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50% off RRP (30% off Full Priced Items) @ adidas Outlet (Ultraboost from $120, Stan Smith from $65)


Adidas will be having a mid season sale starting from midnight.

Offer valid from Wednesday September 15th 00:01 AEST – Sunday October 3rd 23:59 AEST for all customers on adidas App, www.adidas.com.au

Full priced items will receive 30% off the RRP, while outlet/sale items will receive 50% off the RRP.

Full T&Cs

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    er isnt it alreeady 50% off at outlet..

    • Some are still 30% off.

      • They went 30 % off this morning, and the ones already with 30 % off went 50 % off at the same time.

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    I saw the items are all discounted and can be purchased now. Does that mean further discount will be available from tomorrow? Thanks

    • I doubt it. They were discounted this morning.

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    I think it started already, some of the ultraboost are 50% off already on the outlet

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    Dear god. No more. Got 5 pairs already of ultraboost. Do I go 2 more so I can have 1 pair each day?

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      Sounds good to have one each day.

    • I have several pairs of ultraboost but not the 21 version. I usually have to go one size up due to the snug fit. How about the size of ultraboost 21? Thanks

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        I have ultra boost 5.0 and 21. I would actually suggest to go down a half size for the 21 if possible.
        I got an 11 which is my usual size, but tried on 10.5 in the shop and it is a way better fit so I'm going to sell the 11 and get a 10.5. Just my experience with the 21, if you don't want a loose fit!

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      this is why i have zero pairs, when it goes on sale. My size is OOS.

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    May stack with this deal?

  • Hi all, can someone make comments on the size of ultraboost 21? I have several pairs of ultraboost but not the 21 version. I usually have to go one size up due to the snug fit. How about the size of ultraboost 21? Thanks

    • I would highly recommend the 21 and would suggest to go down half a size if possible.
      I got an 11 which is my normal size but am selling them and buying a 10.5, as the half size was a way better fit.
      If the half size wasn't an option, I would still sell the 11 and get a size 10 - as this was a better fit too for the 21.
      Hope that helps!

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    Even james bond wears ultra boost…😎


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    Honestly, I can't see how this hasn't already started. All Ultraboost went on 30 % this morning and the ones already on sale went on 50 % off, exactly matching the deal terms.

    FYI the 50 % off items stack with 15 % off newsletter sign up offer but not that 25 % offer you get for reaching the third rank of their rewards programme.

    • +4

      Lucky I refreshed this page and read your post before purchasing. Got some UB 21's for $114.75

      • I tried adding the newsletters sign up promo code, but when I applied it the price went up to $229.50. i.e. I lost the 50% discount. Am I doing something wrong?

  • when adidas.com.au gives a size, is that in US or UK?

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    Might be a noob question but.. how are 'DNA' Ultraboosts different to just regular UB's?

    • DNA are casual shoes.

      • Casual shoes as in just fashion and casual to the shops or are they walking shoes? I thought there were only 2 types running and normal ones? :O

        • From what I have read they are geared towards your everyday type of walking. I have bought some to replace Puma Suedes which tear up my feet every time I walk 4 km up and down the beach.

        • -5

          They're all junk casual shoes lol.

          Get a proper shoe that fits your foot shape for running. Seriously, when athletes or fitness enthusiasts get shoes, they don't just get whatever is on sale, they get a professional fitting. It makes the world of difference to your performance and your overall foot health.

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            @Orico: From a podiatrist?

          • @Orico: I wouldn't run in Ultraboosts but I wouldn't call them 'junk casual shoes', they are fairly well made and extremely comfortable.

            I think Ultraboosts are a good walking/gym/casual/general fitness shoe, just not a regular 10k run shoe. I'd also say that about most of the more 'premium' Nike shoes. They're really made for style. But most people don't run very often with any sort of consistency so there's no real point comparing them to proper running shoes, and if you only run 2km twice a week then a pair of Ultraboosts would be fine.

            Most people who run regularly short or long distances will be wearing something that suits their actual running needs anyway, (e.g. stability with the ASIC Kayanos), and these shoes tend to be more expensive and less 'stylish'.

            • @Sydney-bargainhunter: For a casual runner, these will be fine though right? like 5km 3-4 times a week?

              I've been using Nike react flyknits for a bit under a year and they felt alright most of the time. Only recently they have started to feel like the arch support is collapsing and theyre getting a bit flat..

    • Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the DNA shoes have a different upper compared to regular UBs? I may be wrong.

      • DNA has primeknit uppers like regular Ultraboosts.

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      The DNA is a name they now use for the ultraboosts 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0, all of which has the same silhouette (same shape and midsole), with different upper patterns. Various upper materials are used on these (primeknit, mesh, leather).

      Then there's ultraboost 19 and 20, which share the same silhouette.

      Then there's the ultraboost 21 which is different again.

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    I'd probably hold off on buying for a day or so - some upsized cashback from CR/SB will probably be announced soon.

