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Zyron Deskpod 100W (156W Max) SAA Certified Desktop Charger $89.99 Delivered @ Zyron Tech AU


24 Hours dispatch on all orders

Now available on Amazon AU

If you like our Deskpod then please leave a review on Amazon or our website as it will help other buyers and also Zyron as a small Australian business :)

Bundle Deskpod with 10000mAh Power bank to get the 10000mAh at 50% OFF ($14.99 from $29.99) 10000mAh. To get the discount add both to cart. Discount automatically applied in the cart.

Deskpod Specifications:
USB-C1: 100W (PPS 3.3V-21V/5A)
USB-C2: 100W (PPS 3.3V-21V/5A)
USB-A1: 18W
USB-A2: 18W
C1+C2: 60W+60W
C1+A1/A2: 100W + 18W
C2+A1/A2: 100W + 18W
A1+A2: 18W + 18W
C1+C2+A1/A2: 60W + 60W + 18W
C1/C2+A1+A2: 100W+18W+18W
C1+C2+A1+A2: 60W + 60W + 18W + 18W

USB-C: PD3.0/2.0, PPS, QC4+, AFC
USB-A: QC3.0/2.0, SCP, AFC, 2.4


1X DESKPOD 100W USB-C Charger 113x80x28.5mm & 308g
1X 1m Power Cable with AU plug

2 Years

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    That's awesome. Actual dual fast charging! So often the second usb c port drops to 18W making it useless for laptops.

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      We don't know what brand that is or what standards they follow in terms of the chips used inside. It can be made to sell for $40 as well but won't pass SAA probably that's the reason is cheap with no SAA

      Non SAA vs SAA certified
      1 Year vs 2 year warranty
      Located in CN (add 10% GST + $50 to send back to CN for warranty claims) vs Sydney stock and warranty, protected under ACL
      God knows when it will arrive VS 24 hours local postage

      • +9

        what standards they follow in terms of the chips used inside

        I'm willing to bet it's the identical product.

        The points re postage/return and supporting a local outlet still stand.

      • +8

        That's the same as yours.

        Direct from manufacturer: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/High-Quality-100W-Sup...
        Model: PD-048PT

        Nothing wrong with rebranding quality stuff, but you're definitely trying too hard by claiming yours is safer than the Aliexpress item, when both are the same.

        • +1

          came out of the same factory line

          depends whether you think $67 vs. $90 ie. close to 50% more expensive is the price worth supporting local business, such as it is

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            @tonyjzx: Its not $67 mate. Its $74 with GST (plus add $50 if the charger needs warranty claim). For an extra $15 you get additional year of warranty, local stock & warranty, SAA certification :)

          • @tonyjzx: This is not SUPPORTING a local business.
            This is paying an extra for a wannabe Australian business that supports a Chinese business.
            If it was Australian made, I would jump on this charger in a second. But since is yet another chinese product, I cannot see how this supports Australia..

            • +5

              @ets27: Belkin, Alogic, Cygnett, Anker, Zendure, etc are all made in China. I have never seen a charger that is made in Australia.

              Not really paying extra. You are paying for 1 year additional warranty. local stock and local warranty plus a trusted SAA standard manufacturing.

              People are comparing oranges and apples. False representations of $67 (when actually it is $74) and 50% (67/90 - 25% claimed falsely as 50%. Actual is 18% difference)

              This $15 (18%) includes 10% GST and 5% duty are paid to Australian Government when importing, shipping costs to Australia to make it locally available. Money spent stays within Australia. Taxes by local businesses are paid to Australian Government. When a local business grows, it creates jobs locally.

              • +1

                @ibelievesyd: 1 - I never said Anker or the others are made in Australia.

                2 - Anker and other do not claim to be Australian businesses or to have Australian made chargers.

                3 - In my care there are two options:

                OPTION A: I pay whatever premium price to have somehting locally made. And trust me, I do it. Wether it is clothing, food or whatever
                OPTION B If something comes from China, my apologies but I do not accept to pay any premium price and I get the cheapest.

                You claim to have an Australian business that sends money in China. pppppfffffft…

            • @ets27: I'd say you likey wouldn't jump on it, at least the vast majority wouldn't, because the cost would be astronomical for a locally made one. We don't make bulk electronics here.

              • @incipient: Trust me,
                I spend A LOT more for locally made stuff.

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          We are trying hard because its a fact mate. You can get a Surface laptop in i3, i5 and i7 but they all look the same. Same principle applies to chargers as well. You can use cheaper alternative chip solutions that can reduce the price. The SAA certification imposts an obligation on the manufacturing standards. Regardless, even if it is the same, an extra $15 you get additional year of warranty, local stock & warranty, SAA certification :)

          • +3


            You can get a Surface laptop in i3, i5 and i7 but they all look the same.

            I showed you an identical product with identical power figures, hence why I said it's the same.

            You can use cheaper alternative chip solutions that can reduce the price.

