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Sensory Lab Steadfast Blend 2kg (2x 1kg) $48.50 Delivered @ Sensory Lab


Back again! I found these to be good quality beans. Brought to you from the guys who do St. Ali.

From their newsletter:

Steadfast is our most popular blend and for good reason!

It's a meticulously roasted blend of Colombian & Brazilian coffees that sings of chocolate and golden raisins. Perfect for milky coffees and for those who like their espresso with a kick.

For a limited time, purchase 1KG of Steadfast and get an extra 1KG for FREE.

That's 2KG of delicious Melbourne roasted coffee for just $48.50.

Plus, you'll get free shipping on all orders over $39.

Simply add two 1KG Steadfast bags to your cart and the discount will automatically apply at checkout.

Enjoy x

Ends 5pm Thursday 16th September 2021

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  • How does this compare to the airjo coffee? (the Sumatra blend I got from the last deal is awesome)

    • Airjo sells only organic coffee.

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    what is the use-by on these please op?

    • Last batch I got was 2023

      • Ouch.

    • +16

      Absolutely the wrong question.

      You want to know the roast date. Then you want to figure out if you can consume it within a month or so past the roast date. (But not immediately after the roast date).

      Stick to the $12 Woolies/Aldi coffee (I like it).

      • +6

        aldi @ $12 a pop is amazing

      • +5

        You can freeze (whole beans only) and they last a lot longer, but yeah you get about 3 weeks IMO until they start to degrade from roast date.

        I usually grab coffee on sale and freeze it in 250g batches, which I've kept for up to 6months with minimal degredation in taste.

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    Will it be freshly roasted and have a roast date on it?

    The reason I ask is that I see you sell in Coles and I assume those bags don't have a roast date.

    • +5

      I’m not affiliated but the last time I ordered from these guys they were roasted several days before ship date. I think the Coles stuff is probably from older beans.

    • +1

      Copied form their website:
      "We roast, pack and sell coffee on a daily basis and look forward to sharing our journey with you."

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      From what got delivered to me previously, it has the roast date on it.

    • I’ve seen these in coles as well and would be steering clear of anything that doesn’t have a roast date

      • They have a roast date, even the ones in woolies. Sticker on back of bag. Saw it today

    • +1

      From my understanding Coles/Wooles requires the sell-by/best-before date and they don't allow the roast date in addition to that for… Reasons? Because St Ali's from a coffee shop or gourmet grocery has a roast date but not when sold from woolies … Which makes it impossible to buy even if it is nice that woolies now stocks decent ,lighter roast whole beans.

      • If I remember correctly, Campos coffee from woolworths has roasted date on it.

  • +6

    Not bad price but too much to buy at one time

    • -1

      Fresh roasted coffee will need about 2 weeks to de-gas and stays fresh for up to 2 months.

      • +4

        2 weeks to de-gas! Who told you that? A few days is enough

        • Lots of info online about it. It is drinkable right away, but for the best results I find it tastes best after about 10-14 days.

          • @Butter Finger: Possibly true, but 2 months is unlikely to be good for most beans , a month is much more reasonable. I'd much rather have non de-gassed beans then 2 month old beans lol.

      • +4

        Depends on the bean. They are all different and difficult to generalise. I would think in most cases 1 week is sufficient but they definitely don't stay fresh for up to 2 months. I wouldn't consider anything past 4 weeks from roast date as fresh.
        I roast my own beans so I have no issues with stale beans

    • Can also portion it off into say 250g airtight containers / bags and freeze it

  • Where were you 1 hour ago when I just made a purchase elsewhere? :P

    • +20

      At home, where I am supposed to be!

  • Only shows 1kg

    • +1

      Add a second to your cart and it's the same price.

      Ordered some to try, thanks OP.

    • Only shows 1kg

      EDIT must add 2 1kg for see 1kg free.
      Which is not bad usually any good deal it’s around $30 x kg

  • +1

    Got a pair of bags! Thanks OP! been using Costco sale beans in recent time so keen to try some of the N O I C E stuff!

    • costco Republic beans are better, this beans are comparable to the beans at aldi 😂😂😂
      highly recommended industry beans, you get what you paid for 👌👌👌

      • oh yes! ive had great results with the republic beans, specifically the blue bag, missus bought the red bag and yet to try it out! Still finishing off our grinders bag we got nearly a month ago when it was on sale, republic was defs better!

  • I received an email for this today and I said meh! Nope! But saw this deal here now posted and tempted to buy. Lol

  • Be interested to see how these compare to Dukes

    • +2

      I like Dukes, but no deals on them, not cheap….

      • I reckon. Get what you pay for though

  • Great deal OP! The batch I ordered from the previous deal were some of the best beans I've used. Very tempted to go for this, but how long would I be able to keep the 2kgs for? Sadly, I'm the only one in my household who drinks coffee.

    • +1

      Like others have mentioned, they should be good for about 2-6 weeks after roast, though it's still serviceable after that (at least, in things like lattes). If you're asking how long it'll take to go through 2kg, that's about 100-130 double shots, or 2 a day for ~2 months. You could try going through the first bag as normal and splitting the second bag into small zip lock bags and freezing them?

