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Inno3D GeForce GT 1030, 2GB, GDDR5, DVI, HDMI - N1030-1SDV-E5BL $119 Delivered ($105 NSW Pickup) @ JW Computers


This is the cheapest new GPU that will actually play games I have seen. It's the GDDR5 version, low profile, and passively cooled/silent.

It's cheaper delivered on eBay than their website, but is cheaper to pickup in person in NSW only: https://www.jw.com.au/store-locations

Item link if ordering for pickup: https://www.jw.com.au/inno3d-geforce-gt-1030-2gb-gddr5-dvi-h...
Item link if ordering from eBay for delivery: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224610227683

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      It plays games, even most modern ones. If you're looking for something temporary that isn't ridiculously overpriced, this is the best available right now.

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        I wanted to make a joke about this but turned out it's able to run Cyberpunk. holy sweet baby Jesus.

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          I think about them every day, as I stab the little voodoo dolls I made of them with pins.

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            @cnut: Pins are so 90's. You should use the 3DFX Voodoo 5!

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    I got a gt1030 with a small cooling fan on it for $129. Only has ddr4 but runs as a htpc, plays games like roblox and minecraft for the kids, bit of command & conquer and fork knife for me.
    It's not going to be a power house and run [email protected] but does the job.

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      The DDR4 versions have about half the performance of the DDR5 ones. It’s atrocious what they did with those cards without even changing the model names.

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        Yes, if they simply called it the GT 1025, then it would have been fine.

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          GT 1030 Loser's edition

    • How about [email protected]? For my dinning room TV.

      • TBH I don't know. I haven't tried any 4k content on the htpc side. Most is older and only 720/1080 and for the kidlets.

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    yikes, i paid this much in 2018


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      Then it's an even better deal because as it stands, you're generally paying much more than before the current mess for less of a card.

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      Where are you getting these second hand 1050s at this price from? I'll buy them all from you and flip them for double the price.

      • Bought a 1060 3gb for $150 last week, but I guess that was lucky

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          Considering you can sell it for $350+, yes. You can always find someone selling something for well below market price if you're patient and lucky.

        • Where did you get that from?

        • So I should be selling my 6GB 1060's for more than that hey? hmm.

          • @MasterScythe: Some have gone for over $400 on eBay. The problem is, what will you replace it with?

            • @Skylex: I picked up a 5700XT for $250 last week. So my pair of 1060's are just sitting there.

              the bigger problem is what will I replace the 5700XT with, because I've found a reproducable driver bug, for my unique setup (4 monitors, all with different refresh rates, for some very specific work) which results in MASSIVE instability.

              The card is fine, if I use 2 or less refresh rates, so it's not faulty; its a driver thing and AMD has advised it's not a common use case, so not high on the fix list.

              Ive been trying to find someone with a LHR NVIDIA card to trade it, because apparently people like these things for crypto. 3060Ti appears about equivalent.

              • @MasterScythe: 5700 xt for 250 what the hell. that reminds me of when i sold a 750 2gb for $35 just in april.

                • @Jostur: Yeah, it was a reference one with a faulty cooler. The dude didn't know why it wouldn't get more than 20fps or so (105c and throttling even at idle).
                  I spent $75 on it getting an aftermarket cooler, and now it runs at 70c silently; perfectly stable in games and stress tests.
                  It's just my funky 'lots of refresh rates' setup the drivers hate.

                  But yeah, I'm done with AMD GPU's I'm afraid. They game AMAZINGLY well, but VR and productivity are not their drivers strong point; so it's basically useless to me right now.

          • @MasterScythe: ;) let me know if you want sell it for $50 more than $150.

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    Is the 5600G or 5700G faster than this?


    Answer, yes they are.

    1050 is faster than 5700G
    5700G is faster than 5600G
    5600G is faster than 1030

    Not sure if the 5300G or this is faster.

    The steam deck should be faster than this.

    • that's wild. I have the 5600G and it plays just perfectly for my needs

    • If I had a half decent CPU currently, I think I'd rather get this 1030 than a new AMD APU just to upgrade the graphics. The 5X00 G APUs are the last chips to be made in the AM4 socket so if/when you wanna upgrade your CPU you'll need to get a new motherboard and ram at the same time.If someone has waited this long to "upgrade" to GTX1030 performance, they can wait a year longer.

