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[Switch] Hori Split Pad Pro (Red/Blue) - $49.98 + Delivery / C&C @ EB Games


Seems like a good price for an apparently well regarded controller. Blue is also available for the same price,, and the Daemon X Machina edition is also the same price but it's C&C only.

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    Great price. Got it but sold later to get the Binbok.

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      I did the same and never look back

      • Where’s the best place to get the binbok? Doesn’t seem available on Amazon AU.

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          I got them from their official website. The delivery took about 2 weeks

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          Amazon US. I got mine from there

      • Any big differences?

        Or just the binbok having textured grips and being cheaper?

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          Binbok has built-in gyro, dual vibration, RGB light and they can be used wirelessly just like the JoyCons

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            @CloudDragon: Issues with d-pad? (I read that both versions have bad dpad)

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              @caprimulgus: I have the RGB model and the unpowered model, the dpad is terrible on both. They put little rubber sticker pads under the dpad that move about, once removed the dpad is better but not great

          • @CloudDragon: Damn that's next level

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      Never heard of this. Researched and ordered this instead. Use code binbok10 for 10% off (emailed support to get code).

      • thanks for that, going to give it a shot, love my hori's but these look pretty sweet

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      There's a lightning deal for the Binbok on Amazon US right now
      Not sure how long it lasts for but I jumped on!

      • what was the price?

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          $37.49 + $7.11 shipping + $4.46 GST = $49.06 USD (which was $68.50 AUD shipped with the conversion at that time)

          • @LaHug: That would've been the price before shipping

            • @profounddominator: No. It was $12.50 off (USD) with a coupon and lightning deal at the same time. That's literally the breakdown of prices in my order invoice.

              Order Summary
              Item(s) Subtotal:USD 49.99
              Shipping & Handling:USD 7.11
              Lightning Deal:-USD 7.50
              Your Coupon Savings:-USD 5.00
              Total before GST:USD 44.60
              Estimated GST to be collected:USD 4.46
              Grand Total:USD 49.06
              Payment Grand Total:AUD 68.50

              • @LaHug: My apologies. I remember doing it when the lightning deal was on and my postage was nearly double. It still is now

                Maybe it depends on where you live (Melbourne Metro)

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                  @profounddominator: Strange. I'm rural Vic so I usually get killed by postage. Not sure why mine was so much better than yours but I'll take it.

                  No worries though. Just glad we both get a relatively good deal on (hopefully) great controllers!

  • How good are these?

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      Much better ergonomics than the joycons
      Can't be used wirelessly and there's no rumble, I bought for nephew who loves it because he only plays his Switch in handheld mode anyway

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        It's a shame they don't have rumble. It's the one thing that's been drawing me away from them.

  • They seem to not have alot of stock as im getting refunds on 90% of my orders

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    Fantastic controller.

    I have the black one from a previous deal, as someone who primarily plays handheld mode these are a (literal) gamechanger.

    Feels like using a proper and well built controller.

    Only downside is no rumble, NFC, or gyro, but if you can look past that it's fine, I personally didn't miss those features.

  • Fantastic price! Considered buying a second but then wasn't sure why haha

    • I have 4 .

      So why not? lol

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      Don't do it. You'll regret it. Just 1 more thing you don't use.

      • That was what I figured. Too much stuff already!

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        This has been me in the past. Slowly selling off all the ozbargain garbage I don't use lol

  • Ordered a pair to use for PS4/5 remote play. I was struggling to play a lot of games with the joy-con.

    • Can you actually use these for PS4/5 remote play? Do these controllers have Bluetooth/Battery?

      • They don't but I'm assuming they'll just work with Chiaki?

        • oh homebrew.

  • Get the Satisfye on Amazon instead. Feels much better in the hands if you really wanted something like this.

  • bought

  • Great price. I would definitely get this over the satisfye or the skull and co grip case - because you still have to deal with the tiny buttons and lack of D pad.

    Unfortunately with the Hori I found the grip and the D pad to be inferior to the Pro controller. I was strongly considering whether to go for the Hori over this clip device that lets you use the Pro controller with the switch screen. Not sure about the ergonomics but at least you get a good grip and D pad… Worth thinking about I reckon.

    • Not sure I would describe the dpad on the pro controller as good! (at least on mine - ymmv).

      My bigger issue with that sort of set-up is ergonomics - I can't imagine the torque would be good on the wrists!

      • Yeah don't get me wrong the D pad on Pro controller isn't great by any means. But it's more clicky than Hori. Hori was somewhat mushy. But not unusable or anything. Still, how hard is it too get a D pad right? It was perfected on the SNES in the 80s ffs.

        Yeah I agree, it was the ergonomics that led me away from the clip device.

  • Wish there wasn’t $15 delivery. No C&C available near my stores in VIC :(

  • They're currently all SOLD OUT. :)