Why Do People Have Pets?

Personally, I feel pets are always a burden financially, emotionally, and environmentally.

I am totally in support of native species who got destroyed by pets turned feral. If there is no demand there will be no supply. People who breed these dogs or cats do breed specifically because there is a demand. Humans already go through a lot of trauma and personal losses, why add a few more (pets) to your life which is totally avoidable. Is companionship a reason? Or do humans want to feel special? Domestication is fairly recent in our evolutionary past. No other animal will take care of another species in the wild(If they do, we will consider as a wonder). Then why do humans do it? Is pets are one of the side effects of having an analytical and creative brain like the creation of religion or have people fell for marketing fairly recently like diamonds and Halloween or Fathers, Mothers, Valentines days, etc.

Can you tell what is the reason why you have pets because it is beyond my sense why people have pets?


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    Because they like the companionship.

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      And they like the food, its a good trade.

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        And for some they are the food.

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          Not sure why the downvote, but you are right. It's "wrong" but there are those some people.

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            @Kangal: not sure if it is wrong… maybe just different…

            for the same reason… we had pet chickens growing up for eggs, but my sister till this day refuses to eat chickens and ducks, she sort of formed an emotional attachment to them.

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            @Kangal: yeah it is wrong. never name the calf / lamb you are bottle feeding.

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          And for some we are the food if we die.

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      Yes this and love - we were only meant to foster our dog, but adopted him. Despite walks in the rain, organising doggy sitters, trips to the vet, fur and dog slobber on our clothes and through our house - there is love. He’s worth it - we love him, he’s brought us joy and is part of our family.

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    Some people like pets. Some don't. Please don't get a pet op.

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      Please don't get a pet op.

      Maybe OP, wants to be convinced by trying the shoe on the other foot.

      OP, you may have a theory in your mind, that might be fun. However, thinking is cheap…

      I reckon you should try owning a pet and report back with your real life experiences.

      Maybe starting with a parrot, that might be a good one.

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        Parrots require a lot of care and stimulation. They can also be very noisy. For these and other reasons they're not appropriate as a pet for someone not sure about pet ownership.

        An ant farm would be much more suitable.

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          How about… Sea Monkeys

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          I suggest the OP start with a pet rock.

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            @bbinc: A PET bottle?


          Glad most people have upvoted this comment. Parrots are highly social and intelligent - they will stress and act out if not stimulated.

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        All species of parrot's live for a long time, would not be a good pet for someone unsure …

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          live for a long time

          It could be a substitute to play back OP’s rhetorical questions.

          It might do a better job than a human.

          However it could be animal cruelty…

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          This cockatoo received a letter from the Queen when he turned 100!

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          I thought you were jv! lol.

          Your comment was too sensible!

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            @SF3: he stole my meme


              @neophytte: Quite plausible!

              Member Since

              Member Since


            @SF3: Same here! Only bold text was missing..


        Or may be OPs GF BF has one and trying to convince with no outcome

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      I don't think he/she really understands. His/Her reasoning is correct, but he/she is only looking at half the picture, Logic and Reasoning.

      Why do we humans get pets? Well the grand question is, why do we do anything at all? I don't have a pet, but not everything is based on reason and logic, sometimes it's about our emotions as well.

      If Domestication is a fairly recent event of our evolutionary past, so is Agriculture, so is Science, so is our Laws and understanding of right and wrong. We were barbarians before Laws were implemented. We judged people on ethnicity, colour of their skin, gender etc. If OP's reason is fairly recent event of our evolutionary past, then according to him/her, we should also get rid of all these things. It's not that we don't do these barbarian things anymore, but the rate which we used to do them has decreased a lot. Education helps.

      OP, just because you think they are a burden financially and emotionally, doesn't mean you have the right to speak for everyone. Some people are well off, and some people are more happy emotionally with their pets, and they feel sad when their pets passes away just like a human feels depressed when his loved one (another human) passes away.

      May be these people don't see them as pets, or animals, but more like a life form and living sentient being identical to them, just different level of intelligence (we are the dumb ones by the way :p).

      As for your "No other animal will take care of another species", is absolutely wrong. Ants keep ladybugs as pets. There are many cases where a female animal adopts a little one from another animal and feeds it milk as if one of her own. Nature truly is miraculous. I haven't read this but here's few quick examples: https://www.cracked.com/article_21321_5-animals-that-are-cle...

      Just remember, we are an animal after all. The only thing we are dominant than other animals is in Intelligence. Everything else, they are superior, whether it's strength, speed, sight, calmness, etc.

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        We were barbarians before Laws were implemented. We judged people on ethnicity, colour of their skin, gender etc.

        I'm pleased we are so civilised that doesn't happen any more.

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          Can't tell if this is sarcasm, but if it's not I hope you're not trying to compare the way people were treated historically to today… because genocide and mass slavery (of every people at one stage or another) vs not having an ethnically diverse superhero movie is not really the same…

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        His/Her reasoning is correct, but he/she is only looking at half the picture, Logic and Reasoning.

