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[Pre Order] EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 ULTRA LHR 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $1229 + Delivery @ PLE Computers


Just found this for people who want it as it is in stock but still over MSRP

[In stock] EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 Ultra LHR 8GB GDDR6 - $1329 + Delivery

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    Price seems to be different and it's showing as $1329

    • You looking at the right one?

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        Sorry looking at the wrong one

        • That one is the FTW3 which is in stock, OPs post is XC3.

    • For anyone else, the PLE hyperlink goes to the $1229 XC3, the link below is for the $1329 FTW3 which is slightly higher clocked which OP included because it too is also cheaper than average.

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    good to see price dropping, but I'm quite happy with my 6600 XT

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    Pay the price of a 3080 (at launch) get a 3070…

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    Ordered one myself an hour ago, was hesitant to link it myself because it wouldn't allow me to 'add to card' on Android- I got through on Windows, says there's stock at WA but at another stage it said 'Insufficient stock' in the overall stock availability section.

    Order said it was confirmed & my money's been taken, now I suppose it's a wait & see whether it arrives, gets delayed or outright cancelled. Good luck to everyone else.

    Best price I've seen since Techfast became immediately sold out

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    decent card. XC3 is probably enough for 3070 cooling.

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    I am going to wait it out for the next-gen and keep my 980 Ti as it's still going strong for UHD.

    I guess I really use it for content creation in any case.

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    Shall I cancel my order of a 3080 for this 3070 for a few hundreds less? Just have a soft spot for this brand over something called info3d(?).

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      Inno3D is a decent brand (yes budget tier but still decent), and as far as I am aware all AIB NVIDIA GPU needs to go through Nvidia's specific requirements.

      There is a significant performance difference between 3070 and 3080, so I would personally keep 3080 if it only costs few hundreds more than $1300.

      Do you know which Inno3D model of 3080 you ordered?

  • Nice! And I like EVGA.

  • I hope I'm not too late in getting one.

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    performance/cost ratio I feel the rtx 3060 ti is a much better value if you can get it for < $1000. Which get listed quite often

    • Agreed but I feel the 3070 just hits that sweet spot- the 3060ti trades with the sometimes similarly priced 6700xt but the 3070 is unarguably better than both. If we kept chasing the ideal performance/cost ratio, we'd all have something like the 1650 in this ridiculous market.

      • If you cannot run a game at desired settling on 60ti or 6700xt, you are unlikely to get different results on a 3070.

        • Raytracing & DLSS could certainly hinder the 6700xt.

          Regardless, what you said could also be applied to the 3060 & 6600xt relative to the 3060ti & 6700xt. It's all incremental, some gains bigger than others.

          • @ChristopherJack: 3060 is certainly different story. Gap is much wider and does make a difference in 2k gaming. We talking 30% jump in most cases.

            3060ti is better than 2080 and 3060 is just at 2060s level, and arguably weaker than laptop version 3060.

            That's why people say 3060ti is the best value for money card for current gen if you can get it with reasonable price.

            • @Mouse123: Same sort of story comparing the original 2080 to 2080 ti- but the price range was even bigger iirc?

              As for the gap between the 3060 & 3060ti, it varies- I'd agree that the gap is generally larger than the 3060ti & 3070. I'd also agree that the 3060ti is generally better value- but more personally, if I'm going to spend $1100, I may have well as paid the extra $150 for the 3070- it can occasionally make a pretty significant gap.

              Sure the 3060ti can be found below $1100, but I didn't see it low enough for me right now to seduce me from this.

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    Looks to be OOS now

  • FYI, I did [email protected] at Heatherton and got a ETA of 20/9

  • OOS

  • think i'll stick to using my 970 a little bit longer, been unreal for a card that only cost 500 back in 15'

    • Same. It's a bit stretched now, but still going!