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Sensory Lab Steadfast Blend 2kg (2x 1kg) $48.50 Delivered @ Sensory Lab


Back again! I found these to be good quality beans. Brought to you from the guys who do St. Ali.

From their newsletter:

Steadfast is our most popular blend and for good reason!

It's a meticulously roasted blend of Colombian & Brazilian coffees that sings of chocolate and golden raisins. Perfect for milky coffees and for those who like their espresso with a kick.

For a limited time, purchase 1KG of Steadfast and get an extra 1KG for FREE.

That's 2KG of delicious Melbourne roasted coffee for just $48.50.

Plus, you'll get free shipping on all orders over $39.

Simply add two 1KG Steadfast bags to your cart and the discount will automatically apply at checkout.

Enjoy x

Ends 5pm Thursday 16th September 2021

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      • +1

        Thanks it looks like what im looking for.

  • If anyone wants to split this in Melbourne's inner north. Let me know.

    • Divide the (whole-bean) coffee up into 250g zip lock bags (or re-use coffee bags with the one-way valves in them), suck out the air and put the coffee straight in the freezer and it'll keep.

  • +2

    The Santo blend from the previous deal was a terrible bean. Like, really terrible. It has put me off Sensory Lab coffee a little bit.

    Has anyone had experience with both the Santo & Steadfast blends, and if so, is this Steadfast blend much better than the Santo blend?

    • I personally liked the Santo from last deal. It's a lighter roast with fruitier notes. Similar to what you would get in a Melbourne cafe. One of the better beans I've had from an online order. It did take a week to arrive, others have mentioned it taking longer for them so maybe freshness was a issue

    • I found it good as well.

      • I found it ok as well not as bad as others have complained about.
        I think somebody complained it wasn't shiny - thats from being a lighter roast and less oils.

    • +1

      I got Santo and brewed as latte. I thought it’s terrible. No body and week. About to chunk them all.
      I gave it one more chance and tried V60. Well it’s wonderful. Sweet and fruity.

      It’s too light to make milk drink. Best Either straight espresso or V60

  • +2

    At 3 cups a day between my partner and I, 1kg is lasting us 3 weeks. These deals seem to be strategically timed - I've grabbed the last two.

    I'm on to you big coffee.

    (very happy with the quality)

    • Yeah looking forward to the next deal. Think this has been great….subtle but quality.

      I want to try the range now.

  • +1

    I’m so annoyed that these guys beans are from St Ali as I refuse to buy anything St Ali because his wife is such a rude snob! Can’t support businesses owned by people with such attitudes.

  • Anyone's coffee actually moving? Mine's been stuck at "We've got it" (which means it's waiting to be sorted) since Friday. I know Aus Post is backlogged but this state-to-state has an estimate of 5 business days which is, today.

    • Ordered 15th Sep, coffee arrived in suburban Sydney Saturday 25th, so it took 10 days in total.
      Very impressed with the flavour though, both long black and flat white are great.
      Roast Date 17 Sep.

    • +1

      Mine is been stuck at "Received and ready for processing Tue 21 Sep, 5.39am"

    • still waiting on mine… ordered on the 15th and still hasnt arrived yet.

    • Same for me. Ordered on the 15th and stuck in "Received and ready for processing Tue 21 Sep, 5.39am". Quite frustrating.

      • Mine started moving today - ship date 17/9 then nothing and a oh it's in our depo email so here's a new delivery date between 30/9 to 5/10

      • have you received yours yet ?

        • Got mine on 29th. The coffee is … underwhelming.

          • @kotobuki: Got mine this morning, Zero coffee smell in the box or when squeezing the bag. It's a very subtle coffee flavor via AeroPress

            • @tamckinnon: In hindsight, committing to 2kgs was a mistake. Oh well, you live and learn.

            • @tamckinnon: Shyza..I am still waiting for the beans. The postal delays has now left me with no coffee beans because of my impeccable timing of ordering beans and finishing my stock. I am now on nespresso capsules and wonder how I was able to drink those coffees in the past.

      • Received today. So 2.5 weeks MEL to MEL. Sensory lab got it out the door quickly, so issue is either using ShipIt and/or their local Aus Post centre which let it sit there for ages before doing anything. Sensory Lab lost a customer as a result.

  • Still waiting for mine too, sigh!!

  • I have heard not even a squeak from Auspost regarding the delivery. Is it worth asking Sensory lab to chase this up as an item lost in transit?

    • I asked them, they gave me new dates (not sure how they know), still didn't come. I have asked them again to tell me how they get the new date? I have also launched a Auspost investigation. If in 3 days, nothing comes, I'll start a PayPal dispute. It's FAR too long. Sept 17 sent, ALMOST A MONTH!! BS!!

      • If you look it up on MyPost it gives you estimate dates (which keep slipping). They probably used that. AusPost will tell you to wait up to 15 business days for delivery - they're hopeless. I'd definitely be asking for refund or replacement (not sent via AusPost) at this point. Chargeback if they say no (remember, they chose to allow Aus Post to be a sending option).

        • That's the thing, when you look it up, it says Oct 2 and it's delayed. Then a message pops up saying, oops, it's been pretty long, let's investigate. PayPal dispute is a good way, can't imagine they would be willing to refund. Always pay via PayPal these days. It's like the 3rd time this has happened, retailer refused refund. PayPal dispute, done, refunded every time.

        • I have also contacted sensory lab via email 2 days back and no response from the either. If nothing in the next couple of days then its a paypal dispute.

          • @smarter_fool: Damn, they replied to me instantly all 2 times. But yeah, giving it another 5 business days and then you really have no choice.

          • @smarter_fool: Update: not sure about the coffee but they finally responded and the coffee was delivered by them this morning. That is good customer service.

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