            Not really. You can't chop and change like that as it requires a circuit redesign. You don't approach the factory saying "we want this charger but make it cheaper by changing the chips". Instead you choose a cheaper existing design from their product line.

            an extra $15 you get additional year of warranty, local stock

            Not doubting this at all. Just pointing out you're knocking an identical product just to make a sale.

        • I mean it can be safer/more reliable. A big part of manufacturing is QA. If a better brand pays for say 50 in 1000 items to be tested vs a cheap no brand paying for 1 in 1000, that's a big hit to cost, and is more likely to identify bad batches.

          • @incipient:

            If a better brand pays for say 50 in 1000 items to be tested vs a cheap no brand paying for 1 in 1000, that's a big hit to cost

            Some what true if they own the production line. Not in this case as both the AE link and OP source and rebrand from Vina, the manufacturer.

            • @m9: Even if they don't. Companies pay OEM's to do QA for them, and it becomes part of the cost per unit.

              A company that says "give me whatever 10k item you have lying around" will pay much less than someone that says "I need 10k items that pass a 1% QA".

              Depending on the size of the order too, the base designs can be altered - but I expect that OP may not be big enough to be able to justify that however.

    • +1

      That's a lot cheaper! Neg as it's not a bargain.

      All you get is the same product available cheaper elsewhere, and supposedly a warm fuzzy feeling from supporting someone is Aus that get Alibaba to whack "zyron" logos on Chinese stuff - sometimes even upside down…

      • +1

        Compare oranges with apples and neg?

        SAA vs non-SAA
        AU stock vs CN stock
        2 years warranty vs 1 year warranty
        Sydney based warranty under ACL vs Send back to China warranty
        24 hours dispatch vs 30 days delivery]
        Price difference $15 (which includes the 15% GST and duty paid to the Australian Government)

        Same factory manufacture chargers for the likes of Satechi

        • More like comparing apple to apple with zyron logo on it.

    • so from @mubd1234's link, AUD73.96 (accepting ae's forex rate) v op/zyron AUD90.00. call it $16 more expensive to buy locally.

      $16 consists of / covers
      - additional GST and eventually, income tax revenue
      - warranty
      - seller's costs like storage, rent/premises, labour, insurances, postage, business compliance
      - seller's profit

      that's per unit sold. sell 1,000 units of this, it's a tidy sum. and i'd imagine this sum would stay in the local economy.

      or you could purchase from an overseas supplier (GST will stay local) and use the savings at a local restaurant that sources ingredients from local farmers.

      different ways to skin a cat!

  • Will this be made available on Amazon?

    • +1

      Yes mate. On 17th most likely but price will be different.

    • Hi mate, now available on Amazon @ $99.99

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  • OP - What are the dimensions on the 10k power bank? Or am I going blind and can't find them?

    • +1

      Hey mate. Missing in the product description. I will ask the team to add it. Size - 148x69x17mm

      • Great, thank you!

  • +3

    The 'certifications' you've listed for the product irrelevant or not recognised in Australia and SAA is the Certification body and isnt a Certification unto itself.

    Care to share the SAA Certificate info?

    • +2

      I agree with you that SAA is a certification body but that's the term widely used and something that most people are familiar with in Australia as I have seen on many other deals posted. In regards to certification, you can look up using the trade name "Zyron" in the EESR register at : https://equipment.erac.gov.au/Public/

      • +1

        I'm looking at this link and it has Guangdong Bekey Technology Co., Ltd listed as the certification applicant but this link has Vina International Holdings Ltd. listed as the certification applicant. Both links show Zyron Tech as a trade name but the Guangdong Bekey applicant has a bunch of other trade names as well.

        Is Zyron Tech a Chinese company that's just trading in Australia? Or are those companies listed above just the manufacturer of your stock?

        • +1

          They are the manufacturers mate. Zyron Tech is local sole trading company. Will be a registered company by end of the year as we mentioned on previous posts.

  • do you guys make (or source) GaN chargers with these specs?

    • +2

      Currently have 66W GaN. We have a 90W GaN under SAA certification due to be released early November followed by a 120W GaN by end of the year

      • Do post a deal when you get the 120W swinging by. :)

        Am interested but may forget to check next year.

        • +1

          For sure mate :)

  • I knew this has two high output ports but is this twice better than the Zendure given the price is more than doubled?


    I only need one high PD output port so would go with the Zendure, someone may have different needs.

    • I am unable to compare as there is no clear specification on the power distribution on Kogan or manufacturer's website but for sure the Zendure one cannot power 2 laptops simultaneously as the 2nd PD is only 18W. If you just need to use 1 port then Zendure should be sufficient.

  • Coupon code FIONNOCONNOR gives an extra 5% off :) (or it looks like you can just make an account and then refer yourself for the same discount)

    btw, powerbank comes out as $9 when bundled (50% off $18)

    happy to come back with feedback once it arrives :)