    • You can also sign up for the newsletter on a spare email for 15 % off. Not sure if that would be better than cashback or not. At the same time, I have had the cashback track via shopback in combination with the newsletter code - not sure if it would reject later on or not though.

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      Sounds good but you could miss out on your size. I just bought some shoes for 30% off and there were only 2 pairs left.

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        They will probably refund your order I had one that was showing six in stock and 1.5 weeks later it was refunded.

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    I feel like this happens every three months, and every time I check everything available-for-sale looks the same lol

  • How to get the 15% newsletter code? I have signed up for the newsletter.. however did not receive any code . I even went till checkout to see if that code will be applied automatically, but nothing happened and I was asked to pay 135$ for UB20 :(

    • Did you receive the email? Maybe you have used your email for a previous Adidas purchase? Try signing up with a different email address.

      • Thanks.i will try with another email.

    • didn't get an email either unfortunately

      edit: nvm, just used a gmail address instead of my protonmail account and it worked.

  • Five Ten Freerider Pro for $154 is a great deal! Already on sale and snapped up! Plus 6% cash back with shopback.

  • Need to remember to come back at midnight and start buying haha

    • +3

      is it working for you? mine still shows 30% off in outlet?

      • Still showing 30% off outlet for me too

  • I really want a NMD!

  • Keeps saying payment failed. Tried 4 different cards and PayPal.

    Anyone else having issues?

    • Just put in an order. All good here

      • I tried on laptop using chrome, chrome incognito, chrome on phone. Kept saying payment failed.

        Tried on Mrs phone and it worked straight away………

    • PayPal (as a guest) works for me, card does not.

  • Bought $70 Cloud white Stan Smith shoes and $130 Core Black / Clear Mint / Hazy Blue Ultraboost DNA CC_1 Shoes.

    $‭160.73 delivered ($200 - 15% voucher for newsletter sign-up - $‭9.27 ShopBack assuming they honour the newsletter code).

    Thank you OP ^_^

    • Did you receive yours yet? Mine says its still being packed by aus post. But sent on the Adidas tracker

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    Outlet pricing still 30% to 50% off RRP for me. Anyone getting all 50% off RRP for outlet?

    • nope prices still the same

      • Thanks

    • No further discount it appears?

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    Who is Stan Smith?

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    Still showing as 30% off in the outlet section of the app. Guess I’ve saved myself $430? 🤷‍♀️

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    15% cashback (max $30) at shopback for adidas

  • Thanks a lot OP. Picked up two pairs of UB 21s for $229.50.

    These deals pop up quite often but this one has had some of the best colourways and the stacking 15% discout was the cherry on top.

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    Still only 30% in Outlet :(

  • +5

    Cart still the same since yesterday - no change in price.

    No deal - moving on!

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    New customer discount not applied with outlet prices this morning

  • Is there a code because these seem like normal prices?

  • If I apply the 15% discount code, it does that over the orignal price (hence it's useless). Is this correct?

    Edit: the 15% off for signing up to their newsletter.

    • off the sale price

    • +2

      i tried using the 15% off for signing up, but it removed the sale price and computed it back from the original RRP.

      RRP $260 - Sale $182 - with 30% original discount
      RRP $260 - Sale $221 - with 15% signup coupon

      • +1

        Yep no longer stacks. But 15 % shopback cashback is available instead.

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    Shopback has 15% cashback, should have waited instead of buying yesterday on the 6%

    • Same although I used the 15% off newsletter sign-up voucher which stacked yesterday and today they have blocked it.

      • oh, i did the same thing, i guess it works out to be slightly better for us then haha

  • thanks for the post, bought a pair. two things I bought way too many during the lockdowns, Adidas shoes and Seiko watches lol

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    So I placed an order last night and I got through to the purchase confirmation page, however, I never received an e-mail confirmation of the order. Interestingly, I did get an e-mail from Cash Rewards saying that my purchase had been tracked. I just spoke to someone via the online chat, asking them to check my order, and they said:

    "We are currently having a technical issue concerning credit card orders on our official adidas website. Based on the current information we cannot proceed to process your order."

    I asked them to confirm what this meant and they said:

    "The order placed, was failed. Need to reorder. Please try using different browser"

    So if anyone else didn't get an e-mail confirmation for your order, recommend speaking to customer support to check on it.

  • I have wide feet so which Adidas shoes are best for me? Any recommendations?

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    Talked to customer representatives on chat about the T&Cs stating that outlet/sale items will receive 50% off the RRP.

    Spoke to 3 reps who said that there were exclusions which aren't on the T&Cs and all ended the chat without notice.

    Basically it is what it is.

    • +3

      Same, spoke to like 3 chat reps and got automatically disconnected due to inactivity. They said theres an exclusion list but i said that my items is not listed in the exclusion list. Chat rep then spoke to supervisor and they said that the 30-50% is already applied and i said that it dosent say the "up to 50%" for the outlet items but it says "will receive 50% off the RRP". Chat rep then said they will escalate with their respective departments and get back to me by today.

      What a mess.

  • Do the jersey (Manchester) ever get discounted?

    • Almost never.