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[NSW, VIC] 10kg Avocados for Whatever Price You Want + $15 Shipping @ The Avo Club


Seems to be a surplus of avocados so instead of going to waste these guys are allowing you to pay what you want + shipping.

UPDATE: https://www.instagram.com/p/CT3TS4cvkqC/?utm_medium=copy_lin...

Looks like they will limit to first 300 orders. Dang it.

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  • No shipping options were found for Tasmania :(

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      Whats Tasmania?

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        Apple isle

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        One of the very few places in the world that has been covid free for the last 500 days ;) Please don't be jealous ;)

        • Pffft

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          It's like celebrating the fact that there is no covid in Antarctica…

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            @smartazz104: Ever been to Antarctica? its an amazing place, so great comparison :)

        • can you swim?

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          Even Covid doesn't want to visit.

        • Also apparently I heard some chap from Nugget News claiming to be th richest person in Tasmania

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      is tas located in nsw or vic 🤔

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      Discrimination against Tas people. Start a Tas lives matter campaign :-)

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      They don't ship internationally..

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      Good luck getting avocados through quarantine

    • It only ships to Australia, not overseas.

  • any ideas on what to make with avocados?

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      I figure I'll just make what I can and gift rest to neighbours.

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      If you have a big enough household, a big serving of guac to go with nachos

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      you can put it on a hotdog (sausage, tomato, avocado, mayo) or same logic on a hamburger, in brazil apparently you can mix it with milk and make a smoothie, put it on toast, slice it and put it on a salad, you can also slice an avocado in half, remove the seed and fill it with tuna+mayo or something similar, guacamole is a popular choice, apparently you can mash it and use it as a face mask

      ohh, and if in Chile, you can even buy a cellphone with them: https://www.nine.com.au/entertainment/viral/avocados-traded-...

      • That's absolutly true.
        If you have an Avocado tree, definitly you are rich.

      • Guacamole

    • Can be used on toast, in a batch of brownies (gives them a nice creamy texture), avocado smoothies & guacamole, to name a few.

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      Vietnamese avocado smoothies!

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      You can freeze them and use them later.

      • Didn't think of this - what's the texture like after thawing?

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        • Agree, Rubbish lol

    • oil

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      My family has been making a lot of Vietnamese avo smoothies since avos been cheap.

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        i love avo smoothies, might make avo ice cream too

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      Just be careful not to smash them.

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        If you do you’ll never be able to afford a house….

    • invite hipsters over depending upon your lockdown situation

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      Avocado smoothie.. 1/2 to one avo, 1 tsp coffee, 1 tsp sugar some ice cream and milk. Blender and drink.

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      Use advocado instead of oil for dressing/sauces
      Cacao advocado mousse
      Smoothie Thickener

      • tahini is good for that!

    • You could exchange a house with 100 smashed avocados on toast.

    • Avacado+ cardamon seeds+honey+milk
      Blend it and enjoy healthiest smoothie.

    • Avacado hair pack, make into a smooth paste with a little olive oil, apply to hair and give it an hour, then wash thoroughly.

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      blend (one avocado + ice + 2 table spoon of condensed milk + milk 100 ml) - Best creamy shake you ever had :)

    • raw food diet

    • A house deposit

    • Ice cream

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    Postage is $15 to Vic suburbs

  • Is there a catch ? Can I pay $1 ?

    • You can try.

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        You can even put $0

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      What's the point when it's just as cheap at Coles, you can inspect and make sure they are not off and not pay $15 shipping

      • They ship them hard looking at the comments
        Shipping overripe would be a disaster lol.
        Agree though if you can just buy fewer for $1, unless you need 40

      • Umm… This is cheaper than Coles and Woolies??

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          It's not cheaper unless you were actually going to buy $15 + x worth of avocados in the first place

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    whats a reasonable price to pay?

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      I was thinking $65 minus the shipping fee - heck i dont know what to do with 30-40 avocados

    • Well, a 5 pack at woolworths now is $5. And postage is around $15 depending where you are. So, depends if you want to get them cheaper than supermarket.

    • -3


  • NSW and VIC only

    • I'm in NSW and it doesn't ship to my address. Western Sydney.

