

  • +5

    Very tempted but need to watch my spending.

    • 😂

    • Definitely a good time to be doing that

  • Damn have to spend over $49 or else pay 8 bucks for delivery.

      • probably voids the cashback?

        • i dont think it should, only on the cancelled item, or idk.. saving 8 bucks

  • +4
  • +1

    highly recommend this watch - got one during the last deal and love it!

  • wow watches from the 80s still exist :D

  • +2

    I just saw it says "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months." Don't know if I have time for that

  • bought 3 thanks.. what a blast from the past!

  • +9

    Some people love classic stuff..nostalgia and fav memories.

    Nothing wrong buying these watches.

    I just love watches and I dont care what 20 something kid going to comment on my choice. I am not bothering much to impress people anyhow.

    Proudly own casio watches and still buying on whenever dear OZ community recommends ♡

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    got this from last time, the acrylic lens/face is very soft, mine's already very scratched and but it's still my main watch due to size and aesthetics.

    • +2

      Polish it up with some brasso

  • Hard for me to go back to the traditional Casio displays after using the new MIP LCD.
    Nevertheless, this is a good deal!

  • Does the battery really last 10 years?

    • +2

      I will let you know in about 10 years.

      • +1

        It appears to have come out sometime in 2012. Don't you already have one that's 9 years old WatchNerd? 😉

        • No but my Skmei 1134 is about 4 years old & still working on the original battery so I don't see why a Casio wouldn't last 10yrs.
          Just don't use the backlight too much.

  • +1

    Just noticed @ Creation Watches the black model AE-1200WH-1AV $39.62 delivered.

  • +1

    $30.54 now.