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10% off PlayStation Wallet Top-Ups (Digital Codes) @ The Good Guys


Greetings everyone, as part of the 10% off sale today I noticed that this seems to work on Playstation top-up cards, not often you can get a discount on these, great time to stock up for future Playstation Plus or other game deals.

The following denominations are available:

Note, these are digital codes and will be delivered via email. They can them be redeemed on your Playstation account to add to the balance.

Not too sure if these are eligible for cashback, but no harm in giving it a try.

Digital Products cannot be paid for with a store credit, voucher, gift card or eGift Card

As always, enjoy :)

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The Good Guys


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    Is this the cheapest way to get ps+? Missed out on the $39.95 deal by a week :(

    • If you can wait for Black Friday..

      • Do we get PS store credit for cheaper that time? I was just thinking to load my wallet but can gladly wait if there are usually better deals on Black Friday

        • +3

          Got my years subscription for half price last Black Friday, from the usual suspects (jb etc)

        • +2

          I don't believe we've really had a direct PlayStation credit promotion for a long while. ~25% discounts on PS Plus happen like clockwork though. In the meantime, this is probably the cheapest way.

          • @OfTheOverflow: Can these not be used to get an extra 10% off the PS Plus membership if Sony discounts on the store?

            • +1

              @boredofficeworker: I believe you're correct, yes. I'd wager they only dive in at a 25% regular discount, might be more competitive at your JB's etc. But with this discount you might come out in front. That's what I'd do.

        • I normally just buy enough credit at discounted price like this and pay for PlayStation plus annual subscription when that goes on sale. So, it ends up with even cheaper price than the already discounted PlayStation plus subscription.

  • What’s ESD? It’s showing $100 (ESD)

  • +2

    Can I use this credit buy digital PS4/5 games in AU region store?

    • +4


      • Cheers. Bought few

  • Does anyone know if these can be bought to use in genshin impact on ps4?

    • I believe so if they're a micro transaction / Add-on which is available for purchase on the Playstation store itself.

  • +5

    Was planning to get Kena next week anyway :)

    • +1

      Completely forgot about this

  • +7

    Also going to jump on this deal to buy kena. Looks like it's going to be a great game.

  • will this work on other PS store credits like US or HK accounts?

    • +5

      No, it'll only works for Australia accounts.

      • +1

        thanks mate

  • INTERESTING, does not work on xbox cards

  • I haven't received an email with the code for approx half an hour, should I be worried? Usually these things are instant?

    • +4

      These ones aren't generally instant, the last deal they took upwards of 24 hours to be sent. They'll most likely come through some time tomorrow.

      • Thanks! Got me worried

  • Thanks OP, just put through two orders.
    We'll find out tomorrow if the orders are honoured or reversed (I remember being denied by a retailer during a LatitudePay deal … Harvey Norman?)

    • +1

      Got delivered instantly for me

  • I did get shopback tracking just now also, which is a plus :D

  • Thanks OP! Was waiting on a deal like this to preorder FIFA22. There's rarely discounts on psn credit in-store but I thought I'd wait in-case and voila, you've helped me save an extra 10%!

    • Update, just got my codes via email!

  • Cheers. I find I spend way too much on PSN store so nice to get a bit of a discount long-term.

  • Hello there, I am at the checkout! can confirm the code works. But it has not asked for email address rather asked my physical address. Help please. I was thinking this would be delivered via email.

    • +1

      Keep going through checkout, it will ask for your email. Got delivered instantly for me

      • +2

        Not for me. Tried again, on my desktop (first order I placed on my phone using my GG account)… this time, I got as far as confirming the payment from my Mastercard, using a guest login using a different email address, and all I got was the screen telling me to expect a confirmation email… which still hasn't arrived.

        When I clicked on create account, there's nothing under Order History. So, i've got no confirmation and no order number.

        Horrible, horrible website.

    • The $50 one says it digital delivery …

  • +2

    Just purchased two cards, went through checkout successfully, but did not receive an order confirmation email, and they're not in my order history.

    • +1

      I got an order confirmation email, but no other email for the code itself and also no sign of the order ever being placed under my order history.

    • I paid via paypal….nothing yet. I can always raise a dispute if they don't get back to me by today

      • I bought via paypal last night at 10pm didn't get goodguys order confirmation till 440am this morning. So it will come there system is just shocking

        • Have you received the code or just confirmation?

