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PIONEER AVH-G225BT 6.2" AV Double Din Stereo Head Unit $199 (+ Poss. Extra 20% off) + Delivery/ Free C&C @ Autobarn


Seems cheap for a good unit. Normally around $300. Sign up for a new account and potentially another 20% off to make it around the $160 mark. Loads of stock around me in Melbourne. Let me know if I've missed anything.

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    Thumbnail misleading.

    • It must've pulled it through automatically. Anyone know how to change it?

      • Thumbnail updated.

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    Cheap but I don't know why you'd go through the effort of installing this instead of just savin ya dollars and getting an Android Auto/CarPlay unit

    • From quick glance you're looking at 2-3 times the price for an Android auto unit. Not worth it for me personally but each to their own. This is a decent priced double din from a reputable company if you're on a budget

      • JVC KW-M150BT 6.8IN WVGA AV BT USB RECEIVER 200W for $279.
        Only good for Android users and my sister is still seduced by Apple :(

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          Not Android auto but "Android mirroring". Pretty annoying if you don't have a 16:9 phone since it just mirrors your screen to your head unit, so you're jabbing around a lot more than you probably should be.

        • Android mirroring and Android Auto are not the same.

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    No idea why these companies don't just give up on their own terrible OS and put Android on there so you can install whatever maps and other streaming audio services you want. They would get heaps more sales I think.

    • Mainly because most mapping software that people know off the top of their head are supported by gapps.

      They could install android all they want, but there'd be no playstore unless they plays ball with google.

      • It would be an incentive for companies to install Android os. And have Google maps, audio etc installed but still give us access to install our own apps.

        I think companies do not want to allocate resources to troubleshooting software issues thats why.

        • Yeah, so you want GOOGLE Android, not Android.
          Which is fine, but Google needs to have an incentive to support your device in their fork.
          Since most car head units are not data enabled, they get no tracking data in return.

          AOSP is a great idea, but as I said, users will be unhappy without gapps.

    • If they do then they will become just hardware makers as has happened in Android phones where google makes Android and others simply port and adapt it to their hardware. This is very bad for those companies since they now have to compete mostly on hardware specs as an android phone rather than compete on the basis of their own capabilities.
      TV companies especially Samsung has resisted Android TV by tooth and nail because of this reason after burning their fingers in Smartphone business. They were all good until Chinese vendors came in and started undercutting them as yet another android smartphone makers.

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      Some good Chinadroids:

      Joying - I have a 2015 unit with Android 4.4, still going strongly

      • My Joying was awesome but is dying now (2017 model). I need to rip it out and do some soldering apparently according to YouTube. But when they work they are awesome bang for buck and pretty easy to install in my 2007 Outlander, and they have full Google Play access. Definately give this company a look.

  • Did anyone try 20% off code, I thought that was for full price items only

    • whats the code?

      • the barcode is generated each time and is unique … they scan it at the register and it applies the discount

    • according to the website

      *% off regular ticketed price. Store stock only. Excludes gift cards, GoPro, navigation, installation, advertised lines & in store specials. In store use only. Limit one per customer. 20% discount value capped at maximum of $50.

    • Its 899 who will buy that?

  • What is a good reliable double din head unit that can do both CarPlay and Android auto? Doesn’t haven’t be fancy.

    I’ve got a hatchback that has the stock CD player etc, would hugely prefer to have a decent setup by upgrading to something like this.

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      Just shop around and wait for a bargain.

      A year or so ago I picked up a Pioneer Z5350bt for $450 which is far superior to this deal here. For the extra $250 it's definitely worth it. Get Android Auto, a much nicer looking screen that is capacitative and not resistive. Resistive screens are horrible to use.

      Honestly, I can see why this is $199, because it's old technology.

  • "Adopted" a Saab. Looking to add sat nav (Here maps?) and a reverse camera. Both have Android phones.

    Also, is there a wifi reverse camera option? Ie, just pick up power from the boot loom, no more cables required?

  • Wait, does this have a radio included or not?
    Seems fairly important to specify if you are selling a car radio.

    • Pretty sure it will have a standard aerial port on the back? Don't think I've ever seen a head unit that doesn't

      • I had to click all the way through to the user manual to find out that this is AM/FM.
        Pretty disappointing when modern cars are switching to DAB+ radio.