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      Strangely enough, I was looking into this last night (GT 1030 vs Ryzen CPUs). Looks like 1030 is faster than 5300G: https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/directCompute.html

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    Weird to see people actually considering this as a bargain. You should be better off looking for a second hand GPU or if you're getting a new system then look at iGPUs, even Intel isn't that much slower in most games.

    • +6

      Which second hand GPU? They're all price inflated right now. Demand is high. Supply is low, and as more old cards die, lowering.

      If you're building a new system, then sure, consider something from Intel or AMD with integrated graphics, although you're paying more for the non F CPU with Intel, and sacrificing CPU performance with AMD.

      If AMD release the GE versions, or the low end 3 series, then that could be a budget option, again for new system builders, but AMD won't release the cheap versions because of supply constraints.

      • Or just get a XSS and gamepass for the time being ?

        But you are right prices on 2nd gpu are just so inflated right now. Its really hard to find something half decent in this climate.

    • I could probably offload a 1660ti and a 1060 for like $500…. so yeah nah

    • You obviously haven't looked at second hand GPU prices lately.
      The iGPU option for new system builders is a decent temporary solution provided you aren't paying much more for it

    • Why are the needs/wants of other people weird?

  • I'm using a $79 GT710 with 5900x while waiting for 3080 delivery atm.

    • GTX 700 series are like $100-150 for more than 2x the performance though

  • anyone know when the 3050ti low profile version will be released??

    • No official announcements yet. Only the mobile version has been released.

      • That sucks. The fastest low profile GPU is 1650 which is 2 generations old. Surely Nvidia should be able to superseed that somehow

  • Might as well stick to the integrated GPU inside the CPU if you have one, no point buying this type of external GPU card.

    • +1

      Discrete, rather than external. There are games this can play, that especially Intel iGPUs can't.

      • Or at least it’ll tide you over till prices aren’t so crazy

    • Couldn’t agree with that. Valorant running smoother on my 1030 gt compared to integrated. Comes down to what your needs are.

  • How does this compare to my old HIS 6950 IceQ 2GB from 2010/11 era?

  • +2

    My 8 year old GTX660 is faster than this. What a joke.

    • my 1/2 year old 780 too haha

  • Thanks Skylex for the post.
    Does this play 4K content at 60fps smoothly without jitter or sound lag?
    Thank you

    • Video playback? Should do, yes. Games? No.

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    Shame it’s not a low profile version.

    Would be a great match for one of those secondhand Dell Small Form factor 9010’s or 9020’s that keep popping up here.

    • +4

      It is the LP version. It comes with both LP and standard brackets.

    • Wonder if its just a matter of getting a low profile bracket - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/384308228840?hash=item597a8e32e8... as the card is definitely low height…

      Anyway bought the Asus 1030 GT from JW a week back or 2 for $125. The only game I play is Valorant @ 1080, and it runs much smoother on a dedicated rather than integrated. I'm sure it'll also run in my HTPC fine as well if needed - so overall I'm happy.

      • It comes with a LP bracket.

  • Wow , GT1030 for 120$………..hahaha what a weird era we live in!

    • +1

      Those were the days. The price has gone back up now.

  • Can confirm this is a pretty decent card for the price…

    Constantly 60FPS for Overwatch with @1080.
    FPS fluctuates from 30 FPS for Apex at low settings in @1080
    BF1 about 50-60FPS @1080 low settings

    Though, it can't run CoD……

    • can it play crysis ?

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  • I wish this have the DP and HDMI port instead of DVI

    • HDMI is electrically similar to DVI, but with audio. you can use a $2 DVI to HDMI adapter.

      • +1

        You can't do 4K60 with said adaptor though, so don't go that route if you want to use a 4K display 👍
        You need either DP or HDMI2.0 for 4K…

        • Thanks mate, didn't know that. I used that to connect a laptop, xbox etc to my monitors as 2nd device. So, DVI at monitor to HDMI basically. DP is already used for the PC, where the GPU has 3*DP + HDMI + DVI.

  • I mean, you're right in that it can technically play games I guess. Not well, but they should at least load :P

  • -1

    What a joke!

  • I've got some GPUs from 10 years ago if someone's this desperate lol

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    They just increased the price to $148 on ebay and $139 on their website

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      I marked it as expired.

      • Lol ozb-ed

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    Finally, I can play Solitaire in 4K and 144Hz.

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