HORI Universal HD Gaming Monitor - $209.98 (was $419.95) + Delivery (Free for NSW/ACT/C&C) @ EB Games


Works for any consoles with HDMi Connection. Please note its only 720p but it has had many good reviews.

Broaden your HORIzons
HORI's new HD gaming monitor features ultra low-lag and a lightning-fast refresh rate. This 15.6 inch LCD monitor is PlayStation 4 compatible, check the packaging for other compatible consoles. Featuring a premium leatherette built-in protector, a slim profile and weight under 2 kg, this monitor fits inside most backpacks and computer bags. Gamers on the go and those looking for a portable second monitor for their laptop, look no further!

Adjustable design attaches to most consoles
Includes speakers and headphone outputs
Folds up for portability
Premium leatherette cover
Includes short HDMI cable and AC adapter

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  • Paying for the brand.

    Way better portable monitors on eBay for similar price range.

    • +5

      Such as?

      • Blitzwolf BW-PCM5. This monitor is 4K, touch screen and USB-C. I got it for $280.

        • -1

          So where do I get it for under $209?

          • +3

            @King Steuart: Scale of value. For another $80 you can double the resolution with better features. I think it shows $208 for this particular monitor might not be worth it.

            • @Ryanek: So I've read that 4K is only 30fps but USB-C supports up to 60 frames. Guess I'll do some research.

        • Is it just me or is it not available anymore? I can't seem to find it on Banggood at all. The BW-PCM5 I mean.

  • +12

    lightning-fast refresh rate

    Refresh Rate: 60Hz
    Response Rate: 8ms

    • That's probably better than a good chunk of 4k TVs.
      A lot of the YouTube videos are seem support said theory when looking at how it handles fighting games.

  • 720p…

    Love my Uperfect 4K 15.6".

    • That seems to be twice the cost (?)

      • -1

        Yeah. Would you like to run it on a quarter @ss video quality?

        • Even worse. 1080 is 1/4 of 4k. I think 720 is something like 1/9th.

  • other than the portable design i don't really see the point of this. that bezel is wack

  • I'd consider myself pretty modest regarding picture quality (I'm basically 1080p for everything) but sub 1080p for a screen that size just seem poor for 2021 standards.