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[NSW, VIC] 10kg Avocados for Whatever Price You Want + $15 Shipping @ The Avo Club


Seems to be a surplus of avocados so instead of going to waste these guys are allowing you to pay what you want + shipping.

UPDATE: https://www.instagram.com/p/CT3TS4cvkqC/?utm_medium=copy_lin...

Looks like they will limit to first 300 orders. Dang it.

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    Due to fruit picker shortage, you have to pick them yourselves though.

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    I think 10+shipping is a fair deal from buyers prespective as well. Paid and confirmed for 2 boxes but lets see what and when i will get

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    Lol, "Pay whatever price you want, as long as $60 or more, plus shipping."

  • I am happy to share it with fellow ozb when it arrives (if you live within 5km of postcode 2117)

  • Does anyone want to half a box? Postcode Vic 3168. (Already ordered)

    • Yes. Check your DMs

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    Why are avo's so cheap now? I thought with the lack of backpackers to exploit the prices would be higher.

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    So I can have smashed avo AND still afford to buy a house???

  • ear Avo Lovers,

    Thank you so much for your order in the past 12 hours. We underestimated the demand for our avocados and we were inundated with orders immediately. We do not have the capacity to fill all of the orders and have had to cap them at 300 for this week.

    Unfortunately your order fell outside that number, and we will be unable to fulfil your order.

    We apologise for the disappointment this may cause you. We were really trying to do the right thing!

    So what happens now:

    1.We will refund your order in the next 24 hours

    1. We have your email address and will update you when we work out the next steps for our online supply

    Thank you for your patience and your support during this difficult time for farmers and consumers - all avocado lovers - alike.


    Barham Avocados/The Avo Club

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      Or we didn't pay enough ;)

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        "You pay what you want, we fullfill the orders that we want" 😂

  • Damn refunded, 300 cap :(

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      you must have not paid enough then….

      • yeah they only canceled the low ball offers

  • Avo-nice day, that’s all she wrote

  • Order cancelled….

  • Order cancelled also. Samr message from seller as a few posts above. FYI, I paid $15 plus postage.
    Currently on sale in a few stores, so not too much of a loss.

    • What time did you make the order?

      • 5.45am

        • I ordered at 1am and still cancelled

  • ordered 3:50am, cancelled :(

  • Just got the email - cancelled and refunded,

    Bit of a bugger, I was looking forward to those.

    I wonder how many orders they ended up taking, and how quickly it exceeded the 300 cap

    • it's because you didn't pay enough monies

  • Ordered at 12:36AM and got cancelled. I guess most people here will be cancelled as well :\

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    OP here, mine was cancelled too. I actually saw it shared a few times on Instagram late last night so I think it had already done the rounds by the time even I saw it and posted it here.

    Ah well, can't ozbargain em all.

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      sorry to hear even the OP himself couldn't get it :(

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    I ordered mine yesterday before seeing it on ozbargain and it still got cancelled.

    My suspicion is they are picking out the higher offers and cancelling the low ones aka us lol

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      What time did you order?

    • I wouldn't blame them for doing this. Good to see all the $0.01 idiots crying too.

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        Then don't make it a pay what you want deal.

  • Has anyone's order actually got approved?

    • all canceled because of the tight arses

  • Received cancellation email. Dang.

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    Order cancelled - they should not put it on their site if they can't fill the orders . Poor management

  • Order cancelled

  • Order cancelled

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    I had no expectations for some unknown company to fulfil any of these orders other than to gather new customer data.

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    My order got approved at 1:25am

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      How much did you offer?

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        I paid $20 and I’m located western subs of melb.

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    so these guys are liars since i see a person posting here that their order was approved despite it being after my purchase time yet my order has been cancelled. probs did it based off how much people paid

    • -3

      If you pay a pittance, you get a pittance.

  • Order cancelled, probably they cancelled all orders. who can know that the order is one of 300 order.

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    Purchased for $0+shipping this morning order cancelled just now. Seems like they ran this as an auction.