      • Hey thanks for the reply, freezing might be a good solution! On the flipside though, OzB does have some pretty great coffee deals every other week, so maybe I should just let this one go.

  • Can anyone comment or provide insight/thoughts on how this compares to Campos original beans and Gabriel Easy Tiger blends?

  • +2

    does it come with religious pamphlets

    • +1


        • Very interesting…

          I couldn't really tell from the comments what religion / faith they were 'promoting'. Any idea?

          There was a suggestion that the pamphlet has some 'judgement day / end times' style warning contained in it. There was apparently a bloody cross on the front.

          Potentially it was a Mormon, Jehovahs Witness or other 'Christian' sect

            • @KBZ: Well there you go.

              Just did a scan through their website. Certainly appears to be a small, independent 'Christian' sect. I put the word Christian in inverted commas as you would find many larger denominations distancing themselves from The Cloud Church. It has many cult-like qualities.

              I am a committed Christian myself, but certainly don't think that sending flyers like these is an appropriate or helpful thing to be doing to share your beliefs, particularly coming from a coffee company.

  • +3

    Already drinking more coffee than I should because of too many sales. Curse you OzB!

  • Don't know how it is, ordered one anyway, I think if it is not good for milk based espresso coffees I can use it for filter or other

  • +3

    With the way Australia Post shipping times are at the moment, would not be surprised if they are 3 weeks post roast date by the time they arrive (if you are outside of VIC). Fresh coffee should be used within 4 weeks of roast ideally, but I only use 1kg a month.

    • Happened to me last time. They sent a new order out via courier. Ended up with 2kg of their organic blend for $25

  • +1

    I have tried Pablo rusty, airjo, Inglewood, aldi and this.

    I would rank this close to the Aldi beans, just my 2c.

    • +1

      Would not surprise me if they are the roaster for Aldi beans

    • +2

      This is st Ali coffee, way better than Pablo.

  • Suggest putting coffee in the title

  • -1

    Why not $6/kg organic Nicaraguan coffee from Costco 😉

  • Tried this, then Airjo Enterprise and Sumatera
    I still prefer this blend from Sensory Lab for a latte

  • +2

    If they a similar deal on the Stellar beans I'm there …

    • Same ;)

      Don't think I've tried that blend but it sounds delicious.

      • Only dark roasts for me, so Steller or nothing.

  • +1

    Bought. Great deal thanks.

  • +4

    I wish there was a deal for 1kg. I wouldn't get through 2kg before the beans turn average.

    • +1

      If you have space try freezing them, not perfect but can make them last longer

      • +3

        I recently split a kg in to small freezer bags (got about 7 bags for the kg) and froze them. I emptied 1-2 bags at a time in to my vacuum storage cannister the night before I needed them and they tasted great having been frozen for about 4-8 weeks.

        • Alright. I'll give it a try.

        • Vacuum storage canister? Can you please share the link for this?

  • +1

    problem is that I joined their email subscription, everyday there is a promotion. 1kg of coffee lasts a while, the marketing is overboard.

  • Ordered 2. Thanks for the deal

  • +1

    If people want a similar deal, I just bought two sample packs (8x 250g) from Revolution Roasters. Just need to sign up or try code 'FIRST50' to get the 50% code. Put in two sample pack + decaf and it'll come to $50 (free shipping) or just get 1 sample pack but you'll pay shipping. They use Sendle not Aus post.

  • -1

    I wouldn't recommend buying from this vendor.
    it's took them well over 3 weeks to delivery.

  • Currently using Toby's estate wooloomooloo blend. Is this worth giving a go?

    • yes give it a go, my normal beans are $40-45 a kg. Proud Mary and Padre.
      Anyone who said Aldi is better than this have no idea. Aldi has been sitting on the shelf far longer than this so cant be better than this.

      Pablo is straight trash imo.

      Running a Rocket with Caedo grinder

      • I agree. I try to use all my beans between 1-5 weeks post roast date. Anything longer than that and the flavours just aren't as good and I don't enjoy the coffee as much. Shorter than that I find I have a lot of trouble getting a consistent shot.

    • +1

      Wollomolooo blend is Gods nectar - nothing comes close, it’s expensive though

  • +8

    I bought the sensory lab with their last promo on Oz B. The beans had a three week roast date on them and had taken about 8 days to arrive. Coffee was OK but the beans were very dry with no gloss ad pulled a very poor crema(short black)
    . The taste wasn't Terrible but they definitely don't come anywhere near the last beans which were Airjo or the bag before little marionette. I would rate them about on Par with the supermarket offerings. Just my opinion thought.

    • Very true , I’ve tried the organic one and this blend and but were very dry and yielded poor results.

      I’ve had great results with airjo and also Inglewood beans

      • Yep had a similar experience- won’t be buying the organic blend again (can’t comment on this deals beans though)

  • +1

    Worth reading through their last deal before purchasing https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641829

  • +3

    I bought 1kg of the Santo Blend from the previous deal.
    Ordered 1/8/21, beans arrived 5/8/21 (Canberra), roast date 27/7/21.
    No complaints whatsoever.

