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10x Hangover Cure Sachets $24 Shipped (20% off) @ No Regrets



So a couple of friends of mine have been working on this casually for a few years. The goal was to launch back in 2020 but covid kind of slowed things down.

They've essentially been experimenting on my friend group for the last 24-36 months with different cocktails to try to reduce the effects of hangovers, and they're at a point where they feel like they can sell the product.

It's a sachet that you mix with water and drink before you go to sleep, with the ultimate endgoal being able to wake up in the morning without feeling like you've been hit by a sledgehammer. It works quite well — anecdotally — and it relieves a lot of the symptoms. Obviously won't immediately teleport you out of the seventh circle of hell if you were six bottles of wine deep the night before, but the finalised product worked surprisingly well making Saturday mornings feel significantly less horrible after Friday drinks.

The sachet concept itself was put together so you can just have it accessible in your pocket, wallet or purse or something.

They've asked me to post on OzBargain on their behalf so here I am. They're offering 20% off for the next couple of weeks as part of their launch specifically for OzBargain. This brings it in at $24 including postage. There are only two flavours at the moment — they've spent most of their time trying to get the product right rather than focusing on the flavours — but they're looking at introducing a few more if things work out. That said, the two current flavours are both cracker. Cheers.

EDIT: For the comparisons to similar composition to Berocca, these chonky boys weigh in at about 8g each which I imagine is probably closer to 5-6 Berocca pills.

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No Regrets Hangover Cure
No Regrets Hangover Cure


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    So it's berocca but more expensive. What garbage.

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      Ingredients are pretty much the same except berocca has other B vitamins

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      This stuff
      Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C),
      Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Potassium Citrate, Malic Acid),
      Minerals (Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate),
      Beetroot Juice Powder,
      Natural Flavours, Sweetener (Erythritol, Sucralose

      Vitamin B1 (Thiamine hydrochloride as monophosphothiamine dihydrate) 15 mg
      Vitamin B2 (Riboflavine as riboflavine sodium phosphate) 15 mg
      Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide) 50 mg
      Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid as calcium pantothenate) 23 mg
      Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride) 10 mg
      Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 10 micrograms
      Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 500 mg
      Vitamin H (Biotin) 150 micrograms
      Folic acid 400 micrograms
      Calcium (as calcium carbonate and calcium pantothenate) 100 mg
      Magnesium (as magnesium carbonate hydrate and magnesium sulfate dihydrate) 100 mg
      Zinc (as zinc citrate trihydrate) 10 mg

      • Hey, I asked about this, and I was told that the dosages are completely different. The amount of Vitamin C, for example, is several times higher than what you get in Berocca.

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          Anything over 200mg doesn't absorb in a single dose anyway so that's pointless. It just becomes unmetabolised ascorbic acid and is excreted through your peepee

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          The amount of Vitamin C, for example, is several times higher than what you get in Berocca.

          Berocca has 500mg which is already more than your body can absorb. What's the point of going several times higher when it's just going to be extreted in your urine unmetabolised?

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      More expensive than berocca and hydralyte combined. And we are supposed to believe words from a bunch of his friends who have been drunk and hangover for the last 24-36 months…

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        Anecdotal is the new science these days

        • Good luck scientifically measuring a 'hangover'!

          • @hoxygt: Don’t disagree, very subjective however there are other methods such as measuring the amount of acetaldehyde.
            Who cares though, don’t want to deal with a hangover? Don’t drink too much. Im sure we’ve all learnt that lesson

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              Im sure we’ve all learnt that lesson

              its sometimes hard to remember that lesson :P

      • Long live the Ballmer Peak haha

  • Before regretting put some condoms

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      I think op is already regretting. Savage audience here today.

  • I guess it’s cheaper than a Bloody Mary…

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    I give them a week before the TGA will close them down making unsubstantiated claims.

    • They added a * for that.

      Product joke ✔️
      Marketing fail ✔️
      Ozbargain spirt ✔️

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        Nope, incumbent on the advertiser to substantiate, claims not the TGA to disprove. Otherwise you could claim to cure cancer with no repurcussion as long you add an asterisk…..

    • That's very optimistic of you

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      Doesn't appear to be registered in the ARTG. Sections 19B and 19D of the Therapeutic Goods Act might make interesting reading.

      Section 19B is titled "Criminal offences relating to registration or listing etc. of imported, exported, manufactured and supplied therapeutic goods".

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    No contact info at all, and no business name or ABN ?

    Where is it manufactured?,
    Is it manufactured somewhere appropriate for foodstuffs?
    Are the people making it qualified?
    Does this sort of stuff need TGA approval of some form?….
    How do we know it's safe? it all seems a bit dodgy…

    So a couple of friends of mine have been working on this casually for a few years.

    Thrown together in a mates garden shed?

    • Also ""Please note that the sachets are posted without retail packaging in order to provide free shipping." Yikes!

      • are posted without retail packaging in order to provide free shipping.

        Instructions missing, snorted the bag thinking it was some Richard Gear.

      • I'm pretty sure that's specifically about the retail box, they'd send out individually packaged foil sachets.

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          Any chance of a business name and ABN?

          • @FLICKIT: They just got back to me, said it was an oversight and they'll update the site with the details.

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      Thrown together in a mates garden shed?

      Mates step-dads mates mums basement

  • How about a few free samples for members and we can provide some real-life feedback?

    I guess the inventors 'friends' might seem less that independant and has got this cynical bunch securing their cash in the tightest place they know!

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    No need to reinvent the wheel, cob.

    The holy trinity of Menulog kfc zinger box, a large Gatorade (ideally blue or red), and the misso going off at me for blowing the rainy day fund on obscure 10 leg multis always gets me right as rain after a 3 day bender.

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    Can you snort it ? Asking for a friend

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    Beetjuice and vitamin c

    Beetjuice may do something but you need pretty high doses .
    But basically this BS.

    • I recall reading beetroot juice improving VO2 max in runners.

      Here I’m curious as to what colour your piss goes.

      • Haha. Yep. That's what I was thinking about. Beet juice improving running performance.

        The interesting thing about the piss is it depends on how you absorb beet pigments. Some people absorb alot of pigment and get coloured piss whereas others don't and piss doesn't change colour. Probably to do with genetics/gut microbiome but I can't find a good explaination.

        But interestingly if you are iron deficient you can beeturia (coloured urine).

        • Good for pumps - nitrates

  • Bet you're regretting this post now. NoRagrets

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    The person responsible for this is either an idiot or a sociopathic scam artist. Neither category do you want to trust to provide you with powder for consumption.

  • The website is hilarious

    Science understand why hangovers happen. Simply put, it’s due to a toxic by-product that is formed during your body’s metabolism of alcohol. Science also understands the mechanisms by which toxins cause damage to the body, namely a phenomenon known as oxidative stress. This is where antioxidants come into play, as they have the ability to neutralise toxins and prevent their negative effects on the human body. Some antioxidants have even been used to treat life-threatening conditions such as: radiation poisoning, sepsis, spider bites, and even the consumption of the “Death Cap” a.k.a. amanita phalloides, the most toxic mushroom in existence*.

  • How much beet juice powder per sachet?