    Dear Avo Lovers,

    Thank you so much for your order in the past 12 hours. We underestimated the demand for our avocados and we were inundated with orders immediately. We do not have the capacity to fill all of the orders and have had to cap them at 300 for this week.

    Unfortunately your order fell outside that number, and we will be unable to fulfil your order.

  • Guessing limit is 300.

    They are probably trying to maximise profit by selecting orders and location.

    So you will get approved order if your close to their farm or on the route with highest dollar values.

    Looks like they on otherside of Echuca. North of Barham nsw.

    But its closer to Melbourne then NSW.

    I would hire a driver for day or do deliveries myself to save money.

    Remember they probably doing jt tough at the moment. It is a bit of goodwill work, marketing and loss minimisation.

    • It's fair enough if they got bombarded by ozbargainers, and makes sense if they fullfil someone's order who offered $15 vs $0 + postage. They probably should have just stated a base base price. Unless you didn't need 30-40 avos it probably works out better just getting fewer from the supermarket for $1.

      Given the shipping it would work out better for locals that can go and pick them up. Spitting a box would work out alright I guess.

      PS hit neg by mistake was probably a good 'deal' still.

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    Order cancelled, probably they kept the highest paid 300 to fill.

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    Got the cancel email an hour ago, I had ordered early in the morning. Guess they weren't happy with my $15 offer plus shipping.

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    Paid 20+ Delivery within 3 minutes of posting and still got cancelled. Also based in Vic. Seems it is Best dressed, [email protected] whatever time you got in! 😇

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    Canceled and was one of the first to order

    • perhaps one of the first to order, but for how much?

    • how much did you offer? 1 buck?

  • Ordered 12.40 in NSW. Just cancelled half an hour ago. Nice data grab.

  • +5

    Misleading and deceptive conduct

    • +4

      Yeah not hard to place a cap online. Surely they knew how much they had.

  • My order was cancelled and I ordered last night seconds after OP posted the deal. Has anyone here had their offer accepted and if so how much did you pay?

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    I just bought avos at 75c ea at my local fruit and veg. I'm rather ok at missing out on this.

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    same as everyone else, got the cancel email. Something smells fishy…

  • My order got cancelled too

  • Haha.. just as I thought. They cancelled the order. I think this is just a stupid publicity stunt.

    Just wondering if the ones who paid $20 + 15 got it cancelled as well.

    • I paid the same and they have shipped my order! However, I think I was one of the first few to place the order.

  • Paid $30 ex. shipping. oh wells… thought id make it :(

  • My order is also cancelled. Ordered at 1am

  • most vegie shops sell them for less than a buck, and they will only continue to get cheaper

  • +1

    Paid $60 plus post and order confirmed.

    Sorry just trolling… bloody scammers. Feels like jerkygate all over 😪

  • Not sure what the plan was, but they still have stock. Selling 6 for $30 would suggest never an intention to honour the promotion.
    Wonder how long till they process refunds with a business practise like that. A few fb posts to warn others might be in order.

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    Opened a “not received” dispute on my PayPal account for the transaction.

  • cancelled… did they give it to the top paying people

    • +4

      No they only handpicked orders closest to them to save and profit from shipping it appears. We got duped.

      • +1

        Let em know how you feel. Barham Avocados google review.

        • -1

          Let's ruin a farmers' business because someone posted their offer to a high traffic bargain website and they weren't able to fill thousands of orders!

          • +3

            @nexus4: Ruin a farmers business? How can warning other people that they do not run a proper business by firstly working out how much they have to sell (surely they knew that), then not advertising the cap upfront (only after) then saying they will refund (still waiting on mine) and still advertising the same product that they are out of stock of (as of 10 minutes ago) isn't ruining someone's business, they can do that themselves. Not everyone is a member of OzBargain and lucky enough to have a wealth of experience of buyers recommendations. Are you saying that there should be no negs on OzBargain as it may have an effect on someone's business? Would have been nice if I had read an honest review of the business before I placed my order. Please point out anywhere above I have made a mistake.

            • -1

              @barblade: They made a mistake for sure, but I think it's pretty clear it was a result of naivety rather than malice. People can make up their own mind whether they think the business deserves to have its reputation trashed via bad reviews for that.