  • +1

    my 2 cents - been a regular of Pablo Porter my go to, tried the Santo not a fan but quite happy with Steadfast on the last deal.
    I take mine espresso, long black and milk base. equipment - breville double boiler and smart grinder

  • +2

    Still getting through my first bag from the last deal couple weeks ago, tastes amazing, highly recommend these beans! I always have double shot Lattes extracted from my Breville Bes870 and you can definitely taste the dark chocolateness coming through… Absolute delight to have first thing in the morning :)

  • I got the Santo Espresso from the last deal and would not recommend it. How does this compare?

    • 100x more forgiving to brew, as it's a slightly more developed roast profile (darker). Even with older roast ages (~20 days post-roast at room temp) I've been able to pull excellent tasting espressos with enough cut through milk of Steadfast.

  • +1

    pretty rubbish coffee imo, very little crema off "two week old" beans. i'll pass and stick to airjo , 5 senses

  • +4

    Their organic Santo bean was one of the worst beans I had ever drank. I won't buy sensory lab again.

    • +2

      I bought their Santo and it was very acidic with little to no crema. One of the worst beans I've tried. Never again.

      • Arguably one of the worst I’ve ever tried in 10+ years

    • +4

      I contacted Sensory Lab via Instagram after that deal and asked for some help getting the most out of the Organic Santo blend. They put me in touch with Tsu Teoh, who apparently liases with Sensory Lab / St Ali's wholesale clients, gave me a call and we worked through dialling in Santo. Here's the low-down of what we discussed on the phone specifically for that batch of Santo blend.:

      1) Work on brew ratio and yield first: 21g in, 43-45g out (1:2.1 ratio). 93deg brew temp, 3bar pre-infusion for ~5 seconds, 9 bar extraction for ~25 seconds. Even distribution of the grinds in the portafilter basket and flat, consistent tamping is required.
      Taste both as single espresso and milk-based with ~120g steamed milk in a 6oz cup.

      2) Finely tune grind to taste palate after establishing 1), and not necessarily by going finer, as there is potential to choke and cause channeling. I found that going slightly coarser brought out a much better espresso in my 21g VST basket. Don't forget to purge grinds after changing grinder settings to remove any pre-ground coffee in the grinder chamber that is at the previous grind size.

      After 3-4 back-to-back pulls I was able to pull out some decent espressos out of the Santo, both tasted espresso and in a latte. Decent body and mouth feel, although nowhere near as the Steadfast blend. Cream was also less, but I feel that is also due to the lighter roast profile given to the components of the organic blend.

      - If single dosing, account for popcorn effect changing particle size distribution, potentially fill in grinder hopper with a little extra beans to provide that pressure feeding in the grinder.
      - If the espresso is coming out unevenly through a double-spout, then taste both espressos as the sum of the two may be more balanced the each espresso (avoid this by ensuring even distribution and tamp).
      - Freezing the beans is good for managing bulk amounts of roasted espresso, and allowing them to age at room temp for a total of 10~14 days post-roast date is optimal. If you put the beans in the freezer 3 days after roast date, then let them sit for +7 days outside the freezer for a total of 10 days resting at room temp.

      I realise that this doesn't hit the mark for many of the buyers who were stuffed around by late delivery and subsequently ~21 day post-roast coffee. The time delay is unacceptable for a time-sensitive product such as roasted coffee. The AusPost delays are understandable, but using FastWay couriers should never have been considered My batch arrived 7 days post-roast (AusPost, Melbourne delivery) and was put straight in the freezer.

      • +3

        Thank you for the post. I've been making coffee for a good 15 years though and have tried all methods including shot dumping,early finish, changed all the grind settings you can think of, but crap coffee remains crap coffee. It's officially worse than stale Harris or grinders coffee.

        • I personally won't by the Santo Organic blend again as it's way too finicky AND the overall taste didn't make me think "hey, the process of producing organic coffee yields excellent coffee". Too much work and waste for not enough reward, even at $30/kg.

      • +2

        Well, this is the usual process of dialing in, nothing special that will resolve the issue with what appears to be pretty average quality beans. Nothing you can do during extraction will miraculously make badly roasted or stale beans taste wonderful.

        • I managed to get the most out of this batch of Santo and it was satisfactory (and as-intended by Sensory Lab/St Ali, verified over the phone as we compared taste profiles ). Getting there required a bit of work, and in this case I enjoyed the learning process and feedback from someone involved in the creation of the blend.
          However, satisfactory isn't what I want from $30/kg beans, especially when there are much better blends out there that are more forgiving and more rewarding when truly dialled in.

  • Is there an official or unofficial list of best roasters/coffee bean in Australia? Something like a yearly wine awards list. Cant find anything proper on the internet except for those fake "product review" website which list Lavazza has Australia's favourite coffee bean. LOL!

    • Too subjective to be useful - example I prefer light to medium roasts, the thing with these is typically harder to dial in thus if you don't know how do that you probably wouldn't agree

      • I totally understand and agree. There are too many variables to say which bean from which roaster is better than someone else. But i think the use case is to get to know more companies out there that there that delivers great products.

    • +2

      Golden Bean Competition. https://goldenbean.com.au

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