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[NSW, VIC] 10kg Avocados for Whatever Price You Want + $15 Shipping @ The Avo Club


Seems to be a surplus of avocados so instead of going to waste these guys are allowing you to pay what you want + shipping.

UPDATE: https://www.instagram.com/p/CT3TS4cvkqC/?utm_medium=copy_lin...

Looks like they will limit to first 300 orders. Dang it.

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        You probably ignored all the news articles last couple of years of how much of stress the dairy farmers & fresh produce producers were under and some of them even committing suicide due to the mounting debt.
        Would it hurt to pay a little more to support a fellow Aussie during this tough times?

        • Received my box of avocados today.

          • @FloID31: Could you kindly post a photo of your avos + review the sizes and give your thoughts about what you think about them?
            Worth the price you paid?
            Worth the $65 RRP + $15 postage?

            • @cwongtech: I got about 42 avocados in the box, most of them are still firm and need to ripen but was able to eat one yesterday & it was tasty.
              I paid $40 all up which is worth it in my opinion & I got to support a small business instead of buy from the supermarket.

              • @FloID31: $40 for 42 shipped

                Not bad

                How are the sizes of the avos?

                The "large" ones in supermarkets are actually medium if you know someone who has an avocado tree

                Avocados can be as big as large mangos/papayas

                • @cwongtech: Ignore the size but based on the kg, $4/kg seems expensive. Most of the fruit shops around my area are $2/kg.

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        Users neg and tell others off all the time on various posts for what they perceive as greed/selfishness even if it's a permitted act, I don't really see how this is any different…

    • +6

      Nobody is forcing them to let us pay what we want, it's their idea. It's not even about the honesty and knowing the "real" price.

  • -1

    [NSW, VIC]……argghhhhh………………….still great idea, wish more growers did this

    • +4

      Sell at a loss and go bankrupt or trapped in debt for decades so that ozbargainers get deals which will be mostly going into the trash?

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    I know they're letting you pay whatever you want but hopefully most people will pay what they feel is a fair price for so much avocado, which btw would still have cost a fair bit to produce… How depressing it'd be if everyone put in pennies.

    • +17

      but hopefully most people will pay what they feel is a fair price for so much avocado

      Then it wouldn't be a bargain…

    • +6

      Not really, most people won't even think of buying so many avos at one go. You are basically sacrificing freshness and your pantry space so if you don't get a good deal it is pretty pointless.

      I think a better way to do this is to offer boxes of different sizes. Say I am willing to pay $10 for 4 avos, I am equally willing to pay $10 for 4000 avos despite I get a lot more. (Unless I can flip them which is pretty hard to impossible)

      • I get you but you could take all those factors into consideration when choosing a "fair" price for the bulk purchase.

        • +1

          Yeah, I just feel it doesn't really make sense to purchase a box of this size unless you have a big family or really love avos. That's why I think they should offer smaller boxes.

          • @truetypezk: They probably don't have the money to pay for labour if they were to pack multiple batches of tiny boxes and needing to weigh each order.

        • +3

          I normally only buy 1 avo a week at supermarket which costs me $2~$3, so even if they offer it for free with $15 shipping it is still not very attractive relative to my case.
          However if someone normally spends $20-$30 on avos a month, I think they might be interested in paying about the same or slightly more for a big box, but definitely not the "fair" market price such a box normally costs. You can't really accuse them of taking advantage of this deal because otherwise they won't even buy it like I do.

      • But then 'shipping kills the deal'.

  • +1

    The biggest unknown is the shipping times, so will avoid plus. Hope you guys enjoy your avos!

  • +5

    My recent AusPost delivery took 3 weeks to travel 30km. Hope you like your avacados extra ripe.

    • Their site seems otherwise, describing they provide quality avocados. If not they can always be freezed!

  • +10

    2 tbsp of condensed milk, half a cup normal milk, half a avo + ice & blender.
    You’re welcome!

    • thats the best way, bloody oath bloody great

    • +6

      Skip the milk and blender. Condensed milk on avo.

      • Exactly how I ate avocados as a kid. Yummmm

      • Chocolate condensed milk for extra goodness. Cannot really find them in Australia though, except maybe:


        • Chocolate avo smoothie? I never tried it before. Now Im curious.
          On the other hand, durian add in is great too. Unless of course durian is not your thing.

      • Oh yeah that’s childhood. Another great way to enjoy avocado. We sometimes eat them raw with bit of sugar too.

  • +8

    Some details they posted after order confirmation on order Details page.

