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[Back Order] WD_Black 4TB AN1500 NVMe SSD Add-in-Card $362.53 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


All time low for this item, currently on back order. As per previous deals DanielP2 Ca1vin you might receive a 1TB unit instead, thanks to Amazon swapping barcodes for different regions. However, This is an excellent price for the 2x 2TB M.2 drives it contains given current ssd prices, provided Amazon ship the correct item.

Mod Note: Based on comments & reviews, product being sent out is only 1TB. Purchase at your own risk.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • showing 664.78 now….

    • Click on the right tab with other sellers, Amazon Uk is the first listed

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    Warning: 100% you will receive a 1TB if buying from Amazon UK, not worth the hussle, still waiting for my refund, the return procedure is a disaster too.

    • Everyone has these stories about no questions asked refunds and stuff like that from Amazon.
      Is it really just a pain instead?

      • Was super easy for me. Even tho I was returning an item after 1 year. Had to wait till it arrived to the states tho, around 1 week.

      • Do you want to walking to Post office to send the parcel back during the lockdown, waiting for months to get the money back because of the logistical problem during the pandemic. The returning tracking number wont let you know where is your parcel, because it is shared with thousands other returning parcels.

        • I did a return on an item bought from UK, once it is posted at the PO using the Amazon barcode, it was just a matter of waiting.
          I actually love walking to the PO, it forces me to get away from my desk and move around which is pretty good for me or anyone working from home for that matter :) But yeah it can take a while to get the refund, but the return process to me is very simple, very straight forward.

      • Is it really just a pain instead?

        I had few issues with my 2 returns.

        Not getting tracking info was a pain in the butt, especially the return that went back to the US. That took ~1 month for the refund to come through, but the Aussie return was much quicker.

        As always, YMMV.

  • Had this back ordered since July, no movement xD

    • Was it from the same shop, AUSTiC?

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    Here we go again.

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    Back to $664.78.

    Also some of negative comments:

    1.0 out of 5 stars Scam bought 4tb, received 1tb,
    Reviewed in Australia on 2 September 2021
    Capacity: 4TBVerified Purchase
    Why bother to create a 4tb category, while you only have 1tb for sell.
    Customer service is bad too.
    Customer image
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    Derpus Maximus
    1.0 out of 5 stars Ordered 4Tb Version. Received 1Tb version.
    Reviewed in Australia on 5 September 2021
    Capacity: 4TBVerified Purchase
    Advertised as 4 tb card, received 1tb instead.
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    Why bother when you can see the Amazon reviews that people received the 1TB version? https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08HBPMPZ2?th=1#customerReviews

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    Why this post shows up again and again?
    From previous post, 1TB drive instead of 4TB drive will be delivered for ABUSOLUTELY SURE. You WILL waste your time on Amazon cusmtomer service and return for refund.

    Hope for 4TB to be delivered…? Well, have a nice dream…

  • +6

    I purchased one a few months back when it was here. It was shipped out from the UK and definitely the 1TB version. However, the order got so badly delayed that they refunded me before I even received it. I got to keep it for free.

  • I thought Amazon is pretty good in shutting down dodgy shops! not.

  • That's a big nope from me. I was keen to get one of these but after trying last time and the order getting cancelled within 48 hours, then the money taking 11 days to get refunded, I'm not going to try that again!

  • This isn't a YOLO-worthy gamble, as I know it will be a 1TB…

  • Will Amazon give away a $50 voucher because of they sent you a wrong item?

  • People received 1TB instead 4TB,
    The reason is Amazon UK website has wrong model number for the 1TB and 4TB.
    Amazon UK list the 1TB model as WDS400T1X0L, 4TB model as WDS100T1X0L.
    However, according WD website WDS100T1X0L is for 1TB, WDS400T1X0L is for 4TB version.


    If you still want to receive the 4TB, you should immediately notice Amazon UK. Let them know they list wrong technical details (model number) for the items. Hopefully they will ship you the WDS400T1X0L instead of WDS100T1X0L.

  • It is up again with CamelCamelCamel alert dropping to $296.16

    When the 4TB listing is less than both the 1TB and 2TB you know there is something peculiar going on.

    Judging by local prices it still looks to be a deal even if it is not the 4TB listed model?

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