[Refurbished] Apple Pencil 2nd Gen - $169 Delivered @ Apple


If you need an Apple Pencil to match your newly ordered iPad Mini 6th generation, it looks like they are back in stock at Apple.

Combine with discounted Apple Gift Cards @ Woolworths for an even better price (~$20 in everyday rewards credit)

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  • What's the discount on Apple Gift Cards @ Woolworths?

  • Refer here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650860

    Only beneficial if you do your groceries at Woolworths.

  • Refurbishing a pencil sounds like a 1st-world problem.

  • That iPad mini looks awfully nice!

  • OOS

    • Its back in stock

      • thanks, do you think it's worth getting brand new considering there's only a $20 difference? I'm on edu store.

        • Apple refurbished is normally pretty good. Previous posts noted they were sealed like new.

          You get normal apple warranty as well

    • I think this is what is happening to me too. I'm in NSW too, and it shows as oos. But @Julz15 you're in Melbourne. So location based perhaps?

      • +1

        dunno dude, I'm in NSW but is available, "add to bag" button is blue and clickable

  • OOS as of right now. The add to bag is greyed out.
    Delivery: Out of stock
    Pick-up: Apple Store Pickup is currently unavailable

    • I can add it to bag??

      • So odd! I tried incognito, on and off work VPN, with me logged in AND logged out, that dam button won't let me add to cart!

        Tried on mobile data on phone but same outcome. Any other tricks I can try?

        • Im not sure. I just tried again and say delivery 1 business day