    Tips for Ripening and Storing
    How will I know when my avos are ready to eat?
    Did you know that avocados do not ripen until they are picked? And, because we send
    them to you unripe and still firm, they will take a week or two to ripen

    What is the best way to store my avos?
    We recommend placing your avocados in a fruit bowl at room temperature (above 15ºC)
    and leaving them to ripen naturally. To help spread them out across the month you can
    place some in the fridge to slow down the ripening process. For the best results, let them
    ripen in the fruit bowl first and then place them in the fridge until you’re ready
    to eat. If they are in the fridge they won't ripen.

    Avocados will keep in the fridge for 1-2 weeks once ripened but any longer than that and they might go a bit funny!

    If you would like to speed up the ripening process, place some in a
    warmer spot or in a brown paper bag with a banana.

    • Sorry I misclicked 🥲

  • sure, why not, it's avocado month baby

  • +1

    Is it possible that the number of over ripe avocados will be inversely proportional to the price we think they are worth?

    Eg if someone buys them for $1 plus postage will receive more of them, compared to someone who puts down $20?, Like the anecdotal evidence of pizzas on 50% off having less toppings

  • +2

    You can freeze Avos no problems.

    • Bought frozen ones, didn't like them

      • +6

        Pre frozen ones from the supermarket are disgusting, BUT when you freeze them yourself from fresh they taste practically identical to fresh.

        I bought a massive tray from a local market and mashed them up with lemon juice salt and pepper, portioned them into ziplock bags and flattened them (not the most sustainable I know but it works so well)

        It took up barely any freezer space but I ate avocado toast every morning (and the odd burrito bowl for dinner) for a good 3 months just by taking it out of the freezer the night before and placing it in the fridge. Still was great at the 3 month mark too!

        • Thanks, that's good to know, don't know what happens to the bought frozen stuff but they ARE disgusting

          • @corky: They have some kind of citric acid to prevent oxidation

        • I've still got some in the freezer from months ago like that. I assumed they'd only be useful for dressings/smoothies, seems like they come out watery?
          Guess have to leave them out ahead of time.

          You can still rinse and reuse the ziplocks!

  • +1

    Paid 10 + 15 Shipping only cause they might be delayed in NSW, However in the tips it mentions they are sent unripe.

    Sort of feel bad now.

    • +5

      Yes, you should have paid $1.

  • Thats a lotta guac….

  • definitely a surplus of avocados somehow, i bought a few boxes of nice hass avocado from local grocery store for $10 recently, not the extra ripe type

  • I’m surprised they can’t find a commercial buyer for this stuff. I know when I was at Macca’s, we used a frozen guacamole and it wasn’t bad. You’d think someone would pick them up.

  • +8

    $65 normal price + $15 for shipping = $80 for 10kg, or $8 for 1kg

    Seems quite expensive as a bulk rate!

    According to the Avocado deals listed here on OzB…
    Boxdivvy was 0.66ea for each avo, at that valuation, 30~40 avos = $19.80~$26.40
    Henry's Mercato was $5 for 10kg tray, also $6 for 20-25 avocados
    In Qld, there's small avocados available for 9c, 25c, 49c each

    Woolworths Hass avocado are $1.10 each
    Coles Hass avocado are $1.30 each
    Given the 30~40 quantity provided by Avoclub..
    Then the Avoclub 10kg box (30~40 avos) should be worth $33~$44 (Woolies 1.10 x 30~40), or if we use Coles pricing, $39~$52)

  • +3

    Well, you can always send them extra $ via Paypal if you feel happy with the well received avocados.

  • +4

    Paid $1+ $15 shipping what a steal

  • Wow awesome deal thanks OP

    • +2

      Just remember to take consumptions accordingly for 1 a day least, it’s healthy stuff, but you wouldnnt want to get bad bowl movement.

      Wish avo could last longer than than the average two weeks, Then I would have bought even more to store.

      • +2

        Also has a lot of fat, while fats aren't bad for you excess fat can balloon your calories.

      • I store mine in fridge, they easily last beyond 2 weeks.

        I read a few comments above where people keep them in pantry. Maybe I am the weirdo keeping them in the fridge

  • +3

    paid $6 for one of these boxes from our local green grocer a couple weeks ago!

  • +1

    Thats a pretty good in incentive from them. Works have to get a lot to cover the shipping then the shipping becomes more due to the weight. Although sounds like any offer is considered.

