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[NSW, VIC] 10kg Avocados for Whatever Price You Want + $15 Shipping @ The Avo Club


Seems to be a surplus of avocados so instead of going to waste these guys are allowing you to pay what you want + shipping.

UPDATE: https://www.instagram.com/p/CT3TS4cvkqC/?utm_medium=copy_lin...

Looks like they will limit to first 300 orders. Dang it.

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      • Seems the comment is removed by Google after being reported!

        • Why? Where were you when Buy Aussie Now were being dragged here?

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      Thanks reminded me to leave a 1 star review and chase my refund which was meant to be made within 24 hours. Now been 2 days.

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    Do they tell people whos order is being cancelled or fulfilled? I havn't recieved any emails other then the initial order email…does no email mean it's coming?

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    Is anyone actually getting their refund yet?

    • I lodged a Paypal dispute and got my refund instantly. Attached a screenshot of their email saying they would refund in 24hrs and mentioned it had already been 2 days

  • No refund yet.

    We should comment on their Fb page?


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      Have you asked a grown-up to contact them?

  • I also got a refund just now why can’t I get the avocados?

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    Lodge a Paypal claim. Paypal is aware of the issue and is refunding instantly.

    • I just opened a dispute as well. I wouldn’t of noticed that I didn’t get a refund if I didn’t see these comments. They are probably hoping for more people like that haha.

  • Refund came in this morning for me, no claim needed

  • I got the email that my payment will be refunded… sad

  • Order canceled, waste of time, rubish

  • refunded. bloody hipster company, i didn't buy avo 2$ a kilo on market because I was waiting for their delivery. broken promises - let your reputation burn in hell

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      " i didn't buy avo 2$ a kilo on market because.."
      Why didn't you just buy a kilogram to see you through until delivery at least?

      I always shake my head when OzBargain members give a business two choices. 1) Fulfill unrealistic expectations and go bankrupt or 2) Don't fulfill unrealistic expectations and go bankrupt from bad publicity.

      Really depicts the poor character of some members of this community.

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        Why didn't you just buy a kilogram to see you through until delivery at least?

        And then have to deal with 11kg?

        Skky's point is fair enough. Company promised to deliver, he took them up on it and it should be expected that they would (or cancel for a good reason).

        Cancelling cos they couldn't competently deal with their limited supply (or, alternatively, cos they didn't like the prices that were offered whilst saying offer us any price) is an act of incompetence (or bastardry) that no one should be expected to expect.

        Not to mention it's taking them an inordinate amount of time to process refunds, an act that should not be too difficult these days.

        None of these problems are hard to solve ahead of time so that expectations are met.

        Not meeting those expectations gets you reasonably burnt.

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          "And then have to deal with 11kg?"
          No, he would have 1kg of manageable avocados for $2 and would have been saved the hassle of having to 'deal with' 10kg because the order was cancelled.

          He could have purchased 10kg for $20 at the market but gambled it on site-unseen stock to save $4.

          As the proverb goes: 'Better $2/kg for avocados at the local market than praying for the $1.60/kg avocados pricing error to be honored, then wasting hours of time and stress chasing refunds'.

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    No refund and no Avos shipped either. What's the go - anyone had theirs shipped?

    • No further emails received either..

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        Likewise, I have the ordinal order confirmation and have had nothing since

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    i had to submit a dispute to my bank in order to get my money back.

    • Did you get a cancellation email or radio silence like me?

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    Tried to call them to ask about the status and no one answering. No refund, no any update about the order, nothing.

  • I got my refund this morning. Paid using CBA debit card. Never contacted them.

  • I sent them an email on Monday after receiving the cancellation email. No response but refund arrived today

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    Got a refund through PayPal after lodging a claim. Not too difficult just uploaded their emails.

  • My order is still "on hold" following full payment since day of deal with no reason provided or udpates. This is starting to look disingenuous

    • I tend to agree with you. They won't reply to my emails

  • My Order is "Processing" How to know if you're the first 300? mine is still in processing…

    • Check your emails. Mine was processing too, they are abit slow. Just got my email below.

      “Hi Avo Lovers,

      Thank you so much for your patience and thank you again for your support! We are hard at work getting orders picked and packed!
      We are hoping to have all the orders out the door and delivered over the next two weeks!

      I will let you know once your avos are on their way!

      Thanks again.”

  • For anyone still interested, I have an order pending and I logged a PayPal claim and got an instant automated refund. Easy.

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      mines is still waiting on a reply… how is mines not auto :(

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    Still waiting on my refund. Sent them an email earlier today.

