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EPOS GSP 370 Wireless Gaming Headset $179 Delivered @ Computer Alliance


100 hours battery life. Next cheapest at PLE is 259 + delivery. 349 at JB

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  • Is this good for wfh?

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      Bit expensive imo. Maybe go with something like an Xbox Wireless Headset. Easily 50 bucks cheaper.

      • Cool, thank you.

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        The addition of bluetooth on the Xbox Wireless Headset is great as well - if you have an Xbox wireless adapter you can use to connect to the computer, then you can use bluetooth to connect to your phone as well.

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      I have this unit, GREAT battery life but
      3d sound is tinny, Unit is painful to wear for long times especially if you wear glasses (its very tight on the head and pushes the arms of the glasses into your head)

      Its also quite bulky, though fairly light.
      I found the FW update process to be unintuitive and a bit buggy. but overall its a serviceable headset.
      Good for casual gaming.

      • How’s mic?

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      I don't like using mine for WFH. They're super bulky.
      The mic and sound quality is good though. They also refuse to work after my computer sleeps (have to unplug/replug the USB)

  • GSP 500 $149 + Delivery @ Scorptec
    GSP 500 $149 + Free Delivery with Prime @ Amazon.

    Which ones better?



    • The GSP 600 and Game Zero are at PLE for $150. YMMV without an amp but the 600 seems to get great commentary
      Amazon also has the 600/601/602 for 150 delivered. Only difference in numbers is the colour

    • Can't compare wired and wireless ones, in terms of price and sound quality.

  • Bought these on Catch about 2 weeks ago for similar price.

    Make sure you update the headset first via software and then the dongle second, fixed some minor connection issues I was having out of the box.

    Battery lasts ages and sound quality is good enough for me, can adjust the equalizer in the EPOS software.

    Upgraded from a 2017 SteelSeries Arctis 7 and dont regret doing so!

    • How’s MIC?

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