              • @nexus4: So are you saying you havent left a negative review on your time on OzBargain?

                • @barblade: I haven't but I wouldn't hesitate to leave a negative review in circumstances where I consider the business intentionally set out to mislead customers for its own gain. It just seems to me that that's probably not the case here. Seems like more of a stupid mistake/screw up.

              • +1

                @nexus4: I think they should just be honest in how they choose to fulfill orders instead of telling low ballers their orders were cancelled because they didn't make it to the first XXX which everyone knows is just crap.

                • @truetypezk: Highest bidder auction style thing would've, likely, gone well enough.

                  You can still opt to pay a cent but your expectations would be appropriate.

                  • +2

                    @the discombobulated panda: Yeah certainly a blind auction would work, but it was not the case according to their original advertisement nor their follow up email. If they said it was first 300 orders getting fulfilled but they cherry-picked, they were simply being dishonest.

                    • @truetypezk: Would you sell something to the first bidder or to another bidder offering a more reasonable price? Not hard to believe given the volume of offers they would have got (and this is ozbargain)

                      • @G-rig: I don't really care how they run their business, just pointing out the fact that they are dishonest in how they claimed to handle it. Nobody likes to buy from dishonest business because you don't really know what other funny stuffs they might be doing.

                        • @truetypezk: Yeah fair enough, I guess they didn't expect to be ozbargained

            • @barblade: You sure do get yourself psyched up.

              • @mwalks: Not phyched up at all. Just took the time to state facts and thought it was okay to warn other people of the business.That is what many other people on this site do and find it hard to believe the previous poster or yourself has never made an opinionated judgement. They are still taking fresh orders but have told us there is no stock. Still haven't received my refund. Does that warrant a 5 star review? Nothing I have said is an opinion it's fact. If you can see an area where I was wrong then please let me know. Very happy to admit it openly. I found the blanket email was a bit blaise, surely a "We made a stuff up and there will be a delay with your order" or sorry here's a code for 10 percent off your refund has been processed" I rest my case.

          • @nexus4: A bit harsh but since you suggested….

            These guys are on the hate list with Buy Aussie Now and Doctor Proctor. Maybe run by the same people 🤔

        • +2

          Eh a bit too much. Cmon you know we tried to take advantage here.

  • Maybe they cancelled the PayPal orders? That might be the easiest way to refund people?

  • There were around 7-8000 clicks when this expired, so no chance they could fulfill the orders. Would be interested to know if any low value offers got fulfilled.

    • +1

      That IS 70-80 tons of avos. :)

      That said, they should've had a better coded shop-front. It's not hard to code up something to say "keep allowing order to complete until X completed orders are done."

      You don't even have to make it complicated and keep items in reserve as soon as they hit the basket. The number of people that'll be mildly annoyed to have their order cancelled as they hit "pay" will be far less than… this.

      • They achieved their goal of offloading everything at a profit vs the cost of discarding rotting fruit. Why would they invest anything in IT? This poor display of PR won't affect future profits at all.

        • That's a possibility but it's a mite conspiratorial and I, generally, prefer incompetence for an explanation.

  • My order went through. Located Melb CBD $15+15, ordered at 1am and order number 3500ish, paid through Paypal

    • nice - ordered 2:14 am and order was cancelled

  • +2

    Cancelled and not refunded.
    Email saying refund will be within 24 hours (it isn't).
    Also states they now have my email address and will use it :/

  • …I knew it, already a few not-so-great reviews for 'Barham Avocados' on google… I actually feel kind of attacked by one of the reviews calling OzBargainers ugly, thieving vultures.

    • Reported the comment to google as offensive! Just clicking on the triple dots on the right.

  • +1

    "All the negative reviews are from OzBargain hobos that would probably steal the gold teeth from their grandparents before burial. OzBargain members are vultures, or the bin-scabs of the online community. I wouldn't let an Ozbargainer inside my house due to fear they'd steal my cutlery and sell it on amongst their ugly selves." - Take that, professionals! :)

    • +1

      That REALLY sounds like one of the owners feeling a mite burnt.

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