          • +2

            @Ray897: Just Order confirmation. I'd imagine the code generator they have didn't have enough for the demand so we will get ours throughout the day as they work

            • @Thunder-Wombat: Just spoke to Good Guys customer team - My order was confirmed but it was awaiting confirmation from the verification team. Code should be sent out within an hour or so. I was very worried seeing as I purchased 3 x 100 vouchers.

              • @tullyman88: Thanks for the update. I had ordered the same amount so I was concerned when I didn't enter an email address.

                • @Thunder-Wombat: As long as you got your order confirmation you will be sweet. I'd imagine the code will be sent to whatever email that the order confirmation went to. Can always call if you dont receive anything.

                  • @tullyman88: Is there a direct line for their customer team? Having some trouble finding one online.

                    • +1

                      @Ray897: I was given this number - 1300 466 348

                      I called again and I was assured I would receive the email within the hour.

            • @Thunder-Wombat: I hope so….this is like stacking up for black friday sale. Anyway lets see how long it takes.

      • I bought mine with PayPal at 10:15pm and got the code instantly

        • I bought at just after midnight. Got confirmation around 6am. Still no code

  • +1

    Bought one of the $100 ones last night at about 10PM, outside of the order confirmation no code received yet. Very odd how inconsistent this seems to be across the board.

    • +1

      Same here. Waiting for my $100 code too

    • Yeah bought it 10pm as well, and only around 5am, got a confirmation, still awaiting the codes…

      • i got mine after midnight (est) this morning and got confirmation straight away however having received code yet…. will see if any of us waiting for the code get processed or rejected…..

        • Same for me. Wonder if they have any left?

          • @Hunterex: I'm still waiting… Anyone else still waiting?

            • +1

              @wippy: Got the code a couple hours ago. Seems they’re working through them. Give it a bit

  • Digital Products cannot be paid for with a store credit, voucher, gift card or eGift Card

    I wish I read this part first 😭

    Bought a good guys gift card through ShopBack first. Live and learn. Now need to find something else to buy from them.

  • +3

    doesn't appear to be working :(

  • +2

    Still haven't received my $100 code. Wondering if I should call customer service or wait until later on in the day.

    • +5

      Just got off the phone with them, got told there's a massive backlog and that should arrive by the end of today, we will see. I suspect answers along those lines will be the standard response.

      Either way, pretty shocking website and service, first place I have personally purchased a digital code that didn't arrive within a couple of hours.

      • Thanks for calling up. Might as well just wait it out. Like you mentioned, it'll most likely be the same response if myself or others call.

        • +2

          Just got a text message from good guys saying the codes will be emailed in the next 24 to 48 but they are suffering delays. That's something at least.

          • @tullyman88: Nothing for me yet. Ordered last night. Hoping it comes though soon.

  • I came back to this post to see if more codes were available, shocked to see so many people didn't get their codes.

    I bought a $100 code last night around 10pm and the code arrived in my inbox within 1 minute of checking out. Applied to my PSN account without any troubles.

    • +2

      Sadly no.

      Bought a $100 code around 10pm last night, got the confirmation email within 5 mins…. nothing else since (using my Good Guys account/email)

      Bought a $50 code around 11pm last night, got the confirmation email at 8am this morning… nothing else since (checked out on a guest account email)

      Neither show up under Order History

      Called the number for Customer Care (thanks to the poster above for that), apparently they're working through them now… we should all get our codes some time today or tomorrow morning at the latest. Crossing fingers!

      • Oh cool. I thought it was an error and they'd likely be cancelled since I couldn't even see mine in my order history :O

        • +1

          Got both my codes about an hour ago, so they’re getting around to them.

          Hopefully everyone else gets their codes shortly too!

          • @Graffin: Indeed. I did get mine about an hour back also.
            Guess they had a boatload of orders to sort through or something :D

  • +2

    If this helps anyone still waiting, I just received my code (a full 24 hours after purchasing). Just thought I’d advise, in case anyone else was worried about the delay.

  • +1

    Got my code also. Worked perfect. :)

  • It finally came through! 36 hours later lol…

  • +1

    Yep finally got all my codes