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Free $20 e-Gift Card @ Mwave via Little Birdie (Requires Little Birdie & Mwave Account, 250 Available)

  • I logged into Little Birdie and claimed unique voucher
  • Followed 'use voucher' link to Mwave & logged in
  • Typed in the unique voucher code and chose a pin
  • $20 voucher activated

One gift card per customer. Must be redeemed by 30/09/2021. To redeem, member must enter unique code at MWave and follow Gift Card setup procedure. Instructions will be sent to member via email on how to redeem within 2 hours of claiming. Once redeemed, your $20 gift card will have no minimum spend and expire in 12 months. Member will need to have or create an account with MWave to activate.

My card expiry date: 09/09/2024

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  • +1

    Nice, got one. Thanks!

  • Ta grabbed one. Partner tried getting one too but all gone =[

  • +7

    Thanks, works well with the free shipping deals :)

    • what are the terms of the free shipping ? I have tried a few items with free shipping on them but it always charges shipping (tried a few sydney post codes)

      • Looks like it was glitching yesterday, it's showing as free delivery now.

  • Worked. Thanks!

  • Got one, thanks OP!

  • Mwave shipping is so expensive this is really just $5 off. $5 off is $5 off I guess.

    • +4

      See doweyy comment above

  • Thanks OP :D

  • Thanks OP, got one :)

    Once redeemed, your $20 gift card will have no minimum spend and expire in 12 months

    Great, I'll redeem it now and use later

  • Thanks got one!

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. claimed.

  • Thanks OP

  • My thanks

  • +1

    Just got these instructions in the email.

    To Use:

    • During checkout enter the card number, pin code and value you would like to use
    • You can use the card multiple times before the expiry date until the value of the Gift Card is $0.00
    • You can track the remaining value via your Mwave Account if you activated the Gift Card
    • +4

      Login to your account and go here to activate the gift card using the code received in the Gift Card Number and select a PIN of your choice. It'll apply the gift card to your account with an expiry of 09/09/2024.

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks.

    That was quick though.
    All gone

  • Glad I saw this when it was freshly posted! Thanks!!

  • +1

    Sorry, all the unique vouchers have been claimed

    Out of stock :(

  • Gone within 10 mins.

  • All gone :(

  • +2

    You can get Pokemon Shining Pearl/Brilliant Diamond for $48 using the gift card.


  • Thanks got one - good to 09/2024 once activated at MWave

  • not sure how it says 200 viewed and there's meant to be 250 gift cards

    • +3

      It's not ozbargain only. People could get info from other sources.

      • +1

        I meant on the little birdie page

        • yea, saw the same thing

  • Hahaha… couldn't be quick enough registering for both mwave and littlebirdie.

  • It would of been decent, I wanted a HDD!

  • missed it (profanity)

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