    Would recommend getting hard (not ripe) and let them ripen at home (they probably are anyway), they last ages too if straight in the fridge. Better than ripe/overripe that everyone has been squeezing but all these should be straight off the tree no doubt.

    Lucky with Cocos in Brisbane, grabbed 15 avos for 9c each (they have that deal pretty often).

    Agree they are a bit high in (healthy) fat, but half a day doesn't hurt and I'm sure people are putting worse high fat foods in their mouth. They are still fibrous anyway.

    Avo and Vegemite on toast :)

  • It seems that the hipsters have run out of money. Kale gonna be the next special?

  • They look to be Sheppards.


  • Paid $10 plus shipping
    I hope that's reasonable
    Next will be strawberries for pay what you want

    I don't know what's going on….last year avis were $3 an avo !!!

    • +1

      There's an over supply of produce due to restaurants and cafes being closed or reduced business. Woolies and Coles selling Avacados for $1 punnets of Strawberries for $1. 50. Great for a shoppers distressing for farmers.

  • +1

    What's a fair price to pay? I don't want to be mean

    • +2

      You can do $0 + shipping the true ozbargainer way

  • +1

    No shipping to NSW 2261

  • +6

    Every time I see something like this, I wonder how many kids in Africa would kill to get their hands on all the food we “first world” countries throw away each year!

    It’s just sad and depressing, what a stupid world we live in!

    • As if ppl would neg this comments. Shows you the privledge.

      • Well if you think of the worst case in any situation would be sad and depressing + not that fun at parties

    • +1

      what a stupid world we live in!

      tyranny of distance?

      if it was economical, feasible (timing wise) the farmers would have exported.

    • Some of them already in the ‘first world’ countries. Hopefully they won’t do such things only to get foods on their hands.

      If they still do, then they are very ungrateful. Medicare, centerlink payments, access to ‘free’ education, what else do they want?

      • You're a bit thick aren't you mate?

    • +1

      The issue of food is almost always a logistical issue.

  • Minimum Price $60

    • yep can't check out with any value below $60 so deal is pretty much negated

      • +5

        Probably thanks to all the people who have put $0

  • Time for some testicle sauce.*

    *Guacamole is the Aztec-derived (Nahuatl) word.

  • +1

    I put $50 but it’s asking for a higher price, oh well $50+$15 shipping. I’ll pass.

  • page not found?

    • yeah looks like its oos

  • Holy guacamole

  • gg, ozbargained

  • +3

    Can someone make a poll of what we each paid?
    Keen to see if the distribution of cheapskates to generous people evening out and giving the farmers get something.

    • +2

      This is ozbargain 80% of people paid $0. It was OOS when I found it.

  • +5

    Reminds me of the snowgum $20 newspaper voucher, no minimum spend. Posted on ozbargain and ozbargainers redeemed exactly $20. At the time I was surprised people would do that, just for the sake of it and no notion of fairness. Nowadays I’m not surprised. Anyway can’t blame them if it’s not honoured, particularly if it was not intended to be posted on a freebie site.

  • +5

    No judgement but these pay as you feel deals never really work especially once it hits ozbargain!

    They were probably trying to do a good thing to not waste the avocados and hopefully they made enough to cover their labour & shipping costs.

  • +6

    The sad part is that for $1 + postage, the seller loses out with massive losses & just gets negative reviews from angry ozbargainers, the ozbargainer loses out with crap product. The only winner is Aus Post.

  • +4

    Put in $10 for 10kgs. Plus shipping see what I get.

    Happy for them to cancel if they want. Lots of cheap avocados out there at the moment.

    I just don't want them to throw them out for nothing.

    Even if it keeps aussie post or another logistics company busy it creates work for people and not wasted produce.

    • Did you just place the order?

      • Yep. Still being processed. See what happens might get cancelled or get tracking number.

        But I did get a fastaway courier/aramex tracking number not sure if this is them but coming from Sydney.

  • +2

    They probably didn’t expect the high influx of orders and let’s be honest, there would be a lot of people who popped $1 and the growers probably thought - the box, labour and materials to grow would cost more. If I was them, I rather just give it away to charity or their own local cafes or something or even free to their local fruit shop.
    I didn’t get one cause I can’t go through that many avocados. Hope some of us will get a box!

  • +1

    Guess majority of ppl paid $10 with $15 shipping

    • +3

      I paid $2.50

  • +8

    I paid $20 + shipping. Might be a bit much but I think that's good to help farmers and more than that is a rip off at the moment. Here comes my endless weeks of smashed avocado and my daily Alpokat drinks, I just need condensed milk!

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