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$20-$220 Cashback in December for Existing Hospital and/or Extras Policy Members @ Westfund


Eligible Members will receive between $20 and $220 premium return in our third return package in the last eight years. Members on a Hospital, Extras or Hospital and Extras policy that was active and financial at 1 September 2021 are eligible. To remain eligible, members must still be active and financial when the return of funds commences in December.

These payments are additional to almost $7 million in support we’ve provided to members since April 2020 – our six-month delay of premium increases from 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2020 and almost $700,000 in premium waivers as part of our COVID-19 Financial Hardship Suspension program.

That means we've invested almost $12 million so far in our COVID-19 Community Support Package to assist members financially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ll continue to keep you updated over the next few months as we work towards the return of funds this December.

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  • yep. great fund!

    They are still offering $100 for each person being referred, both parties

  • -2

    How is this a Deal? You have to be already a member, and the credit comes automatically

    • Free cashback.

      Already a member is targeted, still can be a deal.

      Credit comes automatically, thats good, you don't need to do anything to get cashback. So its only a deal if you have do spend time and effort to do something? If you had to fill in a form and click some links and provide some details then it becomes a deal?

      • +1

        Perhaps change this to targeted?

      • What is the point of posting it on OzBargain?

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