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Sur-Ron Light Bee X Off Road Electric Dirt Bike $5799.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Costco is always good in bargains so here is a Wow factor to share.

Sur-Ron Light Bee X Off Road Electric Dirt Bike

Get ready to explore not just the trails, but challenging bush tracks and mountainous terrain with the Light Bee X electric bike. It is lightweight, quiet and electric powered. It has no clutch and no complicated gear selectors, instead, the electric motor has a simple “on” gear that allows you to easily engage in its full range of torque power without losing focus on what you're doing.


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  • I can see a license and rego being required for this if you want to ride trails.

    • You can't register it, no lights etc.

      If it has a max speed of 25kph I think you can get away with no rego which would probably be enough for trails and technical tracks but ultimately a little unsatisfying.

      • +3

        Nope. Has more than 250w of power. It is not an E bike. Primary mode of propulsion is not pedaling. It's like a stealth bomber E-motorbike without the pedals. Is too long to be classed as a personal mobility device

      • Recreation Vehicle Registration just like other dirt bikes to ride trails. You'll need to fit lights to get it then you can remove them.

    • +3

      This is 100% offroad on private land only really, it's classed as a dirt bike, no compliance plate or such, not road worthy at all… In some states you could probably get RV rego to use it on some state forest public lands…

      Very much illegal to use on road, bike paths, and such…

  • Looks like a fun toy if not using 18650 power source.. the degradation in max output will be quite rapid I would imagine.

    • Should use a hair under 8A per string of cells at max output so it shouldn't be too bad on the cells if they are using decent cells and the user doesn't run the pack empty all the time.
      My experience on ebikes with ethically dubious power outputs leads me to the conclusion that max draw on anything near this level of power is only used in very short bursts normally (outside of track / oval racing) otherwise you quickly reach the self imposed "I am going to back off now" limit that most sane people will have screaming in the back of their mind.

      • Hmm.. not too sure about that bud. Offroading is an adrenaline driven sport. You are right when it comes to cars that there will not be maximum draw but with bikes everyone tends to be high throttle from the get go. 176 panasonic 18650s is what this bike if fuelled by, I do not think it will stand up to any reliability test, I think the lower cost of ownership and charging is what drives that decision since KTM also uses 18650s.

        Since this is the future..IMHO wait before switching out the hondas and kawasakis.. not there yet so enjoy the aural experience till it lasts which will not be long.

    • I don't understand your comment regarding 18650 batteries, you do realise that Tesla use these cells in all their cars?

      • You are right , wow.. did not know that even Telsas run off Panasonic 18650 . I must be wrong then with the battery issue I pointed out. They have changed to 2170 but wow .I am absolutely stunned. I was mistaken obviously. So battery is not the issue here. Well in that case looks like a great toy for anyone interested though unless you absolutely want it now for the kids, I am sure the the price will go down as everything turns to electric

    • It's the same thing ;) it's a Sur-ron with Segway badges thrown on it…

      Same as the Sur-ron, do not trust any online reviews, Segway approached e-bike and motrobike vloggers and writers and paid them for good reviews, a lot had never even seen one of the bikes in person…

      • They're made by the same manufacturer but the Segway is better. Also the Sur Ron doesn't come with the app.

        • Knowing that Segway pay for favourable reviews I wouldn't trust the spin…

          Segway also fudge the specs, they claim a 120km range, at least Sur-Ron kinda imply it has really shit range in their specs: 100km range @ 20kmh, who would ride this at 20kmh? lol, so if you use it as a dirtbike with speeds around 40-50kmh, hard on and off the juice, you'd probably only get 20-30km range…

          They're a nice little toy, a bloody expensive little toy though, lol

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