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Philips Fidelio X3 Headphones $249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


An all time low according to the three camels at just $30 more than the current price on the X2HR.
A minor bump in terms of sound from the XH2R according to reviewers and a decent bump in materials and build.
There's definitely more clinically accurate headphone options at this price point, but if you're after a fun sound signature and an attractive design these are a good pickup.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +4

    still rocking the X2 from December 2014.

    Reviews seem poor on Amazon. Also the cables split into left and right not too sure if its best for my usage (PC).

    • Left and right is just on the headphones end, not on the input side so it can still connect to a computer using a standard 3.5mm. I think a lot of the poor reviews are based on the price vs product which is a bit more justifiable at this price point.

      That being said I definitely don't think this is enough of an upgrade from the X2 to justify the purchase, probably better to look at spending more and getting a Sundara, or going for something like the 6xx to at least get a different sound signature.

      • yea i understand that its just on the headphones end, but it's pretty damn annoying to have two wires dangling then merging into one, compared to one.

  • +2

    pretty happy with my X2HR bough two weeks ago

    • Same here, can't justify buying this when my X2HR is still in the mail so I figured I'd share it with ozbargain instead :)

  • +2

    I read that the sound signature is different from the X2, and not in a good way.

    • +1

      I've seen reviewers say it tilts either way, but rtings gives the X2HR an 8.4 to the 7.8 of the X3, so you might certainly be right. Perhaps to some the aesthetic and better build will be enough to be worth that compromise.

      • +1

        RTings is pathetic for headphones, I wouldn't recommend following their advice

  • +4

    My X2HR arrived today, they sound so nice and smooth. Listening to a variety of genres with .FLAC and my V30+ is such a nice experience! Have gone through 5 albums straight tonight.

    • I'm keenly awaiting mine too! These Australia Post delays have me checking the tracking site every day…

  • Would love to compare to X2

    • Lets do it, you can buy this and send it to me ;)

      • Compare before buy is the whole point, you first :)

        • +1

          I'm using my newly acquired X2HR as we speak, so far so good, now waiting for amazon gift from you :)

  • Imho, the X2HR is superior to the X3 in sound, materials and cable.

  • Was looking to upgrade my 3.5 year old X2HRs as I recently changed the warn pads and now the sound sounds off. Feels more hollow, but it's hard to explain.
    It's a shame these are not that well received, or at least divided which doesn't give me confidence to make buy.

    Maybe i'll wait for the eventual refresh H3HR in a couple years time.

    • +1

      You can buy replacement pads that are an upgrade to the stock ones. Dekoni ones are good according to this review, they aren’t cheap though. Around $90 a pair.


      • Nice find. I spent ~$40 for these garbage ones, I should searched around longer and got these instead.

  • FYI - mwave have it for the same price aswell, don't know if they charge postage.

  • I have more headphones than I have time to listen to music

    • +1

      Even better if you have more headphones+DACs+Amps than time

      • please dont give me ideas lol

  • I reckon I'd still go the X2HR over these, they're $219 delivered on Amazon at the moment