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    Got my order cancelled today as I fell outside of the 300. Cancellation after 5 days. Fishy. I will lodge a PayPal dispute.

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      Same. Feels like they used us to address a cash flow problem… would be interested if anyone receives any actual avocados

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    My 10kg avo box got delivered this morning, now to share with family and friends.

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      Avo-good day, smash it

    • What delivery service did they use? Did you get a tracking number? My order was shipped on 29th, but I have not received it yet at Melbourne.

      • I’m not even sure what courier it was. Delivery was placed at my front gate before 9am, assuming it’s one of those vans. No tracking number was provided.

  • My Avos was shipped yesterday!

    • How long did it take for your avos from getting shipped to delivered? My order was shipped last week, no updates since then.

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        My package took over a week to arrive. However, I must say that I was not impressed with the quality of the product. It was a rip-off for $35 including delivery. The fruits were small and had big seeds. A few were the size of a golf ball. I could have got super large avos for $ 0.99 each from my local farm shop. People who got refunded were saved from this rip-off!

        Please let me know about your avos when it arrives.

        • Thanks mate, 3 weeks and still no update. Not worth the wait for inferior avos so I'm chasing after refund. Feel like scammed.

  • Received my box of avocados today. Thanks op.

  • My box arrived this morning. Still firm avocados and will require a few more days to ripen.

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    I am still waiting for my refund of $25 after one month has passed. Unfortunately they sent cancellation after two weeks when the transaction already got cleared from my credit card. I mailed them on 6th October and got a response on 11th as below.

    Hi All,

    It has come to my attention that there has been an issue with our payment gateway and some of the refunds have not been received.
    I am working with our payment gateway now to resolve this issue.

    My apologies and thank you for your patience.


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      How did you get a reply? I sent 2 emails and one message on their SNS, and one from their contact us page but still no reply. Which email address did you use? I used [email protected]
      No reply yet…

  • NEVER AGAIN. I placed order on 16th Sep and following day received email "canceled, refund within 24 hours".
    I assumed the money will be refunded by next following day and forgot about it. Out of the blue, I just received email today, saying my order is coming.
    I thought they canceled my order and refunded!! I checked my bank statement and realised Avo Club have not refunded my money yet!! And still have my details to process order without my consent even after they canceled my order on 16th Sep. I sent them an email explaining all this and asked to cancel the order and issue a full refund. Hope they reply…

    • Same, I'm a bit confused.

      The order date is from the past

    • same, I'd assumed the refund had gone back - now I wonder whether I'll get a box of avos or not. I'm quite happy if I do get the goods, but this place seems to have all sorts of issues with their business processes! They don't track stock closely (leading to the problem in the first place) and then announcing cancellations and still sending you the goods later anyway is asking for trouble.

      If someone wanted to, I think it would be within their rights to refuse the payment, and since they'd already told you they cancelled it, if the order shows up it's under the rules about companies pushing goods then demanding payment if you don't send it back to them, which isn't allowed. If they did come and pick them up, they're just wasting more money on delivery/return costs they can't recover. Is this some avocado based performance inspired by "The Producers"?

    • Just an update, not much really but they are not replying my email/SNS/contact us page. So annoying. I really don't want to receive my order at this stage. Already bought full bags of avo from Woolies. I really don't know what to do at this stage. No refund, no response any of my emails and their sns page. Maybe I should contact ACCC. Got a proof of cancellation email, stating refund will be made within 24hours. Anyone know how to deal with this kind of issue?

      • Go to your bank/paypal first. If you get no joy there (doubt that you wouldn't) then escalate to AFCA (https://www.afca.org.au/) (or your bank if you had to deal with paypal and then, if no joy with bank, AFCA).

    • Last update: Just confirmed refund received in my bank acc. They finally replied to my email and SNS message saying "sooooo sorry". Well, I'm happy finally resolved this issue. But I would not make an order again from here even with great deal. Because I don't see a professionalism in their business :(

  • Got an email on 26/10 saying my order is complete and en-route…

    weird because they said they would refund my original order.
    What's going to happen…

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      have you received anything since? I'm giving it another week then pulling the ripcord. I want the avos, but I'm a bit miffed at how it has been handled

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        still on a dryspell.
        got nothing yet.

        i feel scammed, it could be an automated message,
        or it might be actually coming.

        i'll wait a week too.

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          Same here, got email of shipping since 26/10 and still nothing delivered. No reply for my refund inquiry too.

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            @Newgod: I also got the same reply on 26/10 saying that "Your The Avo Club order is now complete" and its on the way. But nothing since then. Today I mailed the [email protected] asking when I can expect the delivery But the mail bounced. Feeling cheated.

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