      • Same here.
        Doesn't ship to St Marys 2760
        Ships to my brothers address Wentworthville 2145

        • I’m near St Marys too (one suburb east) but still doesn’t ship here.

  • +16
    • Coles $3.90/kg so 10kg would be $39.90. <$24.90 + $15 Shipping to break even with Avo Club.
    • Woolworths $3.50/kg so 10kg would be $35. So <$20 + $15 Shipping to break even.
    • well, technically they might just throw them away, so even if you pay $1 they would be making a profit? or maybe any value above what they paid for them? happy to be corrected if not the case.

      • -3

        how do they make profit if they have to pay to ship it out?

        • +7

          but we are paying for the shipping. Its "pay what you want" + shipping (which seems to be $15)

        • oops nvm… customer pays for shipping. duhh.. lol

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      And given this is Ozbargain you might give yourself a 50% discount thus $10 + $15 shipping to break even.

      If you are feeling even more stingier than knowing half will get wasted or you take the risk not knowing what quality you receive you might want to offer $5 + $15 postage.

      That's spending $20 on something you would have otherwise not.

      • I also would not be normally spending $15 on shipping with Woolies/Coles

        Solid logic with your pricing

    • Bought the I'm perfect ones from coles yesterday, received 6 big ones for $3.90. Weighed 1.5kg, good value

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    You'd probably end up throwing half away

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      Give to neighbours and family

      • +1

        I’m going to peg the unripe ones over when their kids play basketball

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    i've just paid $5 + $15 =$20 , which at this price comparable with what i can get from those road side seller, although i'm hoping for a slightly better quality and size than those road side seller's avo.

    • thought i just wanna update on this , got an email from avoclub:

      Dear Avo Lovers,
      Thank you so much for your order in the past 12 hours. We underestimated the demand for our avocados and we were inundated with orders immediately. We do not have the capacity to fill all of the orders and have had to cap them at 300 for this week.
      Unfortunately your order fell outside that number, and we will be unable to fulfil your order.
      We apologise for the disappointment this may cause you. We were really trying to do the right thing!
      So what happens now:

      1.We will refund your order in the next 24 hours

      1. We have your email address and will update you when we work out the next steps for our online supply

      Thank you for your patience and your support during this difficult time for farmers and consumers - all avocado lovers - alike.


      Barham Avocados/The Avo Club

      • I paid $10 + $15 = $25

        Hoping they're premium avos, haven't got a cancellation email just yet

        I wonder if they're cancelling the low priced orders?


        Their subscription prices are a bit high (appears to also are excluding shipping costs too!)
        6 for $30 ($5 each!)
        12 for $48 ($4 each!)
        35-40 for $60 each ($1.50~$1.71)

        • yea i can see where you're coming from but it was them who started off with "whatever price you want", then they shouldn't have cancelled it due to the low offers. Well, probably it's 1 of their method to harvest customer infos? Think again, anyone who's willing to pay for say $15 for a box of 30-40 avos, they are Avos lovers or those confident to buy in huge lot. So, maybe they can keep our info and once a while send us some "promo" to fish us back into buying? my 2 cents

        • At the price I paid at the local F&V that $25 works out to be around 33 avocados (75c ea).

          Hope you really do love your avos. :)

  • Shipping appears to be $15 but they don't ship to rural areas. Still a great deal.

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    Keep in mind if they're using AusPost you're probably looking at 1-2 weeks… maybe longer.

    • +9

      If so your avos will arrive ready to chuck out.

      • +2

        Expensive box'o'mush.

    • expired avos are my fav!

  • $10 for 10kg ?

  • +4

    Just hope they’re not sent by AusPost or you’ll get vaguely avocado smelling mush delivered in just 4 months.

    • +3

      That's if they use Express Post.

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    Really goes to show the glut in this world. If all the cafe's were open you can bet each avacado would be at least $2-3 each.

    • +3

      My thoughts exactly. Likewise for strawberries. Crazy prices off peak and throw away prices when in season. I wish they could come up with a way to grow these year around and sell at reasonable prices.

      • +1

        the energy cost of a greenhouse will mean the price won't be reasonable.

    • +43

      Feel free to pay as you like, no need to be judgemental about others.

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