        Even if you follow pure logic, the data shows that people who own dogs live longer. the OP sounds like an autist who doesn't understand the value of any social connections.

        a more recent meta-analysis, published in the journal Circulation in 2019, came to a different conclusion. Looking at data from studies between 1950 and May 2019, they found that dog owners live longer than those without a dog. The benefit was greatest for those who had a history of heart attack and there was a 65% reduced risk of mortality.


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        Why not just use they/their? Honest question.

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          Are they multiple people?

          Edit: I know it's accepted and normal as 'They/Their', but I always find it a bit odd. It sounds like you are referring to multiple people. For example "They didn't want to come to the party" sounds like more than one person, but "He didn't want to come to the party" sounds like a single person.

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      I can see a point, all through my neighbourhood people have pets, but not suitable for where they live, large dogs without gardens (even small dogs like to run), cats all over the place at night and i do seem to see fewer birds and possums…

      i suppose having a pet and being responsible are two different problems

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        As a general FYI, sometimes large dogs actually require less space and exercise

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          all dogs like a space to walk and smell given the chance, yeah huskies, labs, german shepherds on balconies or small yards, must be exceptions according to you, but they are probably the ones i see the most

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        A dog that is regularly stimulated from walks, training, exercises is better off than a dog that is left in a yard without any attention whatsoever. That's why you often hear of dogs being 'destructive', even if they have a big yard.

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          wow the downvotes but just one reply, must be a lot of people with big dogs in small places….

          "A dog that is regularly stimulated from walks, training, exercises is better off " that goes without saying, isnt that a compulsory part of having a dog? (otherwise its neglect!).

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            @juki: Just saying how you can't judge every person who owns a dog in an apartment. I've seen dogs flourish regardless if they live in an apartment or not. There are owners who take their dogs on runs and hikes everyday, or do constant mental and physical training/exercises. There are also dogs and breed types who love to sleep more than 16 hours a day.

            You'd also be surprised at the amount of people who rarely take their dogs on just a simple walk.


              @pjammies: i am sure there are people that do take excellent care of their dogs, and while yeah some dogs love their sleep as much as cats, many popular breeds arent as i mentioned in my previous message.

              Maybe i do only notice the negative, but i lived many years in city areas with apartments and many dwellings were inappropriate for dogs. I do believe many people may love their dog but also acquire them as status symbols.

              I may be biased, growing up in the middle of nowhere, even small dogs love to run wild in large spaces so i cant imagine working dogs or nut bags like terriers being stuck indoors.

              i didnt feel as if i was being judgy nor saying it is the case for every person, maybe you guys are a bit too sensitive especially if you tick a few boxes, which is understandable we all love our pets like family.

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                @juki: I do agree that there are types of dogs who shouldn't be kept in apartments, especially with owners who have busy lifestyles who don't have enough time to tend to their specific dogs needs. I just wanted to make sure there is awareness that it's not always the same case that 'no dog should live in an apartment'.

                I previously live in a decently sized apartment a courtyard with a medium sized dog (I now live in a house with a yard). It's not something I could have done if I had a super active working dog, but given my dogs nature of needing just 1 hour of solid exercise and sleeping for most of the day, only to wake up for food (if she was bothered), I was able to justify it. Also to note, her sleeping habits haven't changed since moving to a house, if anything she now just has more places to sleep.

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    You don't like pets. Some people do. Why does it bother you?

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        I'm just here for the bargains

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          got any pet bargains

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          But rather seek validation with your own thoughts and ideas.

          God damn it, I've logged into OzConfirmationBias.com.au again, haven't I??


            @pegaxs: I think OP, should learn how to live up to peel the onion.



            God damn it, I've logged into OzConfirmationBias.com.au again, haven't I??

            Lol everyone except OP has?

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    Why anything

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    I feel pets are always a burden financially, emotionally, and environmentally.

    You could say the same thing about children, cars, hobbies, sticky notes etc.

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      All animals are programmed to pass on genes at any cost. That's selfish genes. So children are part of evolutionary urges. Cars and hobbies are not living things. They don't have feelings.

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        How dare you say my Eleanor has no feelings.

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        Cars and hobbies are not living things. They don't have feelings.

        So? They're still an emotional and financial burden - ask any car guy….

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        Can't you understand that everyone has different wants and preferences?
        I know many who prefer to be child-free.


        So children are part of evolutionary urges

        Tell that to the monks and saints who have renounced these urges. You are projecting your qualities onto others.

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        So by your argument, No-one should ever adopt a child? Because the only point of a child is to pass on genes? WOW!


        I mean happiness and mental health helps people survive right? It fits in the evolutionary thingymagig you mentioned.

        So surely you can't tell me you don't enjoy any kind of book, tv show/movie, art, colour, clothes, websites. They can all cause financial burden and most are not great for the environment, some can cause emotional stress (such as all the arguments happening in this thread).


        Hi Op, for some they are the food :)

        Eaten Pig after 100 days

        Does this one make sense to you?


        That’s not genes man that’s hormones!
        Otherwise little kids and old people would be F beasts cuz “it’s in their genes”

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      OP, doesn't this also reflect on oneself too?… or you are implying you are more superior? Warning, slippery slope ahead.


      You could say the same thing about Ozbargain.