TP Link TL-SF1008D 10/100 8-Port Switch $15.49 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Harris Tech via Amazon


Yeah, it's only a 10/100. But it's 8 port and only $15 w/free freight for Primers.

So, who's complaining, if you need one now or in the near future.

10/100 is more than enough for users who only want to network a few home PC's and/or share a Network Printer over a WiFi network without having WiFi capability built into the printer or other devices, or who have a sub 100meg internet connection etc.

Cheapest I could find anywhere.

Take it or leave it. :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    2008 wants its network switch back

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      Yeah yeah… Like I said - take it or leave it!

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        Best to leave it.

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          And for anyone who wants a cheap switch and not in a lockdown, you can get an entry level 10/100 switch for around $5 or sometimes even pick them up for free from your local eWaste recycler.

          • @opt: Bit off topic, but do you have examples of ewaste recyclers that give stuff away or even sell working stuff? So often I see stuff in ewaste piles at waste transfer stations I'd love to grab but they have rules, so if there are places that sell it off cheap I'd be there like a shot.

      • Not worth $15.

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          yea iv chucked better switches in the bin haha

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    This is genuinely a time when saving the $10 compared to a gigabit switch literally isnt worth it….

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    you can get 10/100 switches from ewaste places for almost nothing. I would suggest to get at least GbE.

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    Always find it funny how OzB'er are anti 10/100. lol.

    Still serves a purpose and true to the OzB bible, saves a few $$$ over a Gig switch!… Looks like there is a new religious denomination spinning off…

    "OzB save a buck", and "OzB save a buck - but not if missing the extras"…

    Oh well, I'm sure for $15 delivered, someone will find it suitable. :)

    • I have similar from net gear and it connects a printer, a voip box, a tv, a weather base station and an old Nuc that seeds some torrents and i can rdp into if I need a windows desktop when I am out and about.
      My internet runs at 100mbps, so this is fine, and it cuts down on wifi congestion.
      Gigabit wouldn’t improve things.

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      Buying this is like buying a dot matrix printer with a serial port, it's obsolete and a waste of money.

      • Ah the King's rules of life….

      • not if you have equipment that has a serial port and can talk to the dot matrix printer.. ie: a lot of POS gear still out there in retail.

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    Here are some gigabit options. At this price point, there is no real difference in quality and features.

    $26 for an 8 port Gigabit,

    Or if your budget is below $20 and for some reason, you're still considering the 100Mb TP-Link.
    $17 for a 5 port Gigabit,

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    Go to your local tip. Your easily pick up enterprise gigabit switches for free. My work just throws out all our old Cisco gear. Hundreds of them at a time.
    Otherwise gumtree always have free switches given away for free.

    • Sadly nothing to makes it to Gumtree is free. It's sad that we don't seem to have suitable 'up-cycling' facilities for this hardware.

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      Even though it's 100mbit, this thing would be more suitable for most people considering the size and noise of an enterprise switch.

      If all you're trying to do is let a few wired devices share a 100mbit or lower internet connection, this thing would be fine.

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        yeah, people get too caught up in numbers with wireless now, 100mb in this switch is full duplex, and no wireless packet bloat, no congestion on channels, so throughout on this would feel like 600mb of wireless, and chances are for many their nbn is 50mb down speed,
        i’d personally go for a 1gb switch , but an AU 12v power pack is close to $15 so if not happy you can re-use the power pack and this price is delivered,…

      • 100% agree and the exact point in my description.
        Thanks dav3.

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      Hundreds of them at a time.

      Well, that's exaggerated.

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        if you ever worked in infrastructure for big enterprises. you would understand a network refresh dealing with hundreds of devices is very normal.

  • great deal considering how much you'd pay for a 10 Mbit hub,

    If 5 ports will do then you can get gigabit for the same price,

    • appeal of the deal for some might be inc delivery with prime, like those that buy paper towel because their town don’t have coles or woolies handy, just local IGA, some other options might be + delivery, i live near centrecom so they order in what i need and so pickup and don’t pay postage …..

    • Wow, looking at the manual, the Netgear EN104TP may be from 1998! It's probably expensive for the same reason VCRs are expensive, because they're no longer being manufactured.

  • thanks OP!

    i'm looking for a switch with POE to support my home cameras, but alas, no joy with this one

    but heres a + for your efforts and honest description!

    • Thanks Timmy, yep, my point exactly in the description. Glad some one here reads things also. Lol…

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    10/100 slow for home networking now days especially when alot of nbn is 250-1000mbps now

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      You clearly don't live in Australia

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        Have you missed all the nbn 250 and 1000 plans recently on ozbargain.

        Even if you had nbn 100 this switch would be your bottleneck

        I still think my 10/100/1000 24 port unifi is too slow now since you can get 10gbps switch's now

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          I think you underestimate how much of the country can't even get stable 50 or even 25, and nbn 100 is a fantasy that will be lucky to be realised in their lifetime.

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          unless you're moving a lot of data between PCs on your LOCAL network, then it's likely your 10/100/1000 switch is sitting there being underutilised most of the time as it's most likely your internet speed isn't even 100mbs. Sure there is faster, but who cares when you utilise it for a few seconds each day and the hardware cost is substantially more?

          • @gizmomelb: Streaming Bluray or 4k content within your own house will struggle on 10/100.

            I'm sure this switch will help you finally max out your network

  • Maybe fruitless - though give us another 8 port gigabit deal!