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[Switch] Binbok RGB Joycon Controller US$50.09 (~A$68.32) + Delivery @ Binbok


It's a 10% discount code on Binbok store. Binbok is a brand that makes gaming accessories.
The code works on any products on the website, not only this one.

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  • +1

    I have got one of these and they fit better for the hand compare the default joycon.

    • +8

      Everything fits better then the default joycons.

      • +3

        Screw you all, I think joycons are the best.

        Even though my hands look likes all crippled after many years of use but thats not the point.

    • Can you turn off the RGB lights?

  • Those actually look really cool, and cheaper than the original joycons

  • +2

    Can vouch for these controllers. They have the same ergonomic design as the popular Hori split pad pro but unlike the Hori, they retain all the functions of the original joycons like wireless, vibration.

    The RGB lighting looks really nice as well.

    • Can you turn off the RGB lights?

      • Good question. I'm not sure as I never tried. Sorry

        • Thought you got one!
          All good, cheers

          • @halil23: No I meant I have one. I just never tried to turn the RGB off.

  • No drifting issues?

    • +1

      It has RGB…. I'm sure power's of RGB can fix the drifting loll

      • -4

        That makes no sense.

        • +3

          RGB joke….. 🙂 Mainly in pc building scene but now other things like controllers are getting RGB… Lol

        • +1


  • -2

    Had this sitting in the cart and finally got off my lazy ass and installed Mission Control onto my Switch.

    $68.32 saved and I get to re-use all of the spare bluetooth controllers in the house.

  • Anyone know if this would work with yuzu and motion controls?

  • +1

    Anyone got any thoughts on the slim vs fat ones? It's hard to decide. My hands are on the smaller side but I love the feeling of dualshock 4…

    • I believe the main advantage of the fat version are built-in programmable back buttons.

      • I can't see myself using those buttons honestly. The only things I'm weighing up are the extra grip vs the portability and more streamlined aesthetic of the slim version.

  • Most importantly: Do they work with Mario Party?

  • +1

    Will these connect directly to the switch console to play handheld?

    Or do they only work as an external controller (similar to the pro-controller)?

    • They work exactly like the joy cons. The only missing function is the Amiibo reader IIRC.

      So yes you can